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Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? Try OnePiece Work in Foster City. And even if you are not, this space will motivate you to. Y’all may call it a coworking space, an incubator, or even an event space. But this is surely the spot where dreams come true for many startups and entrepreneurs. In fact, just like the grand LED lights hanging from their ceilings, great ideas will pop up in your brain. Besides, the sprawling space will give you enough room to build, connect, and expand your venture.

OnePiece Foster City has all the amenities that bigwig coworking spaces offer. But there is a difference, which is reflected in the way they deal with their members. So be ready to be pampered by constant guidance and support apart from their facilities. Also, they also have coworking spaces in other cities including San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, etc. Besides, their trademark events are attended by many eminent entrepreneurs, mentors, and geeks. So they know how to bridge the gap between startups and a plethora of investors, market specialists, and the like. So are you interested in treading down the path towards this Tower Lane coworking space? Keep reading to know more.

Perks of OnePiece Work in Foster City:

These are some of the many perks of calling OnePiece your office address.

  • Reception Service: A trained receptionist will be present at the front desk to meet and greet your clients. This will not only look professional but also convenient.
  • 24/7 Access: The facilities are open round the clock. So it’s going to be about your will, your time, and your space.
  • Tea and Coffee: Foster CIty’s OnePiece Work understands the need for a workaholic to refuel their enthusiasm. And that is why they supply members with unlimited tea and coffee.
  • Pet-Friendly: Do you miss your little pooch or kitty, when at work? That won’t be necessary here. As you can bring them along.
  • Kitchen: They also have a little kitchen space, where you can don the chef’s hat and prepare a quick meal.
  • Meeting Rooms: Wish to impress your clients? Call them for a meeting at OnePiece Work Foster City location. And be ready to fascinate them with meeting rooms and spaces that are built to impress.
  • Storage Spaces: If you need any add-ons like docs and equipment for work, you can leave them in a lockable storage space. And without a spec of worry!
  • Mail Handling: The staff also efficiently handles all your postal arrivals to their space. Until they reach your hands it is their responsibility.
  • Utilities: Members also get access to all the general office equipment like printers, scanners, etc. Besides, the unlimited free wifi that is fast enough for immaculate connectivity.
  • Networking Events: are the best bit! The regular events are a great way to meet and make new connections. For a lot may happen over a coffee or just a casual hello.
  • Disabled Friendly: The OnePiece building is easy to access by all disabled people.
  • Parking Facility: The building has massive space for the car park. And if you wish to get into numbers, there are more than 2500 car park spaces.


OnePiece Foster City






Membership Prices at OnePiece Foster City:

OnePiece Work offers three simple workspace formats to its Foster City facilities. You can choose from a temporary or permanent desk in an open plan area or to private office as well. Though all members get access to the amenities, you read about above. Be it complimentary snacks and beverages to meeting rooms and events. Besides, they are quite flexible when it comes to terms and agreements. Thus, read below and pick your best fit.

Flexible Desks

You may hire a flexible desk for the price of $450 per month at OnePiece Foster City. Also known as hot desks, these are temporary seats in an open-plan area. These are available on a first come first serve basis. So each time, with this membership, you will have to look for a vacant desk in the common coworking space. And perhaps a new desk will be introduced to a new coworking member every other day. Subsequently providing you with many opportunities to expand your network.

Dedicated Desks

Searching for a vacant hot desk, is not your thing? Get one that you can call yours. The dedicated desks at OnePiece Work Foster City are available at the price of $650 per month. And as the name suggests, this desk space will be reserved only for you. Thus, no one will use it even in your absence. And you will always have a seat to work from, in your hours of access. Also, the best part is you can set up your equipment for your membership term. For instance, if you use multiple desks, you can anchor them up at your desk permanently. There will be no need to carry them back and forth on each visit. Besides, you get a bit more privacy than the hot desk area.

Private Office

Private office space at OnePiece Work Foster City is a good investment if you have a small team. You may hire an office here for $2200 per month. These office spaces are accessible round the clock. And also comes with great views from the window and a patio space where you can work under the sun. Besides, you will get all the basic furniture like desks and chairs. So you can move in on short notice as well. Moreover, the reception, kitchen, and all other amenities will be at your disposal. And of course, you can gain a lot of insight and connections which will aid the growth of your business.

Location of One Piece Work in Foster City:

OnePiece Work Foster City

Address: Suite 2100, 950 Tower Lane, Foster City, CA, 94404

OnePiece Foster City resides in a huge 14,500 sqft space, on the 21st floor of the Metro Center penthouse. It is a prime business tower prominently visible in the city skyline. The architecture is great and allows plenty of daylight. Besides, a 20-acre park is at its rear, in case you fancy a stroll. Apart from this, there is a fitness center and showers at the location. Additionally, the 21st floor brings along a magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay and its mounts. Furthermore, there are many select retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and hotels in the vicinity. For instance, Chipotle, Wells Fargo, Bridgepointe Shopping Center, and Hotel Hilton are a few of the prominent neighbors. Coming to the commuting part, a free shuttle runs until the California Station. Besides, The San Francisco International Airport is only 9 miles away, which will take only 10 minutes by car.

For any queries or to schedule a visit to OnePiece Work Foster City call +1 833 414 3165. Or you may also send an email to [email protected].




OnePiece exists to inspire creative minds and support smart thinkers. And this space is here to stay. I can even list you a few big reasons to work from this Foster City coworking space. Firstly, they take it upon themselves to connect members which each other and with global players as well. So, naturally, you will get all the right opportunities to make connections that can prove instrumental in your growth. Secondly, their spaces are created with brilliance, such that they incite smart reasoning and better competence. In fact, dull and boring are alien concepts to this space. Thirdly, they have many fortune 500 companies to call partners. And do you know what relevance it has for you? Simple! You will get access to an extensive network of mentors and supporters.

Lastly, you will be working in a space that extends opportunities that are par excellence. And not one or two but several. So if you work from home or have a startup it is about time you make a change of place. And make OnePiece Work in Foster City your business location. Visit soon!

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