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WeWork San Diego is one of the branches of a global coworking firm, WeWork. Fostering innovation by providing a productive workspace, this work center has earned a great reputation. So, if you are looking forward to growing your business, then this might be the ideal place to do so. From comfortable working areas to unique facilities, you will discover a new way of getting your work done. Also, the hospitable environment at the center will encourage you to explore new options. The supportive community will help you discover your potential. So, whatever enables you to take your business to the next level, it is available here. Moreover, the professional team at the center will guide you in the right direction.

WeWork San Diego caters to specific requirements based on the nature of your business. To elaborate, the plans offered by them are tailored to meet your personalized demands. In addition to communal areas, they also offer spacious offices to its tenants. Teams of varying size can choose a suitable office and start working on their ideas. Want to know another interesting factor about this firm? Big companies which have a global reputation are availing the services of this firm to execute their business. WeWork also has a product called WeWork Labs to help and mentor startups and entrepreneurs. So, you will be working with a community that comprises of excellent professionals. Isn’t that what you are looking for your business? Well, there is more to explore. Keep reading to get a closer glimpse at this workstation.

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WeWork Locations in San Diego:

Website: https://www.wework.com/

Email: [email protected]

600 B St: This location of WeWork San Diego is situated in the downtown area. Further, the bustling urban center provides an ideal atmosphere to execute a business operation. The office building is of six floors and offers great workspace solutions. The private offices in this location can accommodate up to 280 people. If you are tired of working for too long, you can take a stroll on the beachside and refresh your mind. Also, at a small distance from the building, you will find beautiful outdoor cafes. Additionally, entertainment venues such as House of Blues and Gaslamp Quarter are just around the corner. So, all that you could possibly require is available here.

Address: 600 B Street Suite 300 San Diego CA 92101

Aventine: This location of WeWork San Diego is situated in the town of La Jolla. A perfect seaside location for you to grow your enterprise while enjoying the sun. Moreover, the office building comprises of four levels. Not to mention, you can enjoy mesmerizing views from your office window. For your convenience, there is a dedicated parking facility at the office site. So, no more worrying about where to park your car at the center. Other than this, the workstation can be easily accessed. Some of the major transportation routes including 0, 41, and 201 bus routes fall on the La Jolla Village Drive, Nobel Drive, and Lebon Drive. Additionally, this place harbors eateries that make exotic dishes. Some of the famous names include Rubio’s, The Melting Pot and others. Everything that can make your work journey exciting is present here!

Address: 8910 University Center Lane Suite 400 San Diego CA 92122

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Perks of working at WeWork San Diego:

  • Internet facility: Stay connected always with a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection at the center. In addition to this, they also offer IT support and guest log-in facility.
  • Onsite staff: The onsite staff at WeWork San Diego is available at your disposal all through the week. Whether you need help at the front desk or anything else, you can approach the staff members.
  • Private phone booths: To enable you to conduct private calls without any disruption, they have set up phone booths for you. Further, these booths are soundproofed and can be used for video chats too.
  • Cleaning services: The cleaning staff regularly cleans the workstations so that you can work in a great environment.
  • Fruit Beverages: Feeling drowsy? Keep yourself hydrated by drinking the fresh fruit water at the center. Also, it will recharge you and enable you to work more.
  • Conference rooms: WeWork San Diego has special meeting spaces where you can conduct your conferences. Also, these rooms are fully equipped and have stunning decor.
  • Print/Scan facilities: Now you can print or scan your documents at the center itself. That is to say, this workspace has made available printing equipment on every floor.
  • Coffee: Can’t work without coffee? Well, no need to worry! Keep your mind fresh by drinking a warm cup of coffee at the center.
  • Community events: This San Diego coworking nurtures a culture that encourages collaborations. Therefore, you can connect with new people at the social and professional events held at the center.
  • Special common areas: Apart from the usual workstations, you will come across unique common areas at the center. These include intricately designed lounges and living rooms. Furthermore, these areas are meant for you to sit back and relax!

WeWork San Diego Membership Plans:

Hot Desks: WeWork San Diego offers hot desk seating for freelancers and solopreneurs. So, if you tend to work just a few days a month, well this option is perfect for you. This plan will give you access to the communal workspace where you can opt for any desk to work at. So, all you need to do is bring your work materials and start working at your favorite spot. Additionally, you will get two conference room credits to book in a month. You can even add mail handling service to your plan at an additional cost of $50/month. Hot desks make it possible to work in a different surrounding every time to drop in for work. The membership costs of this option are:

  • 600 B Steet: $350 per month
  • Aventine: $360 per month

Dedicated Desks: Are you looking for a more personalized work spot? Well, WeWork San Diego also offers dedicated desks. This desk will be exclusively for your use. That is to say, you can call this space as ‘yours’! Therefore, you are at liberty to customize the work area in however way you want to. You will get a chair, desk filing cabinet, and a trash can. Additionally, you earn five conference room credits in a month. Isn’t that a great thing? To make things more convenient for you, you will also be provided with mail handling services. The costs of availing this option are:

  • 600 B Steet: $450 per month
  • Aventine: $500 per month

Private Offices: WeWork San Diego also offers private offices to cater to the requirements of a full-fledged team. That is, they offer lockable private offices for varying sizes with top-notch facilities. These office spaces are fully furnished with comfortable seating arrangements. You can even also customize the space in case you have a specific requirement. Furthermore, modern decor of the offices will surely take your breath away! Once you opt for this option, you will earn 12 conference rooms credits. Also, you will be able to avail the mail and package handling service at zero additional cost. All these facilities are available at the costs of :

  • 600 B Street: $630 per month
  • Aventine: $730 per month

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WeWork San Diego offers support to teams and communities trying to establish themselves in the market. With their intricately built plans, they are on a mission to assist people so that they realize their potential. Apart from this, the work center has a global network. So, they can help you meet potential clients who may be interested in your business. This can prove to be a great advantage for your business. You will have numerous opportunities to mingle with the vibrant pool of talented people who share your aspirations. Not to mention, the premium amenities offered by the center. These additional facilities are covered in your membership plan. We suggest you should also check out Incubate Ventures San Diego.

To help you obtain fruitful results from your efforts, WeWork San Diego will help you overcome difficult challenges at work. So, working here will be a rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to run your business smoothly but also to expand it. Additionally, you can always take the help of a dedicated team of professionals at the center. All in all, everything that your business requires is available at this workspace. So, what are you waiting for? Take a tour today and get a closer look at this amazing work center.

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