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Now named as Cross Campus, Desk Hub San Diego is one of the oldest coworking spaces in San Diego. It teamed up with Cross Campus(a Santa Monica-based chain ) in order to deliver the best service and expand its presence across the United Staes. Also, It provides spaces for professionals as well as creatives to work in a quiet yet collaborative environment. 

DeskHub San Diego boasts of being in the best location, a place that is modern yet retro, clean and friendly. There is easy access to trendy restaurants, boutiques, and even parks. No worries about clients missing their way! It has high-tech amenities, flexible membership plans that cater for both individual and team needs, the necessities for a growing business are a great working environment, great vibes, great events, great amenities, great people. Desk Hub based in San Diego offers these and more. Moreover don’t get burnt out on your managerial journey, be a part of their various events and watch your business grow. Keep reading to know what this space has to offer you and your business!

Perks at Desk Hub San Diego

Desk Hub San Diego has high-tech amenities and various perks needed to ensure a productive day. Get to work as you like even with a coffee in one hand, connect with people, enjoy the infrastructure of an office and much more. Also, the bright and spacious setting of the space gives an aura of a lounge rather than an office. Turn your office into a home only at Desk Hub in San Diego!

    • Pet-Friendly: Wanna bring your dog to cuddle by your side and help boost your morale? Good news! This space is dog-friendly. Then again, check out the pet policy and bring your pet along.
    • 24/7 access: whether your client’s time-zone is different or you prefer working in the night, get 24/7 access to Desk Hub. What’s more amazing is the access to their different locations at no extra costs. This, however, depends on your membership plan
    • Onsite kitchen: Availability of a fully-furnished kitchen to cater to your tummy needs.
    • Free healthy snacks: Free artisanal beverages like kombucha, craft beer, and complimentary snacks for you to enjoy while plunging away all-day.
    • Internet: As a member, you get free access to super-fast internet to get work done effortlessly.
    • Receptionist:  Desk Hub San Diego boasts of professional onsite staff who go out of line to help with all your needs.
    • Events: This space organizes great events that are great for socializing, connecting, collaborating and networking. Meeting some great visionaries and luminaries of your industry is the least of what you can expect from these events. 
    • Meeting rooms: Do you have to organize or attend meetings or board meetings? This space offers fully furnished meeting rooms of all sizes to help you make an impact on the clients and team alike. 
    • Parking: There is street parking and in-house monthly parking available for the members. Also, if you are commuting by bike, Desk Hub San Diego provides Indoor bike storage to keep your bikes.
    • Location: Situated in a great location close to plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels parks to cater to all your business and personal needs.
    • Conference rooms: A perfect place to unwind, hold that one to one meeting or video chat meetings. This space has everything that you need!

Desk Hub San Diego





Membership plans at Desk Hub San Diego:

Desk Hub offers a highly-flexible membership plan provided on a monthly basis. From hotdesking to private office space, it has all your individual or team needs covered. Whether you are a freelancer who is in need of a space to grind work or a small business owner. This space is bursting with opportunities!

Hot desk: 

This plan allows you to access any seat within the space to get work done on the common workfloor. Work without a designated desk and get to sit with different professionals across different fields every day. This allows brainstorming and also meeting like-minded that can help with your business growth. You never can tell, you might be seating close to your clients. Furthermore, If you want to be far from a motivation killer like working from home, this plan is ideal for you. It is available for $300 a month and you can drop in and get work done 24/7. Also, you can book space easily at any other Desk Hub San Diego location. Also, you can avail services like a professional business address, mail & package handling for $30 per month.

Reserved Desk:

As the name connotes, this desk is permanently allotted to you and no one else can use it even while you are away. If you are someone in need of some privacy with a reserved desk to work in a shared office, this is a perfect plan! It is an all-in-one package that gives you 24/7 access In addition to this, you get a chance to work at any of Desk Hub San Diego location. What’s more? The professional Business address and mail & package handling are included in price. All in one! It is available for $500 per month.

Private office:

Ideal for an individual, small startups or a thriving business in need of a collaborative environment to get work done. The best thing is that you get to work in a professional office that doesn’t require initial capital or administrative duties that come with running a traditional private office. Besides, Desk Hub San Diego offers highly-flexible private office plans and you can scale up your office as your team grows. Besides, it provides great networking opportunities as you get to indulge within the community while still maintaining privacy. This plan varies from a single private desk to more than 9 seats in an office. The pricing structure for a private office ranges between $650 for one seat to $3620 for 8 seats. Office spaces with more than 8 seats are subject to availability and the pricing structure is only available with the management. 

Location and Contact:

Desk Hub San Diego resides in the heart of Little Italy, a great location that is within walking distance of interesting restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and bars. They also have a bunch of complimentary snacks and sips for you to enjoy while plugging away throughout the day. There are also boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries a few minutes away from the workspace. You can easily do shopping, sightseeing or enjoy bike riding in the cool environment during the break. This attractive workspace is home to anyone seeking to achieve a work-life balance.

Address: 2159, India Street, San Diego.

Email: [email protected]



To deliver the best and create more network for workspaces across the US, DeskHub San Diego partnered with Crosscampus San Diego, an award-winning coworking space. It doesn’t only provide exceptional coworking space but organizes various events where you can connect with like-minded people and network. They offer flexible membership plan and you can avail of the all in one pricing.

Different professionals across different fields get to work and collaborate. The shared learning experiences, networking opportunities, connections and meaningful relationships with movers and shakers of industries. For both personal and business growth. This space is for you!

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