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Convene Los Angeles is a fine coworking space option in the beautiful LA. They have two office locations in the city. Convene has a few other shared office spaces across major cities in the USA. These spaces are fully serviced and fully furnished. These are the quality spaces which have modern interiors and high technology infrastructure. You can enjoy the picturesque views of the coastal area from the Convene spaces. Various spaces of different sizes are available here. All kinds of necessary corporate amenities are also provided here such that your workflow is smooth and uninterrupted. Also, freelancers, part-time workers, small to large businesses and startups can find a suitable office here. The offices here are considerably spacious and airy and have room for a lot of sunlight coming in. Also, these are flexible office space solutions making work dynamics easier for you.

These shared office spaces have several delicacies served here prepared by a gourmet chef. Several snack and beverage options are also available. Thus, Convene Los Angeles office spaces are one of their kind. Since these spaces are at the prime locales of the city, there are plenty of perks that these spaces offer. Check the exclusive facilities and services at these spaces detailed out below.

Amenities & Perks at Convene Los Angeles

There are a lot of high-quality amenities and perks available at Convene Los Angeles. All the corporate essentials are looked after such that you can have complete focus at work. Check these services and facilities below.

  • High-speed wifi and internet services are available at this coworking space. It allows a smooth flow of work without any interruptions and delays.
  • Business class mail handling and mail packaging facility is also available here. These high-quality services provide an edge to your business.
  • The office supplies remain fully stocked at Convene Los Angeles at all times. Hence, your work is done without any delays.
  • You can enjoy the exquisite dishes by the onsite gourmet chef here. Thus, your hunger pangs are also well looked after.
  • Ergonomic furniture is also available at this coworking space as the comfort of the employees is a priority for them.
  • At Convene Los Angeles, State of the Art Technology is also available.
  • Furthermore, fully equipped and fully serviced event spaces can also be rented out here.
  • A cleaning crew stays on duty 24/7. Hence, these spaces remain speckless at all times.
  • High-quality printing, scanning, and photocopying services are also available at Convene Los Angeles.
  • All necessary technology equipment are also available at these office spaces.
  • High-quality tea and coffee are also provided here throughout the day. It helps to keep you fresh and active at work.
  • These spaces have a secure door lock feature. Security is a primary concern for Convene Los Angeles which is taken care of here.
  • An onsite IT crew is also readily available for your help at all times. Therefore, you can avail of their help whenever you feel the need to.
  • The coworking spaces at Convene are flexible and spacious. These are modern spaces with the latest technology available.
  • You can place both local and international calls at this space. The phone booths here are high technology and fully serviced.
  • Both event spaces and meeting rooms are available ar Convene Los Angeles.
  • Parking around here is also easy and hassle-free.
  • Various snacking options are also open for you at these office spaces.
  • Several events are organized here from time to time, therefore these spaces are perfect for networking and collaboration.
  • Gallery spaces at Convene are the open and flexible spaces. You can make use of them for informal meetings, official lunches, etc.

Convene Los Angeles




Membership Plans

Convene Los Angeles offers a wide range of coworking spaces the price plans for which are flexible. There are several membership plans available for Convene office spaces. Gourmet coffee and tea along with various snack options are available at these spaces. Check out the complete details below.

Basic Package: The basic space package includes technology room access. Continental breakfast is available under this plan. Furthermore, lunch includes two sandwiches, a salad, two seasonal salads, and one dessert.

Standard Package: The standard package includes both cold and hot breakfast options. Apart from the earlier basic package lunch, it also includes one entree. Furthermore, AM and PM breaks are also available. Technology room facility is also available here.

Premium Package: More cold and hot breakfast options are available under the premium package. In Lunch, 2 hot entrees, 1 hot side, 2 desserts, 1 protein salad, 2 sandwiches, and 2 seasonal salads are available. Apart from the AM and PM break, technology room access is also available.

For more information about the price plan and rental details, visit their official website. The various options for meeting and gallery spaces are listed out below. Check these out.

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

Different kinds of meeting rooms and event spaces are available at Convene Los Angeles. These serve several different purposes. You can choose from any of them as per your requirements. All of these spaces are spacious and have all the necessary high-quality amenities and facilities. These are fully equipped and fully serviced spaces. These have reception facilities and also have pods in them. The sizes of these spaces differ. All the meeting rooms at Convene Los Angeles offer the same amenities and facilities variably. Following are a few of their meeting rooms.

  • The Forum
  • The Boardroom
  • The Beach Hub
  • The Library Hub
  • The Arts Hub

Gallery Spaces: The gallery spaces at Convene Los Angeles can accommodate more than 60 individuals. These are the flexible spaces which have various corporate uses. A few of these are networking, registration, dining, programs, receptions and other social events.

  • The Welcome Gallery 3
  • The Prow Gallery 3
  • The Plaza Gallery

Locations of Convene Los Angeles

Both of the Convene Los Angeles coworking spaces are located in the Downtown area. It is the hub of the business community. Thus several exclusive perks are available at both of these spaces. Furthermore, a lot of big business brands are placed nearby. Commuting around here is also fairly easy as these spaces are connected via major transport options. Moreover, parking is not an issue as it is hassle-free at Convene.

Official Website:


  • Downtown, 333 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90071
  • Downtown, 777 South Figueroa Street

Email: [email protected]

Contact: (323) 306-9658


Convene Los Angeles is definitely a coworking space which stands out from the rest. It is a fine option for coworking space Los Angeles. They have several meeting room options, unlike other spaces. These spaces befit the peculiar corporate demands of various businesses. Also, the gallery spaces here serve various corporate purposes which are immensely beneficial for businesses. Furthermore, their hospitality is unique with a wide range of meal and snack options available. You name it, they have it. Therefore, these spaces are just perfect for professional events with all the aspects available. To know more about these spaces and their price plans, visit their official website.

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