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Industrious Irvine is a coworking facility offering services to business professionals who have set a number of goals to achieve. Whether you have successfully made your name or are still in the initial phase of development, this workspace will guide you all the way to success. Moreover, this hospitality-driven workspace offers flexible membership plans that are tailored to suit your requirements. You have the opportunity to widen your social circle by mingling with the vibrant crowd of this place. And who knows? You might just stumble upon a new client or partner! Anyhow, you will grow as an individual as you interact with new people from different backgrounds.

Are you tired of the tedious environment provided by a corporate office? If yes, then it is time for you to find yourself a better place to work. That is to say, you require a place that not only provides you with a space to work but also caters to your needs. Further, for those who wish for a shared space in a modern environment, Industrious Irvine is an ideal place. You will get scores of opportunities for business expansion. Not to mention, they offer a wide array of amenities that help you accomplish your tasks. So, if you want better results and are looking for networking opportunities, there is no better place than this workspace.

Amenities offered by Industrious Irvine:

Known for its hospitality, Industrious Irvine offers its tenants a lot of additional benefits without charging anything extra. All these benefits are a prerequisite when it comes to performing tasks.  

  • Dedicated on-site staff: A whole team of professionals is available at Industrious Irvine. Further, they have been trained to help you run your office smoothly. So, in case you face any problems, feel free to approach them. A friendly staff is an added bonus!
  • Events and programs: To help people mingle and form connections, Industrious Irvine conducts plenty of workshops in their space. Also, these events give you a chance to learn new things and grow at an individual level.
  • Internet: When you are working online, a good internet connection is very important. Therefore, at this center, you will get access to a high-speed internet connection. So, always stay connected and get your tasks done as quickly as possible.
  • Printing facilities: You do not have to go out to get your documents printed as Industrious Irvine has made available printing facilities at the center. This includes business-class printers and scanners. So, print your documents in high quality!
  • Chill-out zones: Do you feel tired from working for too long? If yes, then you can refresh your mind by relaxing for a while in the chill-out zones of the center. Furthermore, these areas will help you recharge yourself for the next task.
  • Member Events and Parties: You can hold your events at Industrious Irvine to make them grander and hassle-free. Similarly, you do not need to worry about menial tasks as the Industrious Staff will take care of all your requirements. So, hold your next event here!
  • Coffee and snacks: If you find it difficult to perform your tasks without devouring a cup of coffee, you have nothing to worry about. At the center, you can help yourself with coffee and snacks. So, munch on a healthy snack and say goodbye to unannounced hunger pangs.






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Membership Plans at Industrious Irvine:

Community Memberships: If you have a small business, traditional office spaces can prove to be too costly and unfulfilling. To tackle this problem, community memberships at Industrious Irvine offer affordable and flexible alternatives to corporate offices. Not only will you have access to shared space but also to a bundle of premium amenities that will help you attain your goals. This plan comprises permanent desks and flexible seats in the coworking area to complement your taste.

You will have 24/7 access to your spot, meaning you can drop in whenever you feel like working. These desks are specially designed for soloists, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Further, you have a chance to work with like-minded peers who share your interests and can help you with your work. Networking is one of the best advantages of working in a coworking area. The cost of availing this option starts from $459.

Private Offices: Industrious Irvine has well-contained office spaces designed for a team of 1-20 members. A private office amidst a coworking space is a great way to enjoy privacy as well as flexibility. Apart from this, you will be working in the close-knit community of your team members without facing any unnecessary disturbance. This is an essential requirement in case you are working on sensitive materials. The private offices at this center come with various facilities including comfortable seating arrangements, large desks, lockable storage, and much more. Another great thing about renting an office space here is that everything will be covered in a single monthly fee. The membership costs associated with this option are:

  • Small Office: from $887
  • Medium Office: from $1,215
  • Large Office: from $2,543

Location and Contact

Industrious Irvine

Address: 3333 Michelson Drive, Suite 300, Irvine, California, 92612


Industrious Irvine is situated in the Park Place Tower which offers great facilities for working people. All that you require is available within the campus area. This includes shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and much more. Moreover, you will be in close proximity to LA Fitness, John Wayne Airport, and the 405 Freeway. So, work in a luxurious location that offers great convenience. Additionally, car parking facilities are available nearby. To know more about this place, contact them at 949.936.2535 or drop them an email at [email protected]

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Imagine a workspace that does not limit your boundaries and offers way more flexibility than a stuffed corporate office. Sounds amazing, right? That is exactly what you will get at Industrious Irvine. Further, they promote a healthy work-life balance so that you are able to work in a relaxed and joyful environment. A dedicated team of professionals with years of experience is always ready to aid you if you face any problem. Other than this, you can conduct your meetings in a professional format by accessing the well-equipped meeting rooms of the center.

Unlike the traditional offices, Industrious Irvine houses tenants working for diverse fields and companies. So, you have the unique opportunity to gather insight and benefit from the knowledge of these people. You will get more exposure as there are higher chances of meeting potential clients. This workspace also offers you different membership options which are tailored to suit your working style and schedule. You will also have access to professional amenities like internet, and meeting spaces that will help you enhance your productivity.  All that you want is available here, just bring your laptop along and get to work!

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