Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Gets a Coworking Space, Sets New Trend

Work is evolving and flexibility is needed now more than ever before,” said Jason McCann, CEO of Varidesk, an organization that as recently installed standing desks at the Dallas DFW airport in just 24 hours. Some may say that it is an advertising gimmick but in a true sense, it is a much-needed concept probably later than its time which is required at every airport that sees heavy traffic on a daily basis.

Varidesk makes office furniture and infrastructure that meets modern demands and has been at the forefront of providing office furniture globally. A lot of Fortune 500 global company uses office furniture manufactured by Varidesk.

Why Standing Desks?

Sean Scogin, the marketing representative says that business travelers are always forced to sit, they sit in the office, at the airports waiting to board, in meetings, and even when flying to their destinations. These standing desks will give them relief from their sitting routine and help them work efficiently in an airport.

Not only standing desks Varidesk has provided free Wi-Fi, 75 charging hubs, and a meeting room which has been made possible with their flexible walls. In just under a minute of building a tailored private space, one can conduct a meeting in the Dallas airport with colleagues and clients. Although there are really cool coworking spaces in Dallas, this one at the DFW airport is a unique one. 

For a frequent traveler, the most important aspect is time and it is imperative that one utilizes every second of the available time optimally. Added to this finding a secluded spot at the airport and balancing your laptop on the knees can be frustrating and a big factor in losing focus.

In this scenario, Scogin says that “our new coworking space at Dallas-Fort Worth airport is a great way to make the most of their time and also gives us a way to showcase our brand by letting customers touch, feel, and experience active workspaces.

The New Coworking Trend set by Varidesk

It was about time that someone implemented the idea of converting the airport waiting areas into coworking spaces. Just like an airport lounge, the coworking spaces entail a lot of huff and puff with some people chatting in one corner while others are grabbing something to eat. A few people are seduced by their phones and are immersed in their own world while the business representatives and executives are glued to their laptops working while waiting. It only seems probable to turn the waiting areas into spaces that make it convenient for those who want to work efficiently and utilize every speck of their time.

Varidesk has successfully belled the cat and now it is to be seen how far this trend goes in converting the airport lounges into coworking spaces. It is not necessary that they have to be free of cost, not unless Varidesk wants to advertise itself all over the world, but the important point is that they have initiated a new trend and will continue to work on similar future endeavors.

Use of Standing Desks

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has studied the benefits of working on standing desks and concluded that working while standing for 6 hours every day will prevent weight gain and also help lose weight. Varidesk also pitches in a similar connotation with their standing desks which is to allow professionals to take care of their health and work simultaneously.

Ajay Deep

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