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FLDWRK Costa Mesa is another fantastic space located in the heart of Orange County. It provides coworking spaces for freelancers, individuals or groups who need a productivity inducing environment to get work done. In addition to this, it also organizes classes and workshops to helps organizations and businesses to attain the heights they deserve.

Pronounced as fieldwork, FLDWRK Costa Mesa is a highly ergonomic space, well furnished with top-notch amenities to get you going. More importantly,  you can be a part of their online community where you get to share ideas and rub minds with successful people both in the city and globally. Whether you are a remote worker,  or an entrepreneur, or even a student in need of a quiet place to read, FLDWRK is your spot! Get an inspiring place to work, meet greet people, scale through those challenges and grow your organization. Read further to discover the inside scoop!

Perks of FLDWRK Costa Mesa

  • 24/7 access: members have 24/7 access to this productivity inducing space. however, it depends on their membership plan.
  • Internet service: high speed dedicated is provided to increase your productivity.
  • lounge areas: FLDWRK Costa Mesa provides comfortable lounge areas to strike a profitable conversation or relax. 
  • Mailing service: enjoy receiving those important letters without stress.
  • Kitchenette: a fully stocked onsite kitchenette is available for use. Besides, healthy snacks with coffee and tea are provided to beat those hunger cramps attacks.
  • Free coffee: coffee is free! Beat going to those expensive coffee shops to work any day!
  • Parking: parking here is free. Park your car in this safe environment without any hassle.
  • Events: various networking events and workshops where you can rob minds with intellectuals, network and grow your business.
  • Office utilities: there are printers, copiers, tv and monitor for your convenience.
  • Consultancy service: are you in need of advice to help you with your entrepreneurial journey? FLDWRK Costa Mesa offers different coaching and workshops to help you to enjoy a smooth ride.

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Membership Plans at FLDWRK Costa Mesa

FLDWRK Costa Mesa provides flexible spaces to suit your business needs. From their flexible desk to their private suites.  Also, they offer discounts for access to their private meeting rooms and educative programs to members. They have got all your business needs covered. Here are their membership plans with prices;

Day passes: do you know you can be a part of this amazing community for even an hour? You can avail of this space either for an hour, half-day or full day. Take advantage of this by renting it at any working day and this will give you access to their fantastic facilities and perks. Whether you want to try this space to see if it meet your need or you are a traveler in need of a quiet space to work. This space is for you! Besides, you may rent a desk for just a day if you love changing your scenery regularly or meeting new faces. It is available for $8 per hour. For half-day; $25 and for a full day $40.

Coworking: work independently or collaboratively in a shared office in this inspiring space. This plan is ideal for telecommuters, remote workers, small business owners, or freelancers seeking to work in an inspiring environment. Besides, FLDWRK Costa Mesa offers this space for some hours in a month with full access to its top-notch facilities. Not only do you get to change desks daily but also meet people of like mind creating networking opportunities. This space is offered for $158 for 30 hours in a month. If you want to use this space for 60 hours in a month, the pricing is $242. For the normal opened office hours, it is $375 a month.

Private offices: startups and corporate who can’t afford the normal traditional offices on in need of collaborative environments are not left out. You get access to their amenities, privacy, programs and a chance to network. This fully furnished offices are made available for you and your teams to get work done. Furthermore, the Pricing Starts at $1,550 per month to $3,250 per month it depends on the number of people or teams. Private offices are available for 2 people to 8 people and they are based on availability.

Dedicated desk: for a dedicated desk, it is exactly what they sound like. It allows you to use the same desk every day. Neither do you have to worry about looking for a seat nor do you need to care about being disturbed? If you want more personal space while being a part of the community, Avail this space for $550 in a month. Access to this space is, however, base on its availability.

Meeting rooms: there are also private meeting rooms made available for your confidential client meetings or team meetings. It is fully furnished equipped and the amenities include 80″ TV equipped with Apple TV for presentations, whiteboards and much more. What’s more, FLDWRK COSTA MESA provides both large and small meeting rooms as your needs dictate. For the large meeting rooms, it can contain 8-10 people and is available for $80 per hour.  While their small meeting room contains seats for 4-6 people and it is available for $40 per hour.

Event spaces: they also have a beautiful space for all your events ranging from company hangout to a baby shower. The event space is not only classy but also captivating. You can also decorate it to suit your tastes and styles. For details on this, check the company’s website.

Online community: connect, experience and share ideas with other cultures around you and with the world at large. Engage in thought-provoking conversations and form relations. In addition to this, receive resources and guides that can help you in growing your business. Be a part of this online community for a starting price of $7.99 per month. 

Programs and coaching classes: if you are an individual or groups in need of help or more knowledge of your business. This journey doesn’t have to be lonely! Join this community and avail of their various workshops and coaching. Significantly, they discuss productive topics and help in solving any challenges you are facing in your organization. The prices for this coaching is $247 per month and it definitely worth those bucks! 

Locations and contact

FLDWRK Costa Mesa is located in a chic industrial area in the heart of Orange County. It is between the John Wayne Airport and the growing Sobeca district. Also, it is close to three major freeways: the 405, 55, and 73. Which makes for easy driving and convenience. This community is few blocks away from various restaurants, cafes and grocery stores. Hence, you get various food options and get to do shopping without any hassle. FLDWRK Costa Mesa is located at 270 Baker Street east, Ste 200 in Costa Mesa. for queries, call them on (888) 608-6461.

Website: https://fldwrk.io/


FLDWRK Costa Mesa workspace allows you to be productive in a distracting free environment. Not only the space highly ergonomic but also their amenities with comfy chairs make you feel like you are working from the comfort of your home. You also get to be part of this community for even an hour and their membership plan is very flexible.

The place is clean and a perfect place to connect with people of different professions, share ideas and experiences and be motivated to do and achieve more. It is a community that will not only provide a space to get work done but also organizes awesome classes and workshops that will help in growing your organization. Beat going to those loud bar-like environments for a collaborative environment. This is all you need for your business to flourish. 

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