Airline Lounge Areas Will Soon Become More Like Coworking Spaces

The trend of coworking has become very conventional and mainstream all over the world. Experts think that there is a need of innovation so that coworking spaces can turn out to be more fun for professionals and that is the reason why the aircraft industry needs to learn from these spaces and turn their lounge areas into something more useful.

Thousands of people use the airline lounge areas at airports and many of them are seen working on their laptops while waiting to board their flight. Similar to coworking spaces, the airline waiting areas are abuzz with activity. People are seen grabbing food, taking a nap, browsing their phone, working on laptops – quite similar to all that happens at a coworking space. No doubt that the waiting areas of some airlines are superb but needs attention is the community building and comfort for professionals.

Embedding Coworking Culture at Airline Lounge

The airline industry has grown many folds when it comes to making people comfortable while waiting to board their flight. They already have mobile charging points, working stations with electricity access to charge your laptop, high-speed wifi access, eateries, cafes, restaurants, shopping arcades and lot more. The interiors are superb but what is missing over here is the interaction and community building.

Just imagine an airport lounge that has got a manager to take care of your belongings. Then there are comfortable seats for you to sit and work or simply sit and relax. You can talk to other people as the environment of the airline lounge is quite friendly. Then, they have a special area for kids with child care professionals taking care of your kids. This is just a glimpse of how airline lounge areas might become more like coworking spaces. This is going to happen in the coming years. That’s what we call the impact of coworking spaces or rather say that the author writing this article on Coworking Mag.

Most of us travelling by air have to wait for many minutes or a few hours before boarding the flight. Instead of just sitting and doing nothing, the coworking space like an airport lounge will make people utilize their time in the best possible way. One might be able to meet some potential clients and in turn, that can enhance the business to a great extent. There are many facilities that an airline lounge at an airport can give you as far as coworking is concerned.

Coworking Trend for Airports

It would not be a surprise if actual coworking spaces open up at airports just like any other duty-free shop. They would charge people on an hourly basis to use the shared office space. As per coworking trends, the population of people who use coworking spaces is growing. If such an airport coworking space comes up, chances are that it would be profitable as more and more people would love to use it during their waiting hours.

Ajay Deep

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