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Connections SF provides great workplace solutions to professionals from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a startup owner or a freelancer, they have made available services that will cater to the requirements of each individual. Furthermore, this modern Coworking space in SF has great decor that will fill you with creative energy and inspire you to work more productively. Besides being an amazing workstation, this place is also a great event venue. So, you can host your big events here and impress your clients and peers. You will have a great experience worth remembering when you are on board with them.

To fulfill your professional requirements, Connections San Francisco offers spacious meeting rooms that have all the facilities. Also, they offer the workplace to which you can have a full day and week access making it utterly convenient for you. This flexibility is of great essence especially to those who do not like to work under a strict work schedule. Apart from this, you will have access to top-notch facilities that are unique in every manner. From the internet to the fitness room, they have a lot to offer. To get a closer look at this coworking facility, keep reading further!

Perks of working at Connections SF:

  • 24/7 access: Once you become a member of this San Francisco coworking space, you will have unlimited access to your workspace. So, you can securely visit the center through the Lockitron App.
  • Wi-Fi facility: At the work center you will have access to fast and secure internet connectivity. So, accomplish your tasks at a great speed without worrying about network issues.
  • Printing and Copying equipment: Want to print your documents without having to leave the premises? No problem. At Connections SF, you can use the efficient printing and copying machines.
  • Kitchen facility: Whenever you feel hungry, you can prepare tasty snacks for yourself in the fully stocked kitchen of this common workspace. Say goodbye to the unannounced hunger pangs!
  • Tea/ Coffee/ Snacks: Can’t work without coffee? No worries. Help yourself with a warm cup of tea or coffee complimented with snacks. Also, this will recharge you for the next task.
  • Meeting rooms: The center has well-equipped meeting rooms so that you can have an exclusive space for all your meetings.
  • Fitness room: Connections has a fitness room where you can work out whenever you feel like it.
  • Phone booths: The phone booths at the workspace enable you to conduct your phone calls in a private environment so that you don’t face any disturbance.
  • Locker storage: Secure your work materials at the center itself as they provide locker facilities as well.
  • Laundry room: Another great convenience at Connections SF is that they have a laundry room too.
  • Member events: You will be invited to participate in the member events of the workspace. Further, they include health and wellness seminars in addition to happy hours.
  • Discounted rates on restaurants: After getting a membership, you will get an instant 15% discount at Fish & Farm, an onsite restaurant cum bar.

Connections San Francisco


Membership options at Connections SF:

Virtual: This plan at Connections San Francisco lets you utilize the facilities of the workspace without actually paying a visit to the center. That implies you can establish the identity of your business venture by using their services from the comfort of your home. In addition to this, you can host your clients, employees at their vibrant event venues. The list of facilities under this option includes mail services, professional business address and much more. You can also access the amenities of the workstation excluding fitness room and laundry service. The cost of availing this plan is $50 per month.

Club Membership: If you prefer to work in an open environment, then you should consider this option. Coworking at Connections in San Francisco makes avaliable to you the option of working in the club living room which has a great aura. Furthermore, you can drop-in for work any time from Monday to Friday during business hours. The membership price for this option is $100 per month.

Shared desk: Another option at Connections SF for those who like to work in a coworking space is of a shared desk. Further, you can choose a desk of your choice in the coworking area and get down to work. You will be surrounded by a pool of other efficient members of the workspace. Also, with the whole day and week access, you have the liberty to visit the center whenever you feel inspired to work. Based on availability, you will even get private lockers to store your work materials. As an added benefit, you will get two hours of access to various other spaces on a priority basis. The price of this plan amounts to a sum of $400 per month.

Eco dedicated desk: Get a personalized desk space at Connections in San Francisco to which only you will have access. However, this one is of a smaller format in comparison to full-sized dedicated desks. Moreover, you will have unlimited access to your work spot. So, whenever you visit the workspace, there will be an exclusive space waiting for you. In addition to this, you will get access to the meeting and event space for four hours on a priority basis. To avail this option, you will have to pay a price of $450 per month.

Full-sized dedicated desk: A full-sized dedicated desk at Connections SF with access to the facilities of the center. Moreover, you will have a permanent spot and can simultaneously enjoy the benefits of working in a collaborative environment. You can drop any time of the day with 24/7 access. Also, you get to use CF rooms and event rooms for hours based on priority. The membership cost of this plan is $600 per month.

Private office: Need a productive coworking space for you and your team members? No worries! Connections San Francisco provides great office solutions that are fully-equipped with basic facilities. Also, you will have 24/7 access to your workspace that gives you the benefit of working whenever you want to. The membership cost of this option is:

  • Private office with 4 desks: $2200 to 2400 per month 
  • Private office with desks for 12: $7000 per month 

Location and Contact

Connections SF has a very convenient location so that it becomes easier for you to travel to work. For instance, just a few blocks away are BART/ MUNI light rail and MUNI buses. In addition to that, at a short distance from the center, you will come across the Ferry Building. Other than this, there is abundant parking space at Embarcadero 2 and Ace Parking. There is even availability of bike parking in case you are planning to travel on a two-wheeler. You will find a lot of great restaurants and cafeterias nearby. Furthermore, the vibrant surrounding of the city will infuse you with energy that will ultimately result in better outcomes. Certainly, a great place to work on your dreams!

Address: 424 Clay Street, Lower Level, San Francisco, CA 94111, 


Email: [email protected]


Connections SF provides you with a multitude of services that will make your work journey more exciting and productive. This coworking space offers various plans that are flexible and are thoughtfully designed to meet your unique requirements. For instance, you will have options such as using workspace for one day or for a whole month. So, choose the most suitable option and witness your business flourish and grow at a great pace. Moreover, you will be working in a premium location which will be an advantage for your venture. This center is a great platform where you can indulge in productive activities.

Connections SF encourages its members to take bold decisions and explore their potential to the fullest. Whenever you find yourself in a problematic situation, their efficient team of professionals will provide full assistance. In addition to this, you will come across many instances wherein you can network with like-minded people at the center. All these great services are available under a single roof. If you have any queries about the place, you can pay them a visit and see for yourself. Happy Coworking!

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