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Outlet Coworking is a great workplace that is based on the idea of providing hospitality to work professionals. They want to change the perspective of people who take work as a burden. That is to say, they are working to transform the work culture. When was the last time you were excited about going to work? Or how often do you worry about matters related to your office? Here, you do not need to trouble yourself with any of these problems. With the help of their efficient services, you can now focus on your work more easily. Further, they offer front-desk services, additional facilities just to make your experience more exciting and fun-filled.

At Outlet Coworking Sacramento, you will be working in a close-knit community of talented professionals. This implies that you will have numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded peers. This, in turn, could prove to be very beneficial for your business venture. Likewise, they provide a plethora of membership choices. So, you can choose any option based on your business requirements. The tenants at this workspace come from diverse backgrounds. Some are hardcore business enthusiasts while others are independent professionals. Working in this creative pool will surely help you grow at a personal as well as a professional level. Still unsure about your options? No worries! Take a tour today and explore the world of opportunities available just for you.

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Amenities offered by Outlet Coworking, Sacramento:

  • Internet facilities: At Outlet Coworking, you do not have to worry about getting your internet connection. They provide you with efficient internet service. Further, it has great speed and therefore keeps you connected with the online world.
  • Reception Services: In case of any problem or query, you can always access the reception services. A bunch of talented teams is always ready to cater to your needs.
  • Lounges: To help you relax after a long hour at work, Outlet Coworking harbors lounge areas where you refresh yourself.
  • Kitchen facilities: Feeling hungry? Well, this workspace provides you with kitchen services as well. So, you can prepare tasty snacks for yourself and chase away the hunger pangs.
  • Coffee: A warm cup of coffee is enough to boost your energy levels. So, help yourself whenever the urge for caffeine strikes.
  • Fun outdoor games: To lift your spirits whenever you get bored of working, there are plenty of fun outdoor games for you at Outlet Coworking Sacramento.
  • Conference rooms: There are professional spaces to hold conferences with your team at this workspace. Furthermore, these rooms are fully equipped and will provide you with a great experience.
  • Events: The events held at the center will give rise to many opportunities of growing your circle of network. Also, these events are quite informative and a great learning experience.
  • Mailbox services: At Outlet Coworking, you can access mailbox services as well. Moreover, with this service, you no more have to worry about your mails. They will look after everything!
  • Printers/Scanners/Copiers: All the necessary stationery items including printers, scanners, and copiers are available here. Believe me, it is a great convenience!

Outlet Coworking Sacramento






Membership Plans at Outlet Coworking:

Coworking Plans: The coworking plans at Sacramento’s Outlet Coworking gives you a chance to work in a collaborative environment. That is to say, you will be working within a community of like-minded professionals. Under these plans, you have different types of choices based on what type of work environment you prefer.  

  • Part-timer: Part-time membership gives you access to the open workspace for 4 days a month. Also, you can drop-in during business hours and get done with your work. This is a great option for those who do not work on a full-time basis. So, whenever the need arises, they can visit the workstation and carry out the task at hand. The membership cost of availing this option amounts to $49 per month.
  • Day Job: This option at Outlet Coworking allows you to access the work center from Monday to Friday. Further, you can use the facilities only during business hours. People who follow a strict work schedule and prefer working five days a week should consider this option. The cost of this plan is $150 per month. Not to mention, you are eligible to avail the additional facilities provided by this cool workspace.
  • Resident: Are you looking for a more permanent workplace solution? If yes, then this option is meant for you. This plan gives you 24/7 access to the work spot. In other words, you can drop in for work whenever you feel like it. To avail this option, you have to pay an amount of $225 per month.

Private Office Plans: In case you are looking for a more confined space to work, Outlet Coworking Sacramento offer private offices as well! These private suites are great for both soloists as well as a full-fledged team of professionals. A great benefit of these offices is that you get to enjoy your private space in addition to work closely with the coworking community.

  • Desk Jockey Price: This private office option allows you to hire a personal desk and chair in the shared office. Additionally, you will get a cabinet to store your work materials. So, no need to worry about carrying your stuff around anymore. The price of this option is $349 per month.
  • Private Office Price: This option at Outlet Coworking lets you work in a more personalized space. Further, these lockable offices are available only for your use. You can customize the space in accordance with your preferences. For instance, what type of furniture you want and other requirements. The cost of this membership starts at $700 per month.

Location and Contact:

Sacramento Outlet Coworking

Outlet Coworking is located at the core of Midtown Sacramento. It is at a small distance from MAARS Building. Other than that, this place is bustling with vibrant restaurants and cafeterias. Another great convenience offered by this location is that it offers onsite parking. All in all, you will be working in a great place encompassed with beautiful surroundings.

Address: 2110 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA

Website: https://www.outletcoworking.com/en

Email: [email protected]


Outlet Coworking Sacramento delivers modern facilities that will surely take your business to another level. If you are a budding professional and are looking for a place to grow, then this is where you need to be. Besides providing workspace, they will help you discover your potential. They are ready to assist you in any way they can. Isn’t it great? As opposed to a corporate office environment, you will take control of everything regarding your work. The membership plans available here are budget friendly. Also, you get to avail a long list of additional facilities at no extra cost. How? Well, they are complementary. 

From open work areas to private suites, the workspace options are tailored to match your needs. The dedicated team of professionals is always ready to provide their assistance. In addition to this, the modern decor of the workplace will always keep you high spirited. Isn’t it great to work in a positive environment brimming with creativity? Well, that’s what you will get here. Don’t believe us? That’s alright! Visit the workplace and see what we are talking about before committing to a plan. You will be amazed for sure. Happy Coworking!

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