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The Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto is an uncommon yet exciting coworking space. It is a coworking gift to the Nordic startups from the Nordic nations. Moreover, it also acts as a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Nordic businesses. Plus, they don’t just offer workspaces, but also all the facilities and mentoring programs to scale to new heights. And with this right in the heart of Silicon Valley location, the aim is to build a global innovation center. It is, in fact, a platform for the Nordic countries to explore the talent residing in the Silicon Valley.

With spaces like Nordic Innovation House, the Nordic businesses get access to the strong local community of entrepreneurs and professionals. The Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto is an initiative of Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Council of Ministers. And the Nordic countries themselves are known for their smart tech and business acumen. Their memberships too are restricted for companies from the five Nordic nations. Namely, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Thus if you have a tech company and willing to explore the US market scene, be a member. To know more about their space, keep reading.

Perks of Nordic Innovation House:

  • Meeting Rooms: They have beautiful meeting rooms that have elegant decor. They have all the tech equipment for various business processes.
  • Events: The events organized by the Nordic Innovation House are not worth skipping. As these consist of business insights, workshops, expert opinions, etc. These events also act as great networking opportunities.
  • Community: The Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto has an amazing community. The community facilitates the linking of creative minds of both Nordic as well as local Silicon Valley talents.
  • Network: When coming all the way from northern Europe, you will need a network to connect with the local market. Well, the Nordic Innovation House takes the onus on themselves to make you reach out to the best of networks. And gradually, you shall run your business along with the right people and the right strategies.
  • Bike Storage: If you prefer rising the bike to work, parking shall not be a problem This is because you can access the bike racks right in front of the main door.

The Programs at Nordic Innovation House

They also have a range of programs that they run to facilitate the growth and expansion of Nordic startups. Their three major programs are,

  • TINC Accelerator Program: TINC is an accelerator program for you is you are a Nordic startup. With a duration of around four weeks, this program will help you study, analyze and strategize your business model. And also that your plans are market viable or not.
  • REACH Incubator Program: For Nordic based startups involved in tech research and with plans to make a dent in the world. This program entails mentoring, identification of best strategies and potential clients etc.
  • HealthTech Program: This program is specially designed for the Nordic startups that work in the domain of tech and health.

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Membership Plans:

Nordic Innovation House offers hot, dedicated and virtual office memberships. While for bigger businesses based in any of the five Nordic nations, a cumulative membership is also available. Also, except for Community Partners, all members get the perk of using the event space for free. Which, otherwise comes for the price of $1,500.


With a simple membership at  Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto, you can access their coworking spaces on daily basis. The hot desks are available at a price of $650 per month. And the dedicated desks for around $750 per month. This plan will also get you access to the conference rooms for free. While you can also use the address of 470 Ramona St as your own business address.

Virtual Office Membership

You may go for the virtual office membership for the price of $125 per month. If you are a Nordic business, you will get access to the office space. You can also access their conference rooms and mail handling services. In addition, you’ll be free to use their Palo Alto address from your business website to the entire marketing collateral. Please note that the billing of this plan is done on yearly basis.

Corporate Members

For more regular access to the Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto, be a corporate member. The bill for this membership is available for a yearly price of $13,500. As in the case of previous plans, you will also get address use and mail handling services as inclusive. In addition to access to their awesome conference rooms at no extra cost.

Community Partners

Have an educational institution, incubator or an organization wherein you train young minds from the Nordic nations? Get this membership to give your entire community access to this silicon valley space. At the Nordic Innovation House, you can also avail additional enterprise services. Besides your members can also use the conference rooms and other workspaces. The price for this plan starts from $300 per year.

Location and Contact:

Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto

The Nordic Innovation House resides in Palo Alto’s Downtown North at 470 Ramona Street. Their spaces get plenty of sunshine and many green plants. From the usual coworking desks and chairs, you will also find high stools and bar chairs. Moreover, this location is a hub for countless bars and restaurants. And if you prefer a walk in a lush green lawn, El Camino Park is at less than ten minutes walking distance. MacArthur Park, on the other hand, is only 5 minutes on foot.

You may contact their Palo Alto center by sending an email to the community manager at [email protected]. Or you may call at +1 650 325 5500.


Reviews for Palo Alto = 4.9 out of 5

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So if you too are a Nordic startup, Nordic Innovation House Palo Alto shall be your home away from home. And if you are a corporate from the Nordic nations, this house can be your perfect expansion base. Plus their Palo Alto space is full of inspiration, energy, and opportunities. You will also get the chance to connect with exciting people here. Thus it is an impeccably win-win option for you.

If you are Nordic, with a smart idea, startup or business, fly to the states to reach your global dreams. And Nordic Innovation House is here for your support. Schedule a visit soon!

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