Sydney Angels – 54 Startups in Portfolio, 193 Million Funding & Counting

In accordance with the recent news, the unfolding of Sydney Angels investment data has brought forth a very interesting piece of data. It is a real fact that the Australian government has a limited funding option when it comes to the matter of investing for entrepreneurship and that is when the entrepreneurs decide to gain funding from share brokers like Angel investors, and debt and equity funds. After quite some digging on behalf of Sydney Angels it has been seen that in a decade, it has funded over 50 small and big startups and the total funding has amounted to AUD 193 million, and the numbers are ever increasing- thereby creating a benchmark in the history of investors.

Sydney Angels – The recent funding scenario:

At first, the entrepreneurs seemed apprehensive of the funding, but once the capital inflow was prevalent, more and more applications started flowing in out of which 25% were female entrepreneurs aspiring to have their own setup. Sydney angels now proclaim that they were entirely thrilled with the number of applications seeping in and even more to witness women leading some of the best technology startups.

Sydney Angels is very transparent in declaring the fact that there is no indication towards male or female applicants, unlike the government bodies. In fact, the gender of the applicants is not revealed even while the applications are assorted, and not until it is time for the presentation of the startups. Some of the major startups that they have funded are Clarity Pharmaceuticals, Instaclustr, Venuemob, The best day, and a lot more.

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The need for more funding organizations in Australia

Though the majority part of the funding has been taken up by organizations like Sydney Angel, yet there is still a dire need for more investors since more and more entrepreneurs are propping up. Everyone among three Australians wants to have their own startup and when that happens, they will be in need of more capital.

Sydney Angels also bring forward the perfect manner of creating the perfect applications. Many entrepreneurs miss the chance of funding because they cannot put their plans in a compact form. According to the investors, the key is to note down your plans, what problems they can solve, and how you plan on utilizing the capital that you receive. An ideal application need not be a bunch of pages but even a concise one-pager can do the trick.


Sydney Angel investors have every plan to bridge the gap between the early stage and mid-stage funding so that the Australian culture of coworking, startups, and entrepreneurship can expand unhindered.

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