7 Awesome Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Pasadena (2023)

List of Best Coworking Spaces in Pasadena, California.

Searching for a coworking space in Pasadena? You are at the right place. Coworking has become commonplace with a lot of workplaces teeming up in various corners of the world. Since there is no fixed format for getting a great office environment, companies keep adding new services on a trial-and-error-based method. Therefore, it becomes a tad bit difficult to choose the workstation that actually coincides with your work schedule. To make this process easier for you, we have come up with a list of top coworking spaces in Pasadena that offer amazing services. These workspaces have gained popularity for providing communal work to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Pasadena is known to be a hub of innovation as it houses some of the leading tech and business companies. Also, a lot of inventions have taken place here which adds to its glamorous profile. The point is if you want to see your business thrive then working in a place like this can surely prove fruitful for your venture. In addition, the coworking spaces here have a lot of services to offer that can make your work journey a lot more exciting. So, sit back and read further to get a closer look at all the best coworking spaces in Pasadena. Check out our collection below:

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices Pasadena

1. WeWork Pasadena


WeWork is a coworking giant with multiple locations across the globe. Likewise, it has spread its roots in the city of Pasadena. Situated on the second and third floors of the area’s tallest building, WeWork Coworking Space Pasadena offers flexible workspaces to business professionals. You can enjoy the beautiful view of lush green mountains from the office window while working on your projects and tasks. Further, the building has a lot of facilities that will transform your work into a fun task. For instance, this center is pet-friendly and organizes abundant activities for your well-being. They also offer additional perks to aid you in accomplishing goals. You will be in constant touch with some of the greatest minds at the workstation who might guide you in your endeavors. So, book yourself a spot today and change the way you work for good!

Address: 177 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105

Contact details: If you need to speak to their team to get answers to any of your queries, feel free to call them at (646) 389-3922.

Membership Plans: The WeWork coworking space in Pasadena houses large and spacious workspaces within the center. This includes private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks. Moreover, the offices are lockable and can accommodate a team of varying sizes. The cost of availing this option is $580 per month. Apart from this, you can even choose to work in a coworking zone by hiring a dedicated or hot desk. The former gives you the option of working in a permanent spot in the shared space at a cost of $450/month. Whereas the latter provides you the option of working in the open workspace of the common area at a cost of $350/month.


2. FoundrSpace


FoundrSpace Coworking Space Pasadena is a great workplace offering several workplace solutions to those who work to innovate. Furthermore, the community of this center is largely diversified. That is to say, you will come across people from various backgrounds, including technology and research. The members also include scientists and astronomers. So, you have the opportunity to mingle with them and enhance your knowledge. Apart from networking, the other attractive feature of this workplace is the list of amenities it provides. From free internet connection to onsite parking facilities, they offer everything that your profession requires!

Address: 87 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Contact details: To procure more information about this space, call them at (626) 737-9728 or drop a mail at [email protected].

Membership Plans: The membership plans offered by FoundrSpace coworking space in Pasadena start at $250/month and include various membership options, such as Seat, Desk, Day Passes, and Office – each with access to meeting rooms, shared workspace, and other business services. If you frequently require a place to work, then you should book a Desk and work wherever you like. The membership cost of this option is $400/month. Other than this, you can book a permanent office to work with great benefits at a cost of $800/month.


3. CTRL Collective Coworking Space Pasadena:


CTRL Collective Coworking Space Pasadena is a shared workspace that fosters development through collaboration. Further, the place is creatively styled to suit your tastes and requirements. Also, the modern interiors of the center will infuse you with energy and boost your creative power. The workstation is just ten miles from downtown Los Angeles. There is an abundance of entertainment venues in the area that, include galleries, museums, restaurants, and outdoor cafes. So, you can get all you want just outside your doorstep! If you want to escalate your business growth, then make sure you get yourself admitted to this amazing coworking space.

Address: 45 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105, USA

Contact details: To know more about the place, mail them at [email protected] or give them a call at +1 310-301-0003.

Membership Plans: CTRL Collective Pasadena offers workspaces in the form of coworking desks and private offices. The private offices are well-contained and provide all the basic facilities. Further, the cost of these private spaces depends upon the number of people on your team. You can hire an office for 2 people at a cost of $1250, for 4 people at $1750, and for 7 people at $3000. On the other hand, you can work in a collaborative environment at the costs of $349 (Full-time), $199 (Part-time), and $449 (private desks). These work areas come with all the facilities offered by the workstation.


4. Livery Studio

Coworking space Pasadena-Livery Studio

Housed in a top-notch locale in the lively Old Pasadena, Livery Studio is an independently developed and operated coworking space. Committed to prioritizing the well-being of its members at the workplace, this coworking space boasts height-adjustable desks, a mother’s room/wellness room, and ergonomic task chairs. Livery Studio Pasadena exudes fully-furnished office space, well-appointed conference/meeting rooms, an all-purpose event space, and collaborative shared workstations. Other amenities include high-speed internet, a locker facility, complimentary snacks/coffee, soundproof phone booths, mail & package handling service, etc.

Address: 155 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105, United States

Contact details: Contact them at (626) 514-1551 in case you have any queries in mind. 

Membership Plans: A day pass at Livery Studio is priced at $25, while a dedicated desk is available for $450/month. At an affordable price of $275/month, you can avail of their coworking membership, allowing you to pick your spot in their open shared workspace.


5. Regus Coworking Space Pasadena


Regus coworking space Pasadena is a leading workspace provider across the globe. They provide great services that help a business operation to operate from any place in the world. Not to mention the unparalleled network they have built over the years. Even if you have just started with your venture and are unsure about the next step, they will help you tackle every hardship. This workspace in the city of Pasadena houses great workspaces that are designed to foster productivity.


  • 117 E Colorado Blvd #600, Pasadena, CA 91105, United States
  • 155 N. Lake Avenue, Suite 800, Pasadena, California, 91101

Contact details: Got a query? Call them at (855) 400-3575 and get all the information regarding this place.

Membership Plans: Regus Pasadena coworking space offers office spaces, coworking desks, and virtual office plans. The private offices have a modern set-up and are equipped with all the facilities. Further, they can be availed at a cost ranging from $16-$22. Whereas you can opt for a coworking desk at a cost of $14. Also, they have virtual office plans that include services like mail and call handling and are available at a cost ranging from $4-$13.


6. Premier Workspaces

Coworking space Pasadena-Premier Workspaces

Brimming with business prospects and endless networking possibilities, Premier Workspaces exhibits an energetic and inspiring culture that fuels your entrepreneurial journey. Occupying a splendid spot at the famous Koll Center in the dynamic city of Pasadena, this coworking space ensures majestic views of the stunning Pasadena Mountains. The strategic location of this coworking space offers benefits such as access to the finest restaurants and cafes, easy connectivity to significant commuting options, and a parking facility. A hub of amenities, Premier Workspaces Pasadena offers 24/7 access, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, virtual offices, a mail collection facility, a fully-stocked kitchen, on-site support service, and much more.

Address: 1055 E Colorado Blvd 5th floor, Pasadena, CA 91106, United States

Contact details: Got a query in mind? No worries, contact them at (626) 240-4600.

Membership Plans: To access their workspace for a day, purchase a Day Office Pass starting at $35/hr. This coworking space offers two membership options- a business membership at $149/month and a Professional membership at $299/month. Premier Workspaces provides a choice between two private office spaces: Interior Offices and Window Offices, starting from $500/month and $750/month, respectively.


7. Barrister Executive Suites


Barrister Executive Suites is a professional Pasadena coworking space that provides workplace solutions. They offer various services to business practitioners, startups, and entrepreneurs in terms of work areas and additional amenities. Further, this workspace provides amazing workspaces in addition to efficient customer service. You will be working amongst some of the great professionals who might help you in your endeavors. So, don’t miss out on this great opportunity and work your way to success!

Address: 225 South Lake Ave., 3rd Floor, Pasadena, CA 91101

Contact details: For more information, you can mail them at [email protected] or call them at (800) 576-0744.

Membership Plans: Barrister Executive Suites Pasadena has an option of full-time offices that are fitted with all the necessary facilities. They can also be customized based on what you require or prefer. Apart from this, this coworking space in Pasadena offers virtual office services where you can get all the benefits of the office address without being physically present there. Additionally, you can hire meeting rooms by the hour or day. To know the price of the above-mentioned options, get in touch with their team.


8. Industrious Pasadena

Coworking space Pasadena-Industrious

Are you tired of working alone at home or in a crowded and noisy coffee shop? If yes, grab the opportunity to work in a dedicated communal space at Industrious Coworking Space Pasadena that perfectly houses diligent and energetic individuals. With its prime location in the iconic Pasarroyo complex, this coworking space is a haven for professionals looking for flexible, fully-serviced office space. The beautiful ambiance of Industrious is composed of stunning full-length windows, abundant facilities, comfortable furniture, and aesthetic decor. High-end amenities offered by this coworking place include private phone booths, a spacious work lounge, 24/7 access, community events, color printing, wellness rooms, fast Wi-Fi, daily snacks and breakfast, weekly happy hours, and whatnot. So, if you want to take your venture to another level, this is the perfect place to be.

Address: 251 S Lake Ave Suite 800, Pasadena, CA 91101, United States

Contact details: Feel free to reach out with any inquiries about their spaces or pricing by calling (626) 225-0200.

Membership Plans: A private office space with all the amenities at Industrious is priced at $900/month, while you can access their shared spaces at $299/month. On-demand, well-appointed meeting space can be rented at an hourly rate of $75.



We hope that after reading this, you might have gotten a clearer view of the coworking space in Pasadena mentioned above. If you are looking for a flexible working environment where you can exercise your own rules, then delay no further and apply for a shared workspace. Additionally, these spaces are a cost-effective alternative to traditional offices, which charge an exorbitant price for limited services. On the other, at a coworking space, you will get all the additional facilities under a single membership plan. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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