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Need to focus but can’t leave your kids back at home? At Big and Tiny you can work in peace while your little angel gets to learn and play next door. Having a tiny energy ball running around while working at home is quite a challenge. Moreover, here your child will also get an irreplaceable platform to grow and learn new things helping in their overall development. Also, this coworking space hosts amazing and playful events where you can meet and link with like-minded people.

Big and Tiny in LA is the brainchild of a single mother with two kids. The Idea caught her attention while searching for a place where she could access childcare as well as a shared desk. This place is a safe haven for single parents with a busy schedule. Here your kid will be attending activities and classes while you are working and connecting and building your empire.

Perks of Big and Tiny LA:

The Big and Tiny offers services which are guaranteed to satisfy your and your little muffin’s needs. It was designed and organized while keeping the demands of both parent and child in mind

  • Free WiFi: They provide high-speed WiFi to save time and boost your business.
  • Office Equipment: Here you will have access to highly efficient printers and scanners. 
  • Unlimited Coffee: You can have unlimited to coffee boost your productivity and energy.
  • Shops and Cafe: you can dine out or get groceries on your way back home as there are many cafe and stores nearby.
  • Parking: They also have 8 parking space available in the rear of the building where you can park your vehicles. 
  • Theme party packages: Thinking of a mermaid themed birthday party for your little princess but don’t have time for arrangements? Let the Bell and tiny team take care of that while you chase your goals and make memories with your kids.
  • Learning and child development: Here the kids won’t be running wild instead they will spend their time reading stories, playing games and meditating at the end of the day.
  • Enrichment Classes: Here your little ones can take extra curriculum classes to learn music, Spanish and much more.
  • Weekend Availablity: You can also check in here on weekends to work as they are open on weekends also.

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Big and Tiny Membership Plans:

The Big and Tiny provides its services on an hourly basis. Therefore, here you pay for only the hours you use the office instead of the whole day. Moreover, these plans apply to one child and their parents. In case you have more than one kid and need childcare for them, no worries. As your kids will get access to childcare without hurting your pockets as they provide additional discounts.

Drop-In Passes: The Big and Tiny offers Drop-in passes for days when you get an uninvited workload. You can walk in here to let your muffin play around while you handle the work. The price for passes begins from $46 for 2 hours to $565 for 10 three hours of coworking. 

2 Hour Plans: In this plan, you can avail a shared space and childcare facility for 2 hours once a week at $160 per month. Similarly, they provide 2-hour plans which you can use within two days or up to 5 days per week. The price or 2 days and 5 days of access range from  $305 per month to $645 per month respectively.

3 Hour Plans: At Big and tiny you can take advantage of their services for 3 hours once a week to catch up on your work at $299 per month. Further, they also offer 3-hour access monthly plans from  2 days/week at $435 to 5 times/week at $895.

4 Hour Plans: You can get a shared desk and childcare here for 4 hours once a week at just $305 per month. Also, they offer 4-hour access from 2 days to 5 times a week at $545 and $1,115 per month.

Unlimited Plan:  Business demands long working hours but your kids also need attention!!  You can keep all your parenting worries aside with the unlimited plan at Big and Tiny. You will have unlimited access to a shared desk and childcare at just $1350 per month.

Party Spaces: This parent-friendly place also arranges parties and events. So if you can’t decide on a birthday party venue you might want to check in here. The Prices range from $885 to $2995 depending on the theme and requirements.

Location and Contact:

The Big and Tiny Los Angeles is located at a premium location, at 1731 Ocean park blvd. In fact, major employers like Snapchat and Hulu are close neighbors. It is in close proximity to many restaurants, cafes, and markets where you can get daily essentials. Further, there are a couple of theatres nearby where you can spend quality time with your loved ones after work. And if you fancy a stroll, you can visit the park which is just at a stone’s throw.

For further inquiries, just give a call at 310 392 0113. Or you may also drop them a mail at [email protected].


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Big and Tiny Los Angeles is a blessing for parents looking for work and life balance which is easier said than done. The unique concept to provide a professional office space along with childcare under one roof is its most unique feature. Moreover, they also organize summer camps and classes where your kids can learn new things and grow. Also, its in the neighborhood of major companies that will provide amazing networking opportunities. All you need to do is schedule a time slot a day before and bring your little ones along. So its a win-win for both you and your kids.

So, explore this coworking with your munchkin and relieve yourself from all parenting worries. Your kid will be learning new things and growing while you make your business bloom. Just book yourself and your kid a seat and I am sure you both will fall in love with all that Big and Tiny offers.

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