Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Orange County CA with Perks & Prices (2023)

Congrats! Because this article culminates your search for the best coworking spaces Orange County. Orange County is known for its picturesque beach towns, tidal pools, and ocean fronts. Apart from being a tourist attraction due to the presence of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm amusement parks. But it is also home to many brands associated with technology, finance, and the like. And also for a band of startups, as a result of increasing the talent pool of this Californian county.

One man army or a bigger team, every entrepreneur is looking for the top coworking spaces Orange County. And choosing the best space is definitely important. Studies have shown that our workspaces affect our productivity. And also that the home offices though high on comfort come with many distractions. So the wisest action to take is to be a part of a great coworking space. And you must pick one that not only provides you with workstation(s) but also in a flexible way. In addition to great amenities, locations, and surroundings. We have already shortlisted the finest spaces in the county, to make decision-making easier for you.

Coworking Space Orange County

Here’s a little list of the coworking spaces Orange County.


WeWork Coworking Spaces Orange County


WeWork tops our list of coworking spaces Orange County. In fact, all WeWork Orange County locations reside in premium corporate buildings. Thus giving members a top-notch business experience and opportunities. Plus, be it WeWork Irvine or WeWork Costa Mesa spaces, all have intricate interiors. While one offers an excellent view of palm trees, another has sculptured gardens as eye candy. And all have access to sufficient sunlight.

Perks: The perks of WeWork coworking spaces include an endless supply of coffee and fast internet. In addition to mail handling, booths for private phone conversations, office supplies etc. Also, you will get access to the global WeWork community that can catalyze your brand to new heights.

Prices: Coworking hot desks are accessible here at the starting price of $400 plus, per month. The minimum price for a dedicated desk is $550 per month. While the private office price starts from around $750 per month.

Locations: WeWork has five office locations in Orange County.

  • The Boardwalk, 18575 Jamboree Road Irvine CA 92612 – Opening Soon!
  • 200 WeWork Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 300 Irvine CA 92618
  • 400 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine CA 92618 – Opening Soon!
  • Park Tower 695 Town Center Drive Costa Mesa 92626 – Just announced!
  • 3200 Park Center Drive Costa Mesa 92626

Contact: The best way to contact WeWork is through their toll-free number, 1800 123 365 365.



Crashlabs Costa Mesa

crash-labs-costa-mesaCrash Labs is a vibrant coworking space huddled up in Orange County’s city of Costa Mesa. If you are working at home, or in search of suitable space, crash into the Crash Labs coworking space. Why? From chairs to walls, this is a great space to treat your eyes with a riot of colors. The interiors keep you upbeat and it will surely be a challenge to get tired here. Plus, you will get access to a community comprising of professionals from various backgrounds.

Perks: At this Costa Mesa coworking space you will find both shared workspaces and event spaces. Besides, there is a spacious courtyard where you can sit under the open sky. Their kitchen is always full of snacks and beverages that you can have for no extra expenses. Additionally, you can also avail their mail handling services and access to free parking spots.

Prices: They have the simplest of all memberships in Orange County coworking spaces. As you can access their coworking space for a monthly payment of $375. While to avail the mailbox facility, the charge is an additional $40 per month.

Location: Crash Labs resides in PlazaSereno at 234 E. 17th Street, #117, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Contact: To communicate with Crash Lab, leave your message at [email protected]



PeopleSpace Irvine


Looking for a space that is welcoming and supportive? Irvine’s PeopleSpace is your perfect coworking space to be in. It is a not for profit space where the staff is always enthusiastic for the success of each member/ team. And although in Irvine, the renovated warehouse interiors have the vibe of San Francisco. There are lousy couches to desk and chairs, and even bar chairs and high desks. So you will have plenty of options to move around and sit in while working. And the community here is a healthy dose, especially for tech entrepreneurs and startups. You will love this place.

Perks: PeopleSpace is accessible round the clock for monthly members. The freebies have fast wifi, tea, coffee, and water, besides access to conference rooms as inclusive. While you also get to access their mail handling service within the dedicated desk membership.

Prices: The lowest package to access a coworking hot desk here is $20 for a day pass. While monthly memberships include $175 for a hot desk and $275 for a fixed seat. Office spaces available here have the capacity for four to twelve members. But for their prices, you shall have to contact them.

Location: To be at this friendly place, visit 1691 Kettering Street in Irvine, California.

Contact: Ring at 949 381 1570 and get answers to all your queries regarding PeopleSpace, Irvine. Or leave your message at [email protected]



Regus Coworking Spaces Orange County 


In California’s Orange County, you will find multiple Regus centers in almost every major city. Spread across all the directions in the county, all Regus centers stand equally high on amenities and class. Further, they all reside in premium corporate towers and among magnificent surroundings. Moreover, they offer coworking, and private office spaces, in addition to high-end business lounges, meeting rooms and virtual office services. Making it a worthy contender among the most impressive coworking spaces Orange County.

Perks: The perks of working from a Regus center are aplenty. Firstly, they have multiple beautiful interior decors that encourage productivity. Secondly, you will find onsite bars and excellent coffee at all of its spots. Thirdly, the locations are close to gyms, bars, parking spaces, etc. So inside out comfort is what you will experience as a Regus member.

Prices: Coming to costs, monthly coworking charges are around $299. While you can access their lounges for $99 per month. And if you are looking for private office space, you will have to shell out around $539 per month.

Location: Regus has more locations in Orange County than you can count on your fingers. Irvine, Costa Mesa, Ladera Hills, La Palma, Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, etc. You will find at least a couple of locations in most Orange County cities. While Irvine Spectrum Centers and the Quad are the most popular of all the addresses of Regus Orange County locations. However to find a Regus coworking space near you, visit their website.

Contact: For more info on Regus Orange County, call 1855 400 3575.


Eureka Hub Irvine


Bored of working from home isolation or don’t yet have a space to start from? Be a part of one of the most inspiring coworking spaces Orange County, at Eureka Hub. The interior decor here is top notch and incites innovation and creativity. And so does its collaborative community. Plus, the solutions they offer are flexible and in a range of packages. Wherein, they offer common coworking and dedicated desks, office pods and spaces and even conference rooms.

Perks: This perk-full space provides excellent wifi, private phone booths, kitchen, and lounge access. While their conference rooms have enterprise-grade tech equipment. In addition, their events are not worth missing as they hold opportunities to connect with the brightest. And the best part, you can bring in your pets too!

Prices: Get a day pass for $25 and access this Orange County coworking space. While for round the clock access, there are monthly memberships of $299 for hot desks. And for dedicated desks, it is $499 per month. While for virtual office memberships, the price is $99 per month.

Location: 1621 Alton Pkwy, is the spot to be at the Eureka Building in Irvine.

Contact: You may contact them through a phone call at 949 220 6500. Or send an email to

[email protected]



Carr Workplaces Irvine | Laguna Niguel


Coworking, office space or virtual office services, Carr Workplaces is a great provider of these facilities in the county. Operating from two locations in Orange County, Irvine and Laguna Niguel, they are flexible on terms and have all-inclusive pricing. The Laguna Niguel location combines beach fun vibe with work productivity. The Irvine Spectrum Center, on the other hand, is a premium business tower. And with multiple awesome facilities it offers, it’s a great Orange County coworking space.

Perks: The onsite cafe is on point, with gratifying coffee and snacks. Plus they have fine workspaces with wide windows and pleasant views. An on-site support team will also be at your anvil.

Prices: Price for coworking begins from a $25 fee for a day pass. While they also have a unique 3 hour per day cafe plan which starts from $35 monthly fee. Other monthly plans with round the clock access include $299 and $440 for hot and dedicated desks, respectively. The minimum office price starts from $35 per hour. Their virtual office services start from $80 per month. Also, the meeting room is available from $50 per hour onwards.

Locations: The Carr Workplaces Orange County addresses are,

  • 28202 Cabot Road, Suite 300, Laguna Niguel
  • 100 Spectrum Center Drive, 9th Floor, Irvine

Contact: To contact the Laguna Niguel location of Carr Workplaces, call at 949 365 5600. While for the Irvine’s Spectrum Center location, dial 949 936 2600.


Industrious Irvine


Another great coworking space Orange County, Industrious Irvine spills off great energy. Plus its spaces are high on elegance and flexibility. While the staff’s hospitality is unbeatable. They have a community space with open plan hot seats. And you will find desks and chairs, couches and bar chairs within this space. In addition to private office suites. The wide windows fill it with sunlight while the plants add greenery and freshness.

Perks: Coming to the perks part, they have private booths for phone calls, apart from conference and wellness rooms. The events here are business class, to the likes of wine tasting, wellness sessions, happy hours, etc. Also, their branded snacks, coffee, and bakery might leave you licking your finger.

Prices: They have simple pricing plans. The community coworking area is open to access starting from a monthly fare of $459. While they have a range of private office spaces, with prices starting from $887 per month.

Location: Industrious has one coworking space in Orange County at 3333 Michelson Drive, Suite 300, Irvine, California.

Contact: To reach out to Industrious Irvine, dial the number 949 936 2535. Alternatively, you may send an email to [email protected]


Spaces Irvine | Costa Mesa


A space that excites, motivates and enhances work output, is like a dream come true for any business owner. And at Spaces Orange County, you get just that. Besides, when you have like-minded crazy souls sitting next to you every day at work, work becomes leisure. Without compromising on business goals and growth trajectory. Moreover, standing true to its name, they can offer spaces to you of all shapes and sizes.

Perks: The perks, yea they offer plenty of them and of fine class. From designer furniture to high-speed internet connectivity, spaces to work, meet people or just brainstorming, you will get it all here. And on very flexible terms and conditions. It surely merits to be an awesome coworking space Orange County.

Prices: You can join the club i.e. the coworking space at the starting price of $269 per month. Whereas, $389 per month is the starting price if you go for a dedicated desk. In addition, is a private office is possible with a monthly price that begins from $569.

Locations: Spaces operates from three locations in Orange County’s two cities of Irvine and Costa Mesa.

  • Spaces Intersect at 17875 Von Karman Ave, Suite 150 & 250, Irvine
  • Spaces The Quad at 530 Technology Drive, Suite 100 & 200, Irvine – Coming Soon!
  • Spaces The Met at 555 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa

Contact: To contact the Intersect location call at 949 880 0200 or send an email to [email protected] For the Quad location, dial 949 232 6366, while their email id is [email protected] Whereas to get in touch with the Met spaces, the details are, 949 877 3100 and [email protected]



Servcorp Coworking Spaces Orange County


For ultimate workspace solutions, the best Orange County coworking space for you is Servcorp. Servcorp is a big name in the realm of coworking. You will find here high-grade coworking spaces, with multiple access options. In addition to private office spaces that can save you bucks in comparison to an office on a private lease. And if you are looking for a virtual office in Irvine, Servcorp can provide you with the best corporate address.

Perks: Be ready to be pampered with a range of perks at the Servcorp campus. Their superior range of meeting rooms is unbeatable. While membership at one location comes with accessibility to all global locations of Servcorp. They also offer mail handling, dedicated receptionist service etc.

Prices: As to the prices part, monthly payment of $300 is the price to access a hot desk. While dedicated desks are available from around $450 per month. You may hire an office space on the other hand for $1320 per month. In addition, a simple membership can also be availed for $50 per month which will give you access to the Servcorp community.

Locations: Servcorp has only one location in Orange County, in Irvine. Which is at 18100 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 850, Irvine.

Contact: To contact Servcorp Irvine, call at 949 537 2712.


TechSpace – Aliso Viejo | Costa Mesa


Looking for creative office space in Orange County? Tech startup or not, this space can be a great work address. And their range of amenities is set on the right pattern to assist growing businesses. It has two locations in Orange County and both have good access to natural light. The seatings are spacious, clean and chic. And are also close to many bars, restaurants, besides gyms and fitness centers.

Perks: Techspace is round the clock accessible and has onsite support staff. Their kitchen space is always full and spoils members with an endless supply of tea and coffee. Also, tired souls can access the game room where a play partner or opponent is not difficult to find. The outdoor patio seats are also great for working or relaxing. And for additional snacks, grab one from the vending machine on site.

Prices: The virtual office services are available for a fee of $50 per month. And coworking desks for $250 per month. Though they have a range of private office spaces. With the minimum package being $550 per month for a single member office.

Locations: Techspace operates from two cities of the county, Aliso Viejo and Costa Mesa. Their addresses are,

  • 6th Floor of 3420 Bristol St Costa Mesa CA 92626
  • 65 Enterprise, 3rd Floor, Aliso Viejo

Contact: To contact Techspace Costa Mesa dial the number 949 284 7673. And to get in touch with Techspace Aliso Viejo call at 949 284 7670.



To do the best of your abilities you need a space that serves your needs best. Coworking with its open office concept brings together individuals from different fields under the same roof and on adjacent seats. Along with multiple conveniences to run a new business. Now after going through the top 10 best coworking spaces in Orange County, we hope you have found your match. Good luck!

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