Regus San Diego | All 14 Locations With Perks & Prices

Regus San Diego is one of the most famous and most amazing coworking spaces in the city. It provides a convenient coworking space environment for budding entrepreneurs. Furthermore, their office spaces meet all the needs of big business brands also. All the necessary high-quality amenities are available at these office spaces. The coworking spaces at Regus San Diego are modern and considerably flexible. There is ample room for daylight at these office spaces. Moreover, Regus has a huge global network and thus its operations are not confined to providing amenities for the spaces. It also provides a platform for growth, diversification, and networking. Many big business brands are connected to them.

Working at Regus San Diego definitely adds more value to the brand name. Also, many events are organized here from time to time, hence there’s a lot to learn at these spaces. A wide range of high-quality amenities is available at these office spaces. Find their details in the list below.

Regus San Diego Amenities and Perks

All the prerequisites for your business are available at Regus San Diego. Numerous high-quality facilities and services are available for the individuals working at these office spaces. The details of these facilities are given below.

  • A cleaning crew is always on duty at this coworking space throughout the day. Hence these office spaces remain speckless and clean at all times during the day.
  • At these coworking spaces, the rooms are flexible and airy. These shared office spaces are modern with all the high-quality technology available as per corporate trends.
  • Moreover, you can also place domestic and international calls at these coworking spaces. Also, these office spaces have soundproof phone booths.
  • At Regus San Diego, the comfort of the employees is given due importance. Furthermore, ergonomic furniture is also available at these office spaces.
  • Here you can avail of the professional services of an IT crew which is available throughout the day. Hence, your work never gets stuck and moves smoothly.
  • The office supplies also remain stocked at all times at these office spaces, just in case you need them.
  • Regus San Diego shared office spaces are completely secure. Multiple surveillance cameras are installed at these spaces. Also, secure door lock facility is also available here. Hence, these spaces are absolutely secure.
  • The meeting cum conference rooms at these office spaces are fully serviced and fully equipped. These have all the high-quality amenities available here.
  • Also, you can easily find a parking spot at these office spaces. Therefore, parking around here is very hassle-free and easy.
  • Furthermore, unlimited high-quality coffee and tea are also available at these office spaces.
  • Snacks are also available for the hunger pangs in between work. So, hunger is something that does not cause a hindrance in your work.
  • A high-speed internet facility is also available at these coworking spaces. This ensures a smooth flow of work and hence your work is uninterrupted.
  • At Regus San Diego, live phone answering and receptionist services are also available.
  • Here, business class printing, scanning, and photocopying services are also available.
  • At these coworking spaces, disabled services are also available.
  • A professional mail handling and packaging service are also available at these coworking spaces.

Regus San Diego




Membership Plans

A number of membership plans are available at Regus San Diego. These coworking spaces are the most suitable for freelancers, startups, and small to large businesses. These office spaces are flexible and customizable. Following are the details of the membership plans at these office spaces.

Private offices: Private offices are the best option for startups and small to large businesses. At these Regus San Diego, you can devote undivided focus to your work. It is so because you have these spaces all to yourself. The private office spaces at Regus San Diego have all the high-quality amenities for your business to run smoothly. For a private office, three options are available at Regus San Diego. These options are window offices, interior offices, and office suites. A professional phone answering service is also available for these membership plans. The office spaces here are airy and flexible. The monthly rental prices for these office spaces are $207.

Virtual Offices: Virtual offices are another coworking option here. These office spaces provide a professional business address for those working from home. When you don’t need a dedicated workspace but a professional business presence, you can opt for this option. There are three options available for a virtual office at Regus San Diego. You can get a professional address at these coworking spaces for $56 per month. The other two options are virtual office and virtual office services $160 and $216 per month respectively. The latter two options also provide access for the private offices for a few days.

Meeting cum Conference rooms: The meeting rooms at this coworking space are fully serviced and fully furnished. Video conferencing service is also available at these office spaces. You can book these meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis. At Regus San Diego, you can book these office spaces through the MyRegus app and avail of a 10 percent discount.

Business Lounge: Business lounges at Regus San Diego are casual workspaces. You can either enjoy time out here of having informal meetings. The rental prices for business lounges here are $93 per month. With this membership plan, you can also access any Regus business lounge at any of their locations. High-speed internet facility is also available here.

Dedicated and Hot desks: Desk facility is the most suitable for the freelancers, part-time workers, travelers, and single entrepreneurs. These desks provide a private space for working. Under a hot desk option, you choose a desk in a common workspace and get to work straight away. While under the dedicated desk plan, you enjoy the same desk space each day where you can work with undivided focus. You can rent out these coworking spaces for a rental price of $112 per month. Furthermore, these office spaces can be rented out for a period of 5 days, 10 days or a month.


There are a total of 14 coworking space locations of Regus San Diego. All of these office spaces are located at the premium locations of the city. The high quality and modern technology amenities are available at these coworking space San Diego. Moreover, there are plenty of famous restaurants, eateries and shopping centers around Regus San Diego spaces. Commuting is also hassle-free with various transport options easily available here.

  • Broadway Suite: This coworking space is located in the West Downtown area of San Diego. Amtrak station and San Diego trolley stations are also at a close distance from this space.

Address: 501 W Broadway, Suite 800, San Diego, California, 92101
Contact: 18554003575

  • Emerald Plaza: This coworking space is close to San Diego Downtown and bay area. There are many big hi-tech industries nearby these office spaces. This is the most suitable choice for executive office in Downtown.

Address: 402 West Broadway, Suite 400, San Diego, California 920101
Contact: 18554003575

  • Diamond View: This coworking space at Regus San Diego is located at the class A office of the Diamond view tower. At this Regus Downtown San Diego space, modern amenities are also available.

Address: 350 10th Avenue, Suite 1000, San Diego, California, 92101-7496
Contact: 18554003575

  • Kettner Commons: It is nearby the Little Italy neighborhood. The Maritime Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego are also nearby this coworking space.

Address: 1420 Kettner Boulevard, Suite 100, 200 and 300, San Diego, California, 92101
Contact: 18554003575

  • Makers Quarter: MTS trolley lines and various bus-stops are well linked to this coworking space. The moniker event venue is also nearby which is an add on to this Regus San Diego office space.

Address: 845 15th Street, First to Fourth floor, San Diego, California, 92101
Contact: 18554003575

  • Liberty Station: This is a famous real estate location of the city. There are a lot of shopping and eatery options around here.

Address: 2305 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 100 San Diego, California, 92106
Contact: 18554003575

  • Friars Mission: Trolley light rail system is nearby this Regus San Diego office space. Various luxurious hotels and restaurants are also around this coworking space.

Address: 1455 Frazee Road, Suite 500, San Diego, California, 92108
Contact: 18554003575

  • Mission Valley: Fashion Valley and the Mission Valley malls are at a short distance from these spaces. Furthermore, the San Diego international airport is also 10-15 minutes away from here.

Address: 3111 Camino Del Rio, North, Suite 400, San Diego, California, 92108
Contact: 18554003575

  • Stonecrest – Mission Valley: This office space by Regus San Diego is another famous coworking option. The central business district of San Diego and the international airport are also at a close distance.

Address: 9655 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, California, 92123
Contact: 18554003575

  • University Town Center: This Regus San Diego location is in the premium business district of the city. The famous Westfield Mall is also quite nearby.

Address: 4660 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 100 and 200, San Diego, California, 92122
Contact: 18554003575

  • Sunroad Corporate Center: This coworking space is located in the biotechnology industry center of the city.

Address: 4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 200, San Diego, California 92121
Contact: 18554003575

  • One Pacific Heights: There are a lot of useful amenities by Sorrento Mesa available around this coworking space. The international airport of San Diego and central business district are also at half an hour drive away.

Address: 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite 150 San Diego, California, 92121
Contact: 18554003575

  • Cush Plaza: This Regus San Diego coworking space is located in the business hub of the city. Defense and internet marketing are included in its neighborhood.

Address: 10620 Treena Street, Suite 230, San Diego, California, 92131
Contact: 18554003575

  • High Bluff Drive: Interstate 5 is half a mile away from this coworking space. Around this Regus San Diego office space, there are many financial, hi-tech and healthcare industries.

Address: 12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, California 92130-2035
Contact: 18554003575


Regus San Diego shared office spaces are hi-technology and modern. These office spaces are invariably flexible and spacious. All the high technology amenities are available at these office spaces. To know more about the membership plans of these coworking spaces, you can visit their official website. Or you can reach them on the contact details given above.

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