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Atlas Workbase Seattle is one of the best co-working spaces in the town. With the rapid growth of globalization, the number of businesses has exploded all over the place. In traditional times, businesses use to run just for the near-by areas. But today a business can be located in California and can be dealing with the customers in Kenya. With the growth of technology, the number of businesses has also increased rapidly. The co-working spaces provide a  solution to a number of people and small businessmen who don’t have the economic capability to buy or rent a space for their office.

The co-working spaces share resources such as common areas to sit, work, have meetings and much more. They are real money savers for the people who just want to work for a few hours or are not interested in renting an official space. Atlas Workbase Seattle is one such place that offers numerous amenities and resources to its members. With a number of rooms designed for meetings, phone calls, presentations and more, it is one of the best co-working spaces in town. 

Perks of Atlas Workbase

Following are the perks and amenities the users will get while working in this co-working space:

  • Large Space Availability: Located at 500 Mercer, Atlas Workbase Seattle has a 20,000 square foot space. It also has the availability of a huge number of offices and desks.
  • Pay for the time you use the space: It offers various plans for members and a guest can just pay for the time he uses the space. This is beneficial for a number of people who just want to work for a little while.
  • High-Speed Internet Availability: One of the best perks of this space is its high-speed internet. It is lightning fast with a high speed of 10Gbps and will not give you any sort of trouble while working.
  • High-Quality Lighting: The lights are well designed and provide plenty of brightness to the environment. Moreover, the natural lighting of the space is very good which provides a great ambiance to work in.
  • Multiple Conference Spaces: Not only it has a variety of rooms to work in but it also has an availability of multiple conference rooms. One can pre-book these rooms and use them to have a conference for your work.
  • Impressive Design: Atlas Workbase is designed quite efficiently with all the amenities and comfort keeping in mind. The productivity of your work will definitely increase while working in such a comprehensive space.
  • Flexible Prices and Schedules: It has a wide range of spaces to work in with flexible prices and plans to choose from. Apart from that, you can schedule your team briefings and one to one meetings in the meeting rooms available.
  • Technical Support: It also provides its members with technical support, so you don’t need to worry about your laptop issues. Also, they provide assistance on any kind of network issues, if any.
  • Easy access to ATLAS Services: It has multiple services available which the members can avail like a copy machine, phone booths and many more. Onsite availability of these services saves a lot of time for members.
  • Complimentary Beverages and Snacks: Apart from all the great facilities this Seattle coworking space provides, it also makes the deal sweeter by giving complimentary snacks and beverages to the members.
  • Free Parking: The best feature of working in Atlas Workbase is that it provides the members free parking facility. So you don’t have to cut loose your pocket to pay the parking meters because it’s free for you.
  • Centrally Located: Working at this place is truly amazing because it is located at a great location. Not too far from downtown and also has the availability of all the needs in the nearby area.
  • Shop with QFC: The co-working space is located above the QFC store. This adds on a great benefit to the place. If you are hungry, you can go and fill your stomach. If you want to go shopping, just go below your office and buy all the groceries you need. This store definitely is an advantage for the people who work to choose here.
  • Work Comfortably at the Lounge: If you are tired of working at your regular seat, it gives you an amazing option to work in the lounge area. It’s an open seating environment and you do not have to do any reservations for this area. It is best for conducting casual or informal meetings.

Atlas Workbase Seattle


Atlas Workbase Membership Plans

Altas offers multiple workspaces for the members and the guests. One can opt for individual desks, combined work area for the team, conference rooms, private spaces or simply work in the lounge. There are several membership plans offered by Atlas Workbase as follows: 

The Lounge 

As discussed above, the lounge is the perfect place to work and relax at the same time. With top class service and the freedom to work, you will definitely enjoy working here.  

  • Day Pass: If you are willing to work there just for a day, it will cost you just $19 for a daily pass. 
  • Monthly Pass: A 40-hour monthly pass for the lounge will cost you $199 and for an 80-hour monthly pass, you’ll have to pay $279.  You can also select a full-time working plan for $349.  

Concourse Flex Desks

Reserve a semi-private flex desk at any of the open tabletops available at the work base. Also, the membership will offer you access to the kitchen, lockers, and many more.

  • Day Pass: At Atlas Workbase, the daily pass starts at $55. Just choose any seat you wish and start working.
  • Monthly Plans: In order to get a monthly plan for this option, it will cost you around $299 for 40 hours a month. Pay $379 and get 80 hours of working time per month. To avail of the full-time plan, the cost will be around $449.  

Concourse Workbase Offices

It is the best plan for people working in teams. Different settings are provided for the working of different professionals at Atlas Workbase. So choose the workspace you like to work in. Also, you can reserve the space you like for you and your team.

  • Day Pass: To get this plan and for full access to the concourse you will have to pay an amount of $59 for a single day.
  • Monthly Plans: For $379 you can avail the plan for 40 hours a month. 80 hours per month will cost you $599 and you can get the plan for $849 for full-time access. 

Meeting Room & Event Spaces

Atlas Workbase not only provides you with open seating areas but also has multiple rooms for conducting meetings and other events. Various team meetings are conducted in casual conference rooms which also includes teleconferencing options. Also, fully furnished boardrooms are available if you wish to write and explain your ideas or material to your team. It also conducts many events and not long before an event was there where all the VC’s of the companies in Seattle were present for discussions. Hence, the hourly rates for usage of these spaces are priced at $45 and above with a special discount for members.

Location and Contact

With the great view of Space Needle in front, and a QFC store right below makes it a great location to work in. Just a little away from the coworking space, there is a QFC Pharmacy where you can get your medications. Also, reaching this workplace is quite simple with 5th Avenue N and Republican Street Metro Station nearby it. If traveling through a car, take the nearest exit from the Aurora Ave N freeway. 

Address: 500 Mercer St


Email: [email protected]


So if you are living in the city of Seattle, and looking to start your office, this is the place to check out once. This amazing place has many cool things to offer and working here will definitely boost up your working progress. Also, if you are traveling through this city and need space to complete some work, you can just book a seat for you for a few hours to complete your work peacefully.

Atlas Workbase in Seattle is really a great place to take interest in. With multiple amenities that are present in the workspace, you will feel motivated and encouraged to do your work with high attention to get the best productivity. Good Luck!

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