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Code and Canvas is a creative shared workspace for artists and innovators. They have designed an exclusive space where creative individuals from different spheres can work on their talent. Moreover, they want to merge art with technology to encourage the growth of their members. It is quite rare to find a workplace that is entirely dedicated to the growth of artists. And that is why this center has come up with something unique. Here, you will be pushed towards excellence by helping you work with the best of your ability. Also, the staff at the work center is extremely helpful and will guide you throughout your time here.

Another great thing about Code and Canvas San Francisco is that it is always works towards the goal of advancing the field of art and craft. In other words, they want more people to realize the potential of this field and how important it is to contribute towards its well-being. The center harbors well-furnished studios that have been tailored according to your requirements. Furthermore, you will be working with a vibrant community of talented people who share your passion for art. This will enable you to form new connections and widen your circle of network. There are more amazing things associated with place! To know more, keep reading further.

Perks of working at Code and Canvas San Francisco:

  • Internet facility: Code and Canvas provide high-speed internet service. That implies you can accomplish your tasks without facing any network issue. Also, you do not worry about getting your own connection, as they have taken care of everything.
  • Conference rooms: At the center, you can conduct your meetings with your teammates or clients in a highly professional environment. That is, they offer well-equipped conference rooms which can be availed by the members.
  • Lounge area: Feeling tired after working for a long hour? Well, no worries. You can relax in the lounge area of Code and Canvas and refresh yourself for a new task at hand.
  • Bar: The work center also has a bar for its members. So, enjoy a drink for an interesting conversation with your friends.
  • Heating system: The workspace has a heating system as well. So, they have enough facilities for the time when it gets extremely cold.
  • Mezzanine: Apart from the usual studios and work hubs, Code and Canvas Coworking San Francisco has a mezzanine as well. Furthermore, this mezzanine has around ten open workstations. So, you have a lot of options at your disposal.
  • Workshops: The informative workshops at the center will always keep you high-spirited. Also, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn new and intriguing things.
  • Phone booth: Need to make an important call? Well, the workspace has private phone booths where you can conduct your calls without any disturbance.

Code and Canvas



Workspace and Studios at Code and Canvas:

Art and Design studio: Code and Canvas SF have spacious studios and workstations for artists. Further, adjacent to the studios is a massive gallery. The work areas have all the necessary facilities. If there is something you need in addition to the already available services, you can get in touch with them. Some artists have used the workplace for around 20 years and have been earning their bread from art. So, you will have a chance to work with highly professional and experienced people. The disciplines of arts catered to at the center include fine arts, painting, photography, graphic design and much more. The prices of studios vary based on size. However, it ranges from $400 to $3000 per month.

Creative zones: This area at Code and Canvas coworking comprises of enclosed spaces as well as individual workstations. Further, this particular area takes up the largest area and was recently renovated by a highly talented craftswoman. This part of the center is nearly 3000 square feet with 20-foot ceilings. Furthermore, the area is divided into five enclosed spaces suitable for a team of 4 to 8 members. Other than this, there are around 25 desk spaces for people who work solo. You can use any desk or table to work comfortably. To know about the price and plans, please get in touch with their team.

Common Spaces: Code and Canvas provide a great collaborative workspace where members can work hassle-free. The motive is to cultivate an environment wherein art is everyone can appreciate art. Also, if you opt for this option, you will be in constant touch with advisors and investors. Additionally, you can even avail various professional services. The shared space includes a lounge, bar, mezzanine and all the other amenities available at the center. The cost of availing floating desks in the common area is $250 per month and $25 per day.

Other services at Code and Canvas:

Mural services: Code and Canvas Coworking is trying to establish a relationship between art and technology in San Francisco. And to achieve that, they provide mural services. Under this program, they promote mural making in an environment where people are working. These services introduce local art into and around various workspaces. No matter if it is a small office space or a humongous public wall, they can offer services with great intricacy.

Healing arts: Code and Canvas is working on using the power of art for healing purposes. The idea is to provide assistance to individuals, families, and couples. Further, this is achieved through therapies and workshops. Applying the knowledge of art to facilitate mental wellness is used under these programs. The standard price for a therapy session of 50 minutes will cost you $120. Similarly, the prices of workshops depend on its nature.   

Location and Contact:

Code and Canvas coworking space is located at a convenient location. Also, the surrounding offers an ideal environment to grow and develop your ideas. At a small distance from the center, you can locate a number of restaurants and cafes. Not to mention, it is extremely flexible to travel back and forth from the center due to its connection with various transportation routes.

Address: 151, Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA


Email: [email protected]


Code and Canvas is working to improve the human condition by collaborating art with technology. Furthermore, they have come up with creative plans that can help you emerge as a great artist. Offering great work facilities, you will get to work in an amazing environment. Not to mention the mentorship programs at the center that provide you with hands-on experience regarding how to merge technology with art. Also, they encourage their members to inspire each other bu working for the greater cause of humanity.

Besides proving workspace solutions, Code and Canvas San Francisco also offer other interesting services. For instance, with the help of art, they tend to cater to patients who are suffering from distress. This is done by conducting various workshops which are designed based on specific requirements. In addition to this, they have a beautiful art gallery wherein great work is on display. So, if you are an artist who wants to try a hand on innovation, you should consider this option. If you have more queries regarding this place, then I suggest taking a tour. You will surely appreciate the unique concept of this coworking facility. All the best!

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