7 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Tempe, AZ

Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, and sit at that old work table next to a boring wall. You deserve something more exciting, and, fortunately, that’s possible by joining a coworking space in Tempe.

Home to Arizona State University, this vibrant college town offers plenty of coworking spaces fit for any freelancer or professional. From airy open offices with clean industrial vibes to boutique-style workrooms with modern decor, Tempe boasts a variety of options. But to stay inspired and focused, you’ll need to find a comfortable coworking space that checks your requirements. So, read on to discover some of the best coworking spaces in Tempe, Arizona.


Coworking Spaces in Tempe, AZ

Tempe has ample shared spaces that offer a wide range of membership options. Some of them even let you design your office space for increased productivity. Though you’ll find many fancy options, the best one must match your expectations. So check out some of the best Tempe coworking spaces.

1. WeWork Tempe

The Watermark, WeWork

Nestled inside the North Scottsdale Road building, WeWork Tempe is a hub for people hustling to become the next big thing. Its space has a fantastic view of the city’s skyline and a refreshing vibe. There’s also an open seating plan for the common area with ergonomic chairs and cushiony sofas. Besides, a fully stocked kitchen with microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and an expert team awaits you at WeWork Tempe.

In terms of amenities, you’ll get all the WeWork standards — spacious meeting rooms, tech service, on-site staff, tech support, etc. You may also access premium printers with unlimited office supplies and paper shredder for daily business. However, some not-so-standard facilities include bicycle storage, a lockable mother’s room, a recreational games area, and EV charging stations. You may even bring your pooch as your workmate at the WeWork Tempe coworking space. Yes, the space is pet friendly!

Pricing: WeWork offers different plans to meet the needs of every type of user. At The Watermark, you’ll get Private offices, Full-Floor offices, and Coworking Space options. However, you must contact their sales team via their website or phone to know the prices. Also, WeWork offers pay-as-you-go functionality where you can access hot desks at $29/day and meeting rooms at $10/seat/hr.

Location: 410 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 1000, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

Website: https://www.wework.com/en-GB/buildings/the-watermark–phoenix

Phone: (602) 491-9588


2. MAC6 Coworking Space Tempe

MAC6 Coworking Space Tempe

MAC6 is a spacious workplace with modern design and decor, including ergonomic furniture and comfortable lighting. Their Tempe coworking space is home to several prominent startups and, thus, has a great community. Since they host weekly lunches and inspiring events, you’ll get enough opportunities to make connections. 

You’ll find a kit-and-caboodle of amenities and facilities here. Their lease cancellation policy (applicable under some circumstances) is a unique offering that can be added to your contract. Additionally, you get a 24×7 accessible on-site gym with trainers onboard. Though they don’t have a dedicated kitchen, you’ll get Cartel cold brew coffee and FloWater to freshen yourself. They also offer on-site tech support, a VOIP phone, ultra-fast speed internet, a copier, and a scanner. 

Pricing: At the Mac6 Tempe coworking space, you may avail of a virtual office subscription for $59 per month. For flex desk, dedicated desk, and private office, you’ll need to shell out $129, $375, and $599 per month, respectively. Office suites are also available for $1999 per month. Co-manufacturing services are also available but on request.

Location: 1430 W Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States

Website: https://mac6.com/workspaces-tempe-az/coworking-tempe-az/ 

Phone: (480) 582-2200


3. Perimeter83 Tempe

Perimeter83 Tempe

Perimeter83 coworking space in Tempe is the mecca of technology lovers in the city. Since most of its members are techies, there’s ample scope to learn and flourish in this department. Additionally, this space has a collaborative interior design blending yore and modern art that inspires work and collaborations.

Let’s slide into the amenities section! Perimeter83 offers a few things different from other spaces – dedicated Apple workstations, 3D printers, and laser cutters. It’s also a dream workplace for people working in the prototyping industry. Other amenities include 24×7 access, on-site overnight suites, restaurants with late-night food, and notary service. Professional board rooms, on-site parking, bike storage, phone booths, and Starbucks coffee are additional perks.

Pricing: This Tempe coworking space offers three membership options. The Dedicated Weekly plan is available for $99, Dedicated Monthly stands at $299, and Weekend Jam costs $399. Each membership plan offers different facilities; therefore, it’s best to contact them before making a booking.

Location: 2625 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283, United States

Website: https://perimeter83.com/ 

Phone: (800)-658-5744


4. Industrious Tempe Coworking Space

Industrious Tempe Coworking Space

Industrious is a global coworking brand with hundreds of locations worldwide. Nonetheless, its Tempe coworking space is located on historic Mill Avenue. The space is beautifully decorated, with floor-to-ceiling windows, ergonomic furniture, and indoor green plants. Since they believe in sustainability, you’ll notice a touch of greenery in most corners.

Their best-in-class amenities include wellness rooms, private conference rooms, unlimited office supplies, and secure Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can avail of various services like mail & packaging, daily breakfast & craft coffee, community events, and regular cleaning & sanitization. There are many restaurants near this Industrious coworking space in Tempe, so you’ll have plenty of dining options.

Pricing: You may book Offices for $806 per month at Industrious. Further, there are three membership options — Virtual, Access, and Meeting. The pricing of these three memberships is available on request.

Location: 222 S Mill Ave Suite 800, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com/l/phoenix/tempe/

Phone: (480) 361-005


5. Regus Tempe Coworking Space

Regus Tempe Coworking Space

Regus is well known for making its members experience luxury and technology simultaneously. It’s a global brand with one of the best membership option and plenty of collaborative opportunities. Additionally, they organize networking and social events to allow their members to grow professionally and personally. In Tempe, Regus offices are available at two locations. 

The Regus coworking space in Tempe offers several basic and premium amenities along with a driven atmosphere. For example, they provide on-site gym and fitness rooms to encourage a healthy work-life balance. There are several A-grade restaurants and coffee bars to satisfy your cravings. If you want something ready-made to eat, you can always utilize the vending machines. Moreover, secure underground parking is another great feature and the entire building is disabled-friendly.

Pricing: You may use the virtual office service for $109 monthly. For office space and coworking, you must pay $345 and $329 per person per month. Also, book their meeting room for $39/h for the quick presentations.


  • 60 E Rio Salado Pkwy Suite 900, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States
  • 64 E Broadway Rd Suite 200, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/arizona/tempe

Phone: (480) 366-5800


6. AZOffices Mill Ave Plaza Tempe

AZOffices Mill Ave Plaza Tempe

AZOffices in Tempe has pleasing interiors with a subtle beige-brown palette of colors. The large green area, window-faced seating, large washrooms, and the pleasant-looking coworking area – is all one could ask for. The appropriately sanitized washrooms and big mirrors mean good mirror selfies daily. Additionally, this Tempe coworking space supports small businesses by guiding the market through regular events and classes.

Without a doubt, it doesn’t fall short in terms of amenities. All the basics, like fast Wi-Fi, ergonomic furniture, and meeting rooms with screens, are present. Besides, you also get a receptionist to welcome your guests. Furthermore, its proximity to the city’s Downtown is a boon for people who love exploring markets during breaks or after work.

Pricing: AZOffices in Tempe offer executive offices, coworking, virtual offices, and meeting rooms to all clients. However, the pricing of these memberships is only available upon request.

Location: 4700 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States

Website: https://www.azoffices.com/ 

Phone: (480) 750-0077


7. Tempe Executive Suites

Tempe Executive Suites

Tempe Executive Suites is designed for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business world. The best part is the community of like-minded people working towards similar goals as yours. The coworking space has an open seating design where members can mingle and chat. Additionally, the private suites are there for people who want to maintain their work privacy.

The amenities you’ll get at this coworking space in Tempe are more than enough to satisfy most of your needs. An open kitchen, outdoor break areas, common areas, event spaces, and meeting rooms are great perks to have. You’ll also gain 24/7 assistance from the tech staff regarding your business’s security. Nearby cafes and restaurants are top-rated, so, no need to worry about cooking your lunch if you don’t want to. Moreover, you can opt for private offices with desktops or laptops if you want to avoid carrying your gear daily.

Pricing: The private office costs $798 monthly; meeting rooms and event spaces can be booked for $50 and $100/hr.

Location: 2050 S Cottonwood Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States

Website: https://www.tempeexecutivesuites.com/ 

Phone: (480) 448-9108


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Working from a cafe or from home is not in fashion anymore and hampers your growth. Therefore, it’s high time to shift to a coworking space in Tempe to get going and achieve your work goals. The list of spaces above offers different facilities for different professionals. So, list your needs and tally them with the offerings of these options and pick the one that suits you or your business best.

Tempe coworking spaces are becoming popular if you wish to work in a comfortable, flexible, and productive environment. This may be just what you need to take your business or career to the next level. You can exchange ideas with driven professionals, access quality amenities, and benefit from productivity tools in these spaces. The region has developed into a mine of opportunities thanks to such coworking spaces. So what are you waiting for? 

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