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Have a brilliant idea, yet looking for inspiration to start off? CTRL Collective Playa Vista could be the ideal host for your dream work!

CTRL Collective has an amazing ambiance that offers oodles of opportunities to work and grow in a better manner. They have a cool, spacious and comfortable decor that won’t distract you from achieving your goals. Right from its grandeur entrance to the soundproof pods and collaborative desks, the ergonomically designed interiors are spot on. The furniture too is sleek, spacious and comfortable, keeping up your energy levels for long. Besides, they have recreational rooms and patio space for you to have an optimal work-life balance. In short, they have just the right mix of vibrancy and simplicity. 

The main objective behind the CTRL Collective Playa Vista is to create inspiring spaces that make work fun and leisure. They’ve built an exceptionally dedicated team and spaces that will allure you to get back to work every other morning. The inclusion of multiple membership types and flexible pricing ensures that you have more choice for your budget. The coworking spaces are also furnished with multiple seating options, from couches to lounge chairs, or upright desk chairs. Besides, you can choose from among hot desks, private office suites, apart from quirky meeting rooms and silence zones.

Perks of Being at CTRL Collective Los Angeles:

An ultimate location, a quiet desk, and ample networking. Is this all you need? CTRL Collective Playa Vista believes not. Therefore, they offer a whole bunch of amenities that will perk you up to achieve more and better, every day. Here’s a brief list.

  • Natural Light: The coworking space features cascading natural light that keeps the eyes unstrained due to artificial lighting. 
  • Soundproof Pods: The soundproof pods are an excellent spot for some super private calls, discussions or when you simply seek some silence. There are two kinds of soundproof pods at CTRL Collective Playa Vista, one for single occupants, and other groups. They have space-saving furniture and glass doors, so you stay aware of the exterior activity.
  • Panel Speeches: this Los Angeles coworking space makes sure to keep its members updated and inspired. For this, they call in industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, and others who share their expert advice, experiences, etc. This is a great way of staying in touch with the latest trends, and deciding with what is apt and what not.
  • Email Services: The Email services entail reception and printing of your mails, if you require, or ask for. This may come in handy if you receive frequent emails and seek assistance with the management and printing part.
  • Conference Rooms: there are multiple alternatives for your important business meetings to set goals for the team. These usually stay in high demand, so you must book in time. 
  • Gourmet Coffee: The favorite perk for coffee lovers like me. Being at CTRL Collective Playa Vista, means a constant supply of free gourmet coffee, regularly. 
  • Super-Fast Internet: All CTRL Collective coworking space members get access to a high-speed fiber internet connection. The Internet is an indispensable part of today’s businesses, and here you’ll never run out of it.
  • Recreation Rooms: All work and no play might make your daily work life is boring. It’s always a good idea to juice up over a match of table tennis with a coworker or friend. Or perhaps, you may bring an interesting book, listen to music, or just chit-chat with other CTRL Collective members.
  • Kitchen: The office space also features a fully featured kitchen space where you can use to prepare some quick meals. It has all the common appliances from toasters to coffee makers and refrigerators. 
  • Free Printing Services: Need prints? No problem, they have got you covered! For free! Yes, they will print all your docs on their laser printers without charging an additional penny. 
  • Networking Events: There are plenty of networking opportunities in the premises. From member events like product launch parties to demonstrations and pitches, you can connect at every possible step.
  • Round The Clock Access: you can have round the clock access to this coworking space. Especially if you need to work after a day job or work in collaboration with a distant team having a different time zone, this will come in handy.
  • Avanti Market: Possibly one of the best perks, there’s an in house market where you can grab some quick snacks or beverages, anytime. Without stepping a foot outside.
  • Dog-Friendly: CTRL Collective Playa Vista is a dog-friendly workspace. So if you have a little pooch, you can bring them along to work. However, you are advised to inform the concerned person well in advance, potentially at the time of your membership. 
  • Bike Storage: the bike storage facility is available right at the entrance. The parking is free for certain time periods like after business hours, and weekends. Otherwise too, they charge a minimum fare for storing your bikes in place.
  • Creation Lab: if you are an artist or director, who needs a studio for work, the Creation Labs will serve your purpose. You may use it for photoshoots, be it for apparels, album covers or of products. Besides, you’ll also get the right basic setup for a video shoot. Just bring in your equipment and you’ll be ready to start.

CTRL Collective

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Membership Plans:

CTRL Collective Los Angeles offers some uber-cool ways to be a member of their coworking team. From ad hoc access to full-time memberships, there are multiple plans that you can fit in your work and budget needs. Their flexibility may leave you wowed to the core of your heart. Have a look at these. 

Part-Time Memberships

For 24/7 access for 10 days per month, a $199 member fee is a fair start. Especially if you are looking for a part-time coworking space, along with your regular job, this membership will suit you. Also, it is much better than sipping on endless coffee to be able to grab a table at local restaurants. 

Besides, you will be able to access all the basic amenities while you are on site. And the good news is that you’ll also get the chance to meet creative minds, like you. This could be through direct interactions or participation in member events organized by CTRL Collective Playa Vista.

Full-Time Memberships

If you wish to be a full-time entrepreneur, you’ll need 24/7 access to the coworking area. For an open plan hot desk area membership, you will have to shell out $350 per month. But with this membership, you’ll not only get access to the Playa Vista location but also, to CTRL Collective’s Denver Lodo, Manhattan Beach and Pasadena coworking spaces.

Hot desking means that you can occupy a vacant desk in the open plan area. You might not get the same seat every day, the opportunity to interact with a new fellow coworker is certain. You can use this membership even if you need to work with one or more teammates. 

Dedicated Desks

If finding a new desk every other day is not your thing, you can a permanent desk, all for yourself. A dedicated desk will also be placed in an open plan, however, your seat will be reserved only for you. In fact, even if you take a day off, your seat will stay vacant. Moreover, if you use extra equipment, like multiple monitors, keyboards, etc, you can leave them behind in lockable storage.

The price of having a personalized dedicated desk at CTRL Collective Playa Vista is $599 per month. This is an excellent workspace opportunity for solopreneurs and freelancers, to work with the peace and services of an office. If you have a team of two or three, you may also choose to reserve consecutive desks for better coordination. Moreover, they even have special collaborative desks for teams.

Private Office Suite

However, if you seek a little more privacy at work, get a private office suite starting at $1,450 per month. The smallest office size is for two, up to a team of fifty. Other benefits of a CTRL Collective Playa Vista office is key card access to your office, along with the personalized setup. Thus, you can leave behind your equipment, without the hassle of carrying it back or setting it up every day.

Location and Contact:

CTRL Collective Playa Vista is located at 12575 Beatrice Street, in Playa Vista. The building is spread on a sprawling two-acre land and occupies 26,000 square feet space. In addition to this, there’s a large covered outdoor space apart from a huge garage converted into an art studio cum green room. Moreover, the building resides in prominent neighborhoods, with Yahoo, Google, Facebook, ICANN, IMAX, and Belkin as next-door neighbors. You’ll also find a number of ad agencies and Tom’s on the same street. 

As to connectivity, the location has a good transit score. Highway 1, Highway 90 and I-140 are also conveniently close. Playa Vista itself is the artery of the Los Angeles startup hub. 

Drop an email to [email protected], to get in touch with them. 

Website: https://www.ctrlcollective.com


For a workspace that’s fun and run by people that are super friendly, it is like an icing on the cake. CTRL Collective Playa Vista will probably check all the boxes of what a perfect coworking space must be like. Besides, they are well aware of the nuances of running a business and ensure that everything stays in place to keep your focus on the bigger things.

So if you are residing in part of Los Angeles county, you better try out this amazing place. If you are working from home, you must grab this excellent opportunity to network and expand your business to new heights. Besides, who knows, you may find your business partner, or promoter sitting next to you at CTRL Collective Playa Vista. Visit today!

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