Top 3 Coworking Spaces in Louisville KY

Home to several renowned companies, Kentucky’s vibrant city of Louisville is now a hub for small business growth through coworking spaces. By combining the creativity of like-minded professionals in one location, almost every coworking space in Louisville, KY, boasts of concentrated entrepreneurialism.

Also, this city offers a unique atmosphere for its start-ups. Louisville’s diverse cultural landscape, plentiful attractions, and access to university campuses have made it an ideal spot to launch new businesses. So, if you’re looking for an avenue to jumpstart your own project, a Louisville coworking space is the perfect place.

In this article, we’ll recommend the best three coworking spaces in Louisville, Kentucky.

Coworking Space Louisville

Here are a few options for people who are looking for a good spot to take a break from their usual work environment, while remaining in the productive lane. Let’s explore the best coworking spaces Louisville has to offer.


Yes Working

Yes Working

Say yes to a productive workday at this small yet innovatively built venue. You get to be part of a thriving modern community by working here. Whether you’re working for yourself, remotely, or as part of a team, you can find ideal spaces here. The main goal of Yes Working is to create a space where you can concentrate on what matters most, finish your work, and connect with inspiring individuals. All of this is right here, in this shared space.

Moreover, there is no shortage of amenities at Yes Working. You can enjoy perks like a private phone booth, fast internet, large-screen TVs, mail service, and a modern design setting. The French press coffee served at this coworking space in Louisville, KY is something people love. The conference rooms are big, well-furnished, and accessible around the clock.

Pricing: The part-time membership starts at $90/month, including kitchen access, conference rooms, and free snacks. The next one is the full-time membership at $130/month. The dedicated desk is priced at $305/month. 

Location: 965 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204, United States.


Phone: (502) 233-1164


Story Coworking Space Louisville 

Story Coworking Space in Louisville 

The Story coworking space in Louisville KY provides calm and well-laid interiors that are meant to help you interact with other like-minded people. Located in the center of Louisville, Kentucky’s NULU neighborhood, Story is more than just a collection of buildings. They have a great community that supports the development of entrepreneurs and creatives. Additionally, almost every corner offers a stunning view, so you might always feel refreshed and energetic.

The Story offers a unique community membership where you get a mailing address alongside a dedicated coworking space. You may also opt for rentals for hosting meetings, conferences, and more. Furthermore, the venue hosts many open community programs that help strengthen the knowledge base of the members and offer a chance to become more interactive. The in-house events can also help you get deserving jobs, gigs, or contracts.

Pricing: At the Story, the conference rooms can be booked from $60 per hour to $65 per hour. You may also look up meeting rooms priced at $55 per hour. The biggest one: the classroom is an ideal fit for larger gatherings, available at $85 per hour.

Location: 900 E Main St, Louisville, KY 40206, United States


Phone: (502) 709-7099


iHub Coworking


iHub is an inexpensive Louisville coworking space catering to all, from small to large businesses. The venue is located in Downtown Louisville, KY, close to the NULU Area. The large and spacious coworking area is perfect for holding special meetings and expanding your business. The large building has incomparable city views thanks to the huge windows. Also, you can enjoy road walks around, making your work more interesting. 

The powered desks, large conference rooms, interesting shared spaces, and complimentary parking are the major highlights of this venue. Besides, you also get free parking and open coworking spaces. If you are searching for a venue to host an event with minimum rentals, iHub coworking space in Louisville can be your ideal choice. 

Pricing: The official website does not mention any set of pricing for the venue. It is always a good idea to get in touch with the company to know the exact pricing. 

Location: 204 S Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40202, United States.

Phone: (502) 569-1581


There are plenty of benefits when it comes to working in an ideal coworking space in Louisville, KY. Each one of the three places listed above can help you experience a collaborative and supportive environment. So, if you’re longing for a change of pace from the traditional office environment, one of the above venues might be the right fit!

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