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The present age entrepreneurship is all about growth, innovation, and diversification. And the workplace plays a key role in the proper functioning of the company structure that aids in its growth and betterment. The Common Ground Workspace, Long Beach CA provides all the essentials that a business requires to bloom. Scalable space, technology-efficient structure, and hospitable environment are some of the offerings this workplace has in store for the businesses that operate here. The Common Grounds Workspace Long Beach houses many businesses having peculiar needs regardless of their size. Here the ergonomics are given due importance and the environment is made comfortable both for the employees and the business.

The workplace here is such that it feels like your own. At Common Ground workspace, you are able to have the interior set as per your liking. You can design the workplace however you like, with the furniture selection and color matching facilities. Here, one can find a comfortable environment just perfect for the focus that the businesses require.

Common Ground Workspace Amenities:

There is a wide range of amenities available at this space carefully curated keeping the business needs in mind.

  • Keyless exterior and interior door entry system is prevalent here
  • The phone booths and conference rooms have an acoustic proficiency
  • Lightening fast internet services are available via fiber cable
  • Ample collaboration areas for greater coherence and smooth functioning
  • Ease of functioning with great comfort provided through Standup desks
  • The offices at Common Grounds Long Beach are that of dual pane modular structure
  • Hi-technology and fully-equipped conference rooms
  • Soundproof conference room meetings
  • Office design layout as per professional requirements.
  • Airy interiors with greenery
  • Scalable workspaces as per the business needs
  • Specially customized interior and furniture as per office requirements
  • Car parking facility is also available here.
  • A noiseless environment for better focus and functioning.

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Membership Plans:

At Common Grounds Workspace, there are four types of membership plans available. Pick the one that will help your business grow and which befits your business requirements.

Communal: The communal workplaces at Common Grounds Long Beach are one of the best coworking workplaces in LongBeach, California. Here you get a chance to share the workplace with like-minded new age entrepreneurs. These areas are airy and carefully built keeping in mind the needs of the businesses that operate here. The communal spaces are available at a rental of $250 per month and they have soundproof phone rooms and an open layout. This is one of the best membership plans for freelancers and small businesses.

Desk: At Common Grounds Workspace Long Beach you can find a permanent or dedicated private-desk. This workplace is also connected to the communal workplace, which enhances collaboration through link-building. The desk workplace facility is available at a rent of $475 per month. The desk spaces are built keeping the comfort factor of individuals in mind. Here one can find stand-up desks which provide greater comfort and ease of functioning. The desk workplace area is open for 24/7 which makes the workplace easily accessible at all times.

Office: Separate office areas at Common Grounds Workspace are particularly made to match the needs of the businesses requiring great focus. Office areas here are airy and have ample amount of greenery for freshness. The interiors are customizable as per requirements. The space-planning, exclusive furniture selection, and color matching options are also available. These areas are available at a rental of $750 per month. One also gets access to the communal work areas, which is an additional feature. This keeps the office area connected and better collaboration opportunities keep arising along with greater communication. The access to the office workplace station is for 24/7.

Enterprise Plans at Common Grounds Workspace:

The Common Grounds Workspace Long Beach CA also provide the enterprise workplace facility and here, you can customize the workplace as per your business needs. From interiors to the structure, everything can be altered as per your office requirements. The rent for the enterprise workplace depends upon the custom plan that you wish to get. For more information about this membership plan, kindly reach out on the contact provided. The access to the enterprise space will be for 24/7.

CG Workspace Mobile Application:

You can download the Commongrounds app on your cellular to take benefit of more services offered by them. These services are.

  • You can manage your team with greater ease
  • Bookings for a conference room can be made through the Common Grounds Long Beach app
  • You can check out the plan and pay for them through the app
  • Food ordering facilities are also available on the app
  • You can register for an upcoming event on the official app of this coworking space
  • Edits to a membership plan can be easily made through the app
  • You can check out about more locations, services offered and amenities available on the Common Grounds Workspace app itself.

Location and Contact:

CG Workspace, Long Beach, CA

The Common Grounds Workspace is located at 145 W. Broadway, LongBeach CA 90802. The Broadway Longbeach is the largest business hub of the city and there are numerous coffee shops, restaurants, and specialty stores in this location. Moving around is not much of a problem. One can easily find trams, cabs in this area also the metro and the airport are at an easy-drive distance from Broadway, LongBeach California.

To know more about their coworking spaces and the rent structure contact on their phone number.

Contact: +1 (562) 544-0742


Email: [email protected]

Address – 145 W. Broadway, LongBeach CA 90802

This coworking workplace provides all the required amenities for all kinds of businesses to smoothly function and grows at the same time. Hi-tech structure, sound-proof conference rooms, comfortable furniture, and customizable infrastructure make this space most sought after in the area. You can organize private meetings here along with corporate events and other celebrations plus the office designs are professional and easily customizable.

Common Grounds Long Beach Workspace usually have a long waiting list, so do check their membership plans to grab them at the earliest. The human-centric coworking spaces here, increase the focus and productivity of those working at this space. Lastly, you can also rent Headquarter and Satellite offices at this coworking space. 

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