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Hey! Are you an entrepreneur? Businessman? Artist? Or a dreamer? If yes and you want to follow your passion then ActivSpace Seattle is the best place ever for you to work. ActivSpace based in Seattle provides you with an environment that is suitable for you to work. For the last 20 years, they are leading the Coworking world. With their experience, they better know what their clients expect from them and that’s the only reason why they are the most preferable.

They always try to push you towards your dreams, the place will provide you with the energy and enthusiasm so that you will only focus on your goals and neglect the negativity. Although, there are other Coworking spaces too this is preferable because they are not only for businessmen or entrepreneurs but they have a place for the artists too. For them, who used to have their studio at their home can work here like the professionals at an affordable price. Isn’t it nice?

Perks at ActivSpace Seattle

Apart from the best location and affordable price, ActivSpace Seattle provides a number of perks to their clients that helps them to work with ease and total comfort. We have listed all the perks, let’s have a look. 

24/7 access: day or night not matters for those who are passionate about their work, they can work all day and all night. And for them, ActivSpace gives 24/7 access so that they can work whenever they want to and not according to coworking spaces timing.

Privacy: Everyone needs a private place to work so that they can focus on what they are doing. At ActiveSpace Seattle you have given your private area where you can work without any disturbances. 

Appealing working area: Have you ever about that “first impression is the last impression”. At the ActiveSpace, you will in love with its architecture by the first look. The building is totally maintained and attractive. You will love to work here. 

Pet-friendly: This place is also pet-friendly, you can take your pet with you but you have to take all of his responsibilities. Pet should not be the reason for disturbance for others. 

Security: Because security is their first priority so that you can work with a free mind. Also, the building is totally utilized by the security card controlled system. Each unit has a unique code to access. You do not need to worry. They are always there to help you in every possible way.

Internet: whole building is covered with wifi network, you can have your internet access but on your cost. No free WiFi available yet at ActivSpace Seattle. 

Restroom: Tired of doing work and wanna take some rest, no problem. At ActivSpace Seattle, they also provide restrooms. Two restrooms on every floor of the building. 





Membership Plans at ActivSpace Seattle

Different locations have different values and that is why the price of the ActivSpace Seattle is also different. According to the workspace, private art studio and storage the range for the workspaces vary. The price for the North Seattle starts from $160 to $560 per month; for Ballard, it is $160 to $1130 per month and for West Seattle, it is $230 to $810 per month. Select your nearby location and you will experience the best coworking place ever.

Locations of ActivSpace Seattle

Before working at any place, the very first demand of the people in the location they are going to work. At ActivSpace all the five coworking spaces are residing in a very attractive place. Below we have listed all the five locations, choose the most appropriate for you:

West Seattle: With having this location, you can enjoy the benefits of cafes and restaurants within walking distance. The ActivSpace WS is present on the KC metro bus line. From here the distance from water taxi is also very short. Along with ample parking, off-street parking is also there for the customers of ActivSpace. The Office is located at 3400 Harbor Ave

North Seattle: This place is very near to the metro. In a walking distance of around 4-5 minutes, you can easily reach to North Seattle. You can benefit the location greenbelt alongside Thornton creek. Off space parking is also available for this place, you can also benefit the cost-free car park bay at the curb. The office is situated at 10015 Lake City Way.

Ballard: The place is situated near to the Burke- Gilman Trail from where you can easily jog to shopping, coffee houses in a minute or less. Just one block far from king county metro. No-charge parking at the curb and off space parking is also available for ActivSpace members. Office at 700 NW 42nd Street.

Fremont: Fremont is the very first ActivSpace in Seattle. It is very near to shops, restaurants, bars. You can easily take the benefit of that too. Plenty of free parking at the curb but limited off space parking available for every ActivSpace coworking member. It is one block away from the train line. The office is at 4020 Leary Way Northwest Seattle.

The Zoo: It is named as the zoo as the Woodland Park Zoo is adjacent to that. Also, the walking distance to the shops, bars, and restaurants are very near. Hence, it is the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature while working. You can find the ActivSpace’s Zoo work hub at 4020 Leary Way Northwest Seattle.

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In a nutshell, ActivSpace Seattle is not just like ordinary Coworking space but it is much better than that.  Remember, they are not only for businessmen or entrepreneurs but they have a place for artists also where they can polish their skills and step towards their goals. 

In Seattle, they do have four different ActivSpace coworking spaces and all of them are located in a very good location.  24/7 hours access gives you the freedom to work anytime you want. As for the passionate one, hours, day or night does not matter, they just work whatever the conditions are. If you are one of those then join us today and chase your dreams. 

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