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This article is about one of the topmost and widespread coworking space in the world. Like all the other 3000 locations Regus Palo Alto is an essential part of the Regus family. Located in the San Francisco Bay, the city of Palo Alto has huge potential to allow businesses to succeed. This is why you will find many IT giants calling this city their home also the fact that Palo Alto is a part of Silicon Valley certifies its position as a propitious destination to do business. Several coworking operators are running incubators, accelerators, and other programs for assisting the startups and entrepreneurs here.

Coworking spaces have become quintessential destinations for startups and new businesses. The reason that they provide workspaces as per the requirement makes them an effective tool in the hands of entrepreneurs. Regus Palo Alto works on similar lines and facilitates coworking desks, offices and meetings rooms to the members. Apart from this, you can also make virtual office Palo Alto California as your own address through Regus. Regus is truly a magnificent coworking space operating across the world so let’s move ahead and find out what Regus Palo Alto has to offer to the members.

Amenities at Regus Palo Alto:

At this Regus location, first and foremost you will be among a collaborative community also the environment is contagious and will get you working right away from the first day itself. Added to this, the amenities and perks you will be getting at Regus make work easy, fun, interactive and result-oriented.

  • The first impression lasts forever, and all the Regus Palo Alto’s locations will amaze you instantly.
  • There is an in-house kitchen marking a distinct area to eat and have over-the-food conversations.
  • Every Regus locations have pay as you go option, you will not feel any burden regarding the lock-in contracts.
  • A community representing the whole wide world will be at your disposal.
  • There is a dedicated reception area to greet your guests and clients.
  • The large wall size windows let in plenty of light into the work area.
  • The office and permanent desks have the option to avail a fixed landline phone.
  • The cool lounge areas are perfect for a casual meeting with the Regus Palo Alto members.
  • The meeting and conference are replete with AV and video conferencing facilities.
  • All the desks have enough workspace and storage areas to safe keep your belongings.
  • These locations have internet and printing facilities, working all year around with perfection.

Locations and Contact:

Regus Palo Alto prides itself with four awesome coworking spaces in the city so follow below to know something about each of these spaces. 

Regus Downtown Lytton Avenue:


An area which touches the Palo Alto CBD, where the big tech giants are residing on one side. And on the other side, you will find an impressive presence of venture capitalists. This Regus Palo Alto location is best for starting or launching your business because you will get exposure from the nearby Stanford Research Park. Ultimately, to gain the most out of your venture and efforts, this space is where you have to be. Our disabled friends won’t have to face any difficulty in this coworking space. Most importantly the Caltrain station is at a walking distance from here. Address: 530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, California 94301. 

Regus 4 Palo Alto Square:


This space resides near the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto. This means that you will be working among the world’s best young talent and innovators. Moreover, you will find that this Regua Palo Alto workspace is best for businesses. This is because the internal structuring and atmosphere is appropriate and efficacious for any venture. The staff has proficiency in assisting with all your business needs. You will find coworking desks, private offices, and business lounges at this location. Address: 3000 El Camino Real,  Suite 200, Palo Alto, California, 94306

Regus Embarcadero Place


At this Regus Palo Alto coworking space you will be working mostly among the pharma companies. Along with this, you will find that this location is surrounded by various software development companies, web designing, construction, and investment companies. The whole of Embarcadero Place is a magnificent landscape. The 11-acre compound exudes magnificence with its fountains, redwood trees, and koi ponds. Ergo, this coworking space is all about serenity and tranquillity. Apart from other common amenities given above, this workspace has bike storage and showers availability. Address: 2100 Geng Road, Suite 210, Palo Alto, California, 94303.

Hamilton Avenue:


Working among California’s Heritage with a Spanish touch in it. How does this sound? Exciting right? The Regus Palo Alto Hamilton Avenue location operates from a magnificent landmark building of the city. Each and everything that matters for a business is nearby to this location. We have Stanford University producing young talent consistently. There is Hewlett & Packard blooming near this space and Stanford Research Park is also a stone’s throw away. The nearest bus stop is Hamilton and Ramona on Hamilton Avenue. Address: 228 Hamilton Avenue, 3rd Floor, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, California, 94301.

Phone: +1 855 400 3575

Membership Plans at Regus Palo Alto:

You can choose from three membership options at this Regus workspace:

  • The Lounge: this membership is not about hiring a desk space or sitting in an office. Rather with this membership plan, you will be able to use the business lounges at all the Regus Palo Alto spaces. Under this membership which is best for business travelers, you will be able to use Wifi. Have access to the lounge area, and also can print, scan or copy your document after paying $99 every month. 
  • Coworking Membership: You will have the option to choose coworking for 5, 10 or 30 days. The membership rates are $119, $189 and $299 per month respectively. You can avail a desk in the common workspace and start working right away. Just Plug-in and Play. In all the four locations of Regus Palo Alto given above, there is a reception area to meet and greet your clients plus assist you in all the administrative formalities. The shared space is all about collaboration and building your community within the premises of the work area. 
  • The Office: the last membership plan that you can avail is hiring an office space. Just like in the coworking membership here too you have the option to hire office space for 5 or 10 days and also for a month in Palo Alto. Regus provides these office spaces at $219 for 5 days, $319 for 10 days and $539 for a month. You can choose any plan that suits your needs also the fact that Regus is giving options in office membership tells us that there are offices are already fully furnished. You only need to bring in your team and get cracking. 

Another cool location = OnePiece Work Palo Alto

Virtual Office @ Regus Palo Alto:

There is yet another beautiful aspect of Regus and that is the availability of a virtual office. A virtual office is when you are working from home or a cafe but to others, it will look like an office. Yes, you can use any of the Regus Palo Alto workspace address as your own and let everyone know that you have an office. This greatly helps in making an impression on the clients moreover, when it is time to have a meeting or conduct a conference, the doors of Regus are always open for virtual members. You can say that having a Palo Alto virtual address is the first step towards building your own empire. There are further options under this plan whether you want to allow Regus to handle your mails or attend to your calls and much more.


Working from any of the locations at Regus Palo Alto is not just about having exposure to world-class amenities. It is also about getting to know people from diverse backgrounds, you will be able to connect with people from around the globe. The culture is such that it resonates proficiency, it exudes confidence to work hard and work smart. Regus Palo Alto Hamilton or even any of the three other locations working under this global flexible space provider, they are perfect to run your business. An organization which set up shop in 1989 in Brussels is looking forward to opening a plethora of new locations around the globe. The plans are set to open up new locations until April 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Visit any of the Regus Palo Alto coworking space today and start collaborating. Happy Coworking!

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