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Your ideas may take birth in the brain but to implement them you need some tools and equipment. Build It Workspace operating from Los Alamitos is an efficient coworking maker space. You can expect nothing less than the state of the machinery and technologically advanced work area. You can work with both software and hardware at this workspace. Build it Workspace is open for all the members and it has also become a learning center for individuals.

You can also benefit from various coaching sessions run by the management so that the members can hone their skills in a particular area. There are classes for children and adults. These programs aim to inculcate the latest techniques and help you learn from experts. At Build It Workspace you will find a knowledge sharing environment and will be working in a cohesive work culture. The motive of a workspace is to allow people to come together and build something from scratch. Moving forward we are going to talk about the classes offered by this workspace and the services available.

Classes Available at Build It Workspace:

The classes at this shared maker space are divided into three heads:

Young Innovators

These programs run by Build It Workspace aim at channelizing the young energetic minds towards different streams. There are robotic teams, winter, and spring classes, tutoring services for kids, and an afterschool engineers program. The two most important classes under this head are Build It Robotics Team and Afterschool Enrichment.

Within the Build It Robotics Team, there are three leagues which invite participants and allows them to compete with other teams.  The members are school goers and the last entry is till grade 12. This means that if your kid is a robotic enthusiast then this program is appropriate for him or her. At the back of these programs is a lesson taught to the young members regarding food safety, recycling, and energy.

Next is the Afterschool Enrichment, under this there is a single one hour class held once a week. The joining cost is $12.50 per student per hour. The motive of this program is to allow the students to learn and practice the practical usage of Science and Technology.

Inventive Minds:

The Inventive minds classes at Build It Workspace are run for individuals who can associate with fellow members. These classes range from advanced printing techniques to chocolate molding and dying.

For instance, the Up and Running 3D Scanning classes are run for individuals who want to learn the art of 3D scanning. There are David 3D scanning, Occipital 3D scanning, Structure Sensor for iPad, and Autodesk Catch. The membership fee for this class is $80.

Then is the Chocolate Mold Making classes, here you can learn and make chocolate molds with other members. You will be working with a vacuum former to curate and create your own molds. So, your imagination is the only

Next, they have 3D printing classes which are beneficial for young learners and seasoned engineers alike. The membership fee of this course at Build It Workspace is $80 and you will learn different techniques. For instance, there are methods of creating parts classes, basics of Three Dimensional printing among other important lessons.

Last but not least you can learn the basics of Laser systems and how to use them. In these classes, there are modules like understanding lasers, material selection, understanding kerfs, etc. In order to learn this intricate piece of art, you need to pay $80 as a membership fee to Build It Workspace.

Build It Together:

These built it together classes resonate the true spirit of a shared maker space. You can learn and share your knowledge when working in a group and also leverage from the enchanting environment. Presently, Built It Workspace has three different types of classes under this head:

The build it together 3D scanning technology module is best for honing your 3D print skills within a group. You can also use this $250 per 2 hours session to make 3D printed models of your family. Just a thought.

Do you know how much fun it is to engrave your name on wood or metal? Well, how can you if you haven’t tried it at Build It Workspace. In $250 for 2 hours you can use the laser machine to engrave or curate something out of the wood. It will be a fun exercise and also a learning experience for you. You will be able to develop a sense of intricate art and craft and also learn some basic of physics.




Services Offered at Build It Workspace:

You can also buy their services and get the product of your choice. Build It Workspace provides 3D portraits of the family or an individual among other 3D-printing services. They also have sign printing services, engineering services, and modeler laser services. All of these services and products will cost you as per the level of the product and its manufacturing requirements.

Membership Plans at Build It Workspace:

Apart from all the niche classes operating at this maker space, you can also go for a general membership plan. Under this, you will need to pay $150 per month and will get access to the tools and workspaces as per the daily work hours. But there is a catch here, that if you going for a general membership then you need to provide some proof or certification. The evidence will prompt that you have prior knowledge and experience of working with a machine or tool. Build It Workspace management takes the safety and security of the fellow members seriously. This is why they have kept this certification rule for general members.

Location and Contact:

Cerritos Avenue on which Build It Workspace resides is a spacious neighborhood in the city. There is plenty of parking space outside the building and the main road leads straight to the San Gabriel River Freeway. The nearby area has various commercial outlets and eating spots. The nearest bus stop goes by the moniker Cerritos-Bloomfield. And it is on only 10 minutes away from the address on foot.

Address: 4388 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos, California 90720


Email: [email protected]

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Maker spaces and the coworking culture when combined give a trendy and efficient solution for learning new skills. Also, the already learned individuals get a chance to implement what they know and have gained in all these years only to refine their skills. Build It Workspace is yet another maker space in Long Beach which has a lot to offer to the members. There are 3-D printing classes and laser molding techniques to name a few. Further, there are some important tutorials and programs for children and adults alike. The motive of including children in Build It Workspace is that they will learn the practical skills of some complex and intricate exercises early on. It will surely help them get a better understanding of the upcoming future technology with time.

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