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Have an amazing startup idea? Pool up those socks and head straight to the BootUP Ventures in Menlo Park. This amazing space is set at a walking distance from the downtown Palo Alto in the San Franciso Bay area. And the community here is one of the most diverse in the Silicon Valley. You will get hot and dedicated desks, standing desks, couches, meeting and event spaces all at one place. Along with access to top-notch mentors, supporters and business service providers. So this is one spot solution to all your startup woes.

BootUP Ventures has seven locations across three nations, namely the US, India, and Singapore. At the Menlo Park location, its facilities are spread over a sprawling 23,000 square feet space. And they are not just space providers as their main focus is to build a great collaborative community. For this apart from coworking, they are also an incubator and accelerator. Additionally, they make sure to connect members with the best possible mentors and investors.

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Perks of BootUP Ventures:

  • Conference Rooms: They have excellent conference and meeting rooms with furniture and tech gear, all in place. Be ready to impress your clients and to have a great group experience in these spaces.
  • Fast Internet: The coworking spaces, as well as other meeting and event spaces, have access to high-speed internet and wifi.
  • Beams: This is a free virtual conference service for the startups working from under BootUp Ventures roof. So these telepresence units allow them global connections.
  • Standing Desks: They have standing desks too. And if you don’t know why they are a good perk, it is for their health benefit reason. So you will have the option to alternate between the sitting and standing seats while in the coworking space.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is a fully stocked space. It will provide you with snacks, and many appliances like the microwave, fridge, toasters, etc.
  • Complimentary Beverages: The complimentary beverages mean an unlimited supply of tea and coffee through your stay at the BootUP Ventures campus.
  • Office Utilities: They have printing stations, where you can carry out your business printing and scanning activities. These services are on additional payment basis, though they are inclusive on some of the memberships.
  • Auditorium: If you need to organize an event, you may hire their auditorium spaces that have a capacity for around 100. And these have most of the tech gear you may need.
  • Networking Events: This space is filled with networking opportunities to the brim. They organize regular events that allow startups to not only connect among themselves but also among the industry’s best. And by the industry’s best, we mean mentors, investors and the like.
  • Showers: Whenever work tires you, just get a shower on site and be back on your tasks when completely fresh.
  • Open Garden: The open garden at BootUP Ventures is eye candy, especially at the night time. It has couches, desks, and chairs, in addition to a fire pit.
  • Podcasting Room: The podcasting room is the space to be if you need to record audios for your brand.
  • Skype Room: For Skype calls you can use this space to keep your conversations private.
  • Professional Catering: When organizing events here, you can also avail their excellent catering services. They also have an onsite professional grade chef.
  • Fun and Leisure: All work and no play might make business dull and boring. For this reason, they have a Pool table and Foosball (table football). So find a playmate and off goes the fatigue.
  • Dog-Friendly: Have a little pooch or kitty? Oh please bring them in. Because BootUP Ventures is pet-friendly.
  • Free Onsite Parking: They have plenty of spaces for you to park your vehicles. That too right on site.
  • Disabled Friendly: All the spaces here are easily accessible by wheelchair.

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BootUP Venture’s Startup Bootcamp:

The Startup Bootcamp is one nice opportunity for startups to achieve greater heights. It is a week-long one to one mentoring program open to only a few select startups. Wherein they are acquainted with the knowledge of running a business. It will cover the domains of technology validation, marketing strategies, and processes, raising startup funds, and connecting with industry’s best. In addition to the know-how of scaling their business and accessing multiple growth channels. For more information on this program of BootUp Ventures, visit their website.

Membership Prices:

They offer simple monthly memberships for accessing their spaces and facilities. The BootUP membership plans along with their prices are,

Flex Desk

Work from home sounds dull and boring? Plus do you love the possibilities that come with spontaneity? Well, get a flexible desk space at BootUP Ventures and see the magic unfold. At $349 per month, you will get access to their common coworking area having an open plan seating. In this section, you don’t need to reserve any particular seat. But just have to bring your laptop, grab a vacant desk and start off with your trade. Plus, you can access this area only during normal business hours. And the use of their Menlo Park business address is also available for members. Furthermore, every day you shall have a new desk and a new coworker sitting beside you. And do I have to say, how many people you can connect with in such a setup?

Fulltime Desk

For entrepreneurs that need around the clock access to the coworking spaces, get a fulltime desk space. Coming at the price of $499 per month, you will have a desk as dedicated as you are. In fact, even in your absence, your desk will not be given to any other member. Besides, you may also choose to permanently set up your equipment and stuff on your desk. This might include additional monitors, printers, etc as your need be. And you don’t have to carry them back home, until of course the end of your term. Additional perks of this membership include using the BootUP Ventures Menlo Park address as your own business address. In addition to limited access to the conference rooms and printing services. Plus you may also access the Beam telepresence services.


Have a team and wish to work from a more private space away from the hubbub of the coworking area? Get a private office space at BootUP Ventures with price starting from $2,900 per month. These spaces though are ready to move in but are also customizable to suit your needs. And in fact, you will get the freedom to create an atmosphere of your own within your office. Moreover, this membership comes along with access to printers, conference rooms, and their business address. Subsequently, your posts arriving at this location will also be handled efficiently.

Wings Membership

Wings membership is the BootUp Ventures’ private members network. This network is for the bigger business and investors looking for the brightest minds of Silicon Valley. And subsequently, the coworking members too can avail this add on package. And can get the opportunity to connect with the best of industry’s support. The cost of this membership is $149 per month.

Event Spaces at the BootUP Ventures:

BootUP Ventures have five beautiful event spaces. These may serve the purpose of meetings, conferences, workshops, product launch and much more. Have a read through the following spaces and their respective prices.

  • Steve Jobs Conference Room: A 150 sqft space, named after an iconic silicon valley innovator, the price of this room is $80 per hour. This room is in the interior and has interesting wall art. And you will find all the tech equipment you need for your meeting needs.
  • Executive Conference: This 360 sqft, elegant meeting space has seats for 16. You may hire this room for $80 an hour. Along with the facilities of wifi, whiteboards, AV and Beam equipment, including projectors and monitors, etc. Moreover, the floor to ceiling windows brings in plenty of natural light.
  • Event Studio: You may hire this space for the price of $200 per hour. This 1200 sqft media studio has space for up to 80 people. And the same capacity for parking vehicles. Besides, it also has skylights, projectors, whiteboards, and all other AV equipment in place. Plus if you need, you may ask for add-ons like videographers, catering etc at BootUP Ventures.
  • Classroom Space: The classroom space is a bigger, 2500 sqft space with the capacity for 120. Its hiring cost is $500 per hour and is ideal for all kinds of workshops and training sessions.
  • Startup Cafe: The Startup Cafe has a capacity for around 130 people. You may hire it for the price of $500 per hour. This price also includes a floor space of 2230 sqft, the bar and lounge areas and a stage a well. Plus the walls have interesting memorabilia of many well-known silicon valley faces.

Location and Contact

BootUP Ventures Palo Alto

68 Willow Road Menlo Park is the spot where the BootUP Ventures have their faculties. This Menlo Park location is only 8 minutes from downtown Palo Alto. While the Menlo Park Caltrain Station is about 5 minutes from here. Also, the US 101 Highway is a four-minute drive. The San Francisquito Creek passes from its rear. Fancy a walk in the lap of nature? the Timothy Hopkins Creekside Park is only a couple minutes away from BootUP Ventures building. And the same is the Burgess Park. Also, you may catch a bus right across the street.

To contact BootUP Ventures give a call at +1 800 493 1945. Or you may also leave your queries at [email protected].



The best part about the BootUP Ventures is their spacious lawn, with a fire pit and waterfall. You will love sitting in this space while working or during an event. Though when cooming to coworking it has the best of amenities. From fast internet and workstations to meeting rooms and event spaces, you will have all your needs fulfilled at one location. Plus, if you are a startup in or around the area, this space definitely worth a visit. As you can take a boost from the incubator as well as accelerator programs. You can get your ideas tested, goals strategized and plans proof checked. And voila, you will be a step ahead from the many silicon valley startups.

So what’s stopping you? Contact them or rather visit BootUP Ventures space at the 68 Willow Road Menlo Park. Your success awaits you!

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