12 Awesome Coworking Spaces In Columbus Ohio

Are you searching for the best coworking space Columbus, Ohio is the right place for you.

Columbus is a fascinating and vibrant city in the Midwest. Not only is it the fourth largest city in the United States, but it is also one of the most diverse economies in America. The diversity here reflects in the population and the work spheres. You can witness it at the new age offices – the coworking spaces. Yes, Columbus, Ohio, is beaming with these shared workplaces.

Some of these spell excellent design aesthetics, while others boast of promoting community cultures. Nevertheless, both work for supporting professionals who need a dedicated space to feel inspired to work. All the places mentioned in this fairly long read are ideal examples of coworking spaces. Join these and reap the opportunity to network and grow.

Coworking Space Columbus Ohio

To save you time and effort, we have curated a list of 12 coworking spaces in Columbus Ohio. Take a look:


Versa Grandview


AT 3 minutes distance from the Downtown, Virsa Grandview lives true to its name. With ample natural light and a lakefront view, you have mesmerizing imagery in front of you 24/7. Note that the four-story building at 1201 Dublin Road in Grandview Heights has an area of 37000 square feet for coworkers. The thoughtfully designed coworking space in Columbus, Ohio, by two local entrepreneurs, is well-equipped with amenities and has a dedicated on-duty staff. It features a community lounge and workspace, private executive office spaces, and private rooms for phone calls and team meetings. Moreover, there are meeting spaces for corporate events and conferences. And of course, you can take your pets along.

Location. 1201 Dublin Rd, Columbus

Website. https://versa.works/

Membership Plans. Coworkers can enjoy the open and bright layout at $399/month. Dedicated desks are also available at the same price. Or when you want to use it virtually, pay only $99. The exact cost applies to community memberships. However, for a private office, spend a little more $699/month.


The Hub of Kenny (Coworking Space Columbus Ohio)

Dubbed as an ideal space for individuals and small businesses, the Hub of Kenny provides a comfortable modern coworking space in Columbus, Ohio’s upper Arlington neighborhood. Apart from a dedicated ample space only for coworking, there are also two informal lounge/meeting areas, three dedicated desks, a kitchenette, a conference room, and an event space with a bar. So, if you choose to become a member of this beautiful space, you get access to all these apart from some specific perks. Chief among them include free Wifi, coffee, printing, tea, and snacks.

Location. 4510 Kenny Rd, Columbus

Website. https://www.thehubonkenny.com/

Membership Plans. Part-time memberships come at only $89/month. Whereas, for full-time, you will be asked to pay $129/month. Small private offices are available at $600/month and significant at $800/month. Need a place of your own, pay The hub of Kenny $169/month, and get a personal locker. A day’s pass is also leased at $25. 


Haven Collective


Often misunderstood for the Women’s Clothing Line, Haven Collective is a creative coworking space in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. The place aims to provide females with an opportunity to achieve more. People here can be part of a diverse community of freelancers and entrepreneurs. So, while enjoying the perks of Haven Collective, you can grow your network and taste success. Not only this, Haven conducts signature events every month with experts bringing exciting monthly themes. You may also like to check the resource library for past events. Above all, the membership plans are highly flexible and suit all budgets. You may choose to rent for a day, month, or year.

Location: 2025 Riverside Dr

Website: https://www.havencolumbus.com/

Pricing and Plans: Connect and collaborate in an open coworking space at $150/month. Or rent a private office for one to ten people at $600/month. You may also like to check their community membership plan available only at $85/month.


Cova Cowork Columbus Ohio

A place that offers professional childcare along with an aesthetically pleasing workspace is rare. Cova Cowork is a gem of coworking space in Columbus, Ohio, that provides both and helps you balance your work life with family life. Cova also believes in giving back to the community. To further this cause, they have initiated the Cova Changemakers program. It helps social enterprises to connect and grow their business with their peers. Besides, they are also supporting local artists with their works on display at no cost. And lastly, this place gets playful once in a while. So, participate in fun activities. Various social and professional events are organized every month for the members.

Location: 470 W Broad St

Website: http://www.covacowork.com/

Membership plans: You can avail of coworking membership at $200/month. A private office is leased at $800/month, and a dedicated desk comes for $325/month. Further, if you want a place for a day only, pay Cova $25. Virtual mail and virtual office facilities are also available at $30 and $75, respectively. There is a FREE one-week trial offered!


Industrious The Joseph


Located in the arts district of Short North, Industrious The Joseph is just a short distance from the best nightlife of Columbus. It has a striking modern design with a beautiful view outside. Those who choose to work from here enjoy the benefits of getting inspired by a motivated community and the productivity of a workplace. Also, this place boasts of a diverse community of professionals coming from all walks of services, including consulting, finance, real estate, legal and more. While you can gain access to private coworking space, private rooms are available for a team of 1 to 40 people. And Industrious offers some extra perks too. Find them out yourself.

Location: 629 N High St 4th Floor

Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com/

Memberships Pricing: Take a membership of $225 and pay for the days you come to the office. Or rent a dedicated desk for yourself at $752/month and a fully furnished office at $1211/month.


The Columbus Idea Foundry


The Idea Foundry is a community workshop, learning center, and an awe-inspiring creative space for professionals like you. The founders moved from a 24,000 square foot location to the current 60,000 square foot space (earlier a shoe factory). The first floor is a dedicated construction floor, while the second floor is designed for business people. So, while wood crafters and welders are working on the bottom floor, coworkers are typing on their laptops and sipping away coffee. You can be a part of a 600+ diverse community of professional members with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners. Avail offices and studios for a six or 12-month lease 

Location: The Idea Foundry has only one coworking location in Columbus

  • 421 W State St

Website: https://www.ideafoundry.com/

Memberships Pricing: For a full-time dedicated desk, the charges are $125/month when paid quarterly and $185 when paid monthly. Further, a dedicated desk membership begins at $225/month. In addition, you can also rent a private office for $750/month.   


Brick House Blue – Coworking Space Columbus Ohio

Spread over 9000 square feet, the dynamic Brick House Blue is open for individuals, teams, and organizations to come and collaborate over ideas and weave success. The coworking space, Columbus, Ohio is designed strategically to inspire people for different activities. So, while the shared space has a different design to inspire professionals, the meeting and event area is thoughtfully created to seat more people and has some of the best amenities and latest technologies. Also, to help the students during this pandemic, Brick House Blue has working spaces specially designed for college students, tutors, and students along with parents.

Location: There are two Brick House Blue Coworking spaces in Columbus Ohio

  • 6605 Longshore Street, #240, Dublin
  • 6515 Longshore Loop Suite 100, Dublin

Website: https://www.brickhouseblue.com/

Membership Plans: Need a coworking space for an hour, you get it at $5, and daily charges are $25. Further, a private office for an hour is priced at $25 and $250 for a day. Monthly membership is for $125 while gaining the monthly studio membership by paying $200/month. Similarly, you can lease offices for three months, six months, and even a year, prices vary accordingly. 


COhatch Worthington – The Library & The Madery


With locations all over Columbus, COhatch Worthington is a community town hall that has fostered many professionals’ careers from diverse industries. The design supports work at meetings with an at-home feel. The members can enjoy exciting perks such as gym memberships, family spaces, community events, professional development workshops, member discount programs, beach house access, and so much more. The most exciting feature is flexible coworking space, implying work wherever space is available. So, you can have a new workstation and partner to give you energy every day. Now, if that’s not exciting, then we wonder what it is?

Location: There are only one COhatch Worthington – The Library & The Madery Coworking spaces in Columbus Ohio

  • 752 High St #2

Website: https://www.cohatch.com/

Membership Plans: the 24/7 coworking space is available for $199. Not only this, a meeting pass is for $59, part-time coworking for $149, and a desk for a day is charged differently. 


Qwirk Coworking Space Columbus Ohio

When looking for a casual place to place, look no further. Quirk coworking space, Columbus, Ohio, is the place to go after. It features a well-planned environment to help you to be on top of your productive self. You can work, meet and greet other entrepreneurs, startup founders, freelancers, and other professionals and grow your network. This networking comes at a nominal price for a desk. It also provides access to the conference room, designed for 15 people at one go. And do you know Quirk is offering FREE FRIDAYS? Make the most of it.

Location: 341 S. 3rd St.Suite 100

Website: https://www.qwirkcolumbus.com/

Plans and Pricing: A dedicated desk membership costs $375/month. At the same time, part-time desk memberships are priced $275/month, and weekly desk membership is for $85/week. Besides, Quirk also offers virtual office plans. Or if you want to use a fully-equipped conference room, it varies from $25 to $35 depending on your requirements. 


Office Evolution


Office Evolution is one of the largest networks of coworking spaces in Columbus, Ohio. The safe and affordable offices are well lit with natural light and green views around. Thoughtfully structured workstations provide you with a work-at-home feel and save you from your homes’ unwanted noise. Let’s admit; no house is quiet unless you are single. So you can step out to this place without a second thought. Note that the premium place is following all the safety protocols to ensure your safety. Also, if parking worries you, rest the stress. Most of the coworking Office Evolution locations have sufficient parking space.

Location: There are more than 70  Office Evolution locations all over the USA. Coworking space  Columbus, Ohio, has the following three addresses:

  • Columbus Easton Town Center
    4200 Regent Street Suite 200
  • Worthington Columbus
    200 East Campus View Blvd. #200
  • Dublin
    6500 Emerald Pkwy. Suite 100

Website: https://www.officeevolution.com/

Membership plans: Renting a coworking space is cost-effective at Office Evolution. Prices vary from place to place and with individual requirements. Enter your location and check for yourself


Intelligent Office (Coworking Space Columbus Ohio)

At the Intelligent Office, you can work 24/7 with a view of Columbus Commons Park. It is a premium hybrid workplace with dedicated offices, coworking, conference rooms, hourly offices, mailbox services, and virtual assistants. The conference room has a 70′ flat-screen TV, podium and large whiteboard. Their private executive rooms are fully furnished with sound masking technology for privacy. You can rent these beautifully designed rooms at hourly or weekly charges. Besides, you can also use the premium address for your virtual address. Just download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and get started.

Location: 175 S 3rd St Suite 200

Website: https://www.intelligentoffice.com/

Membership Plans and Pricing: Prices are not revealed. You may always get in touch with the company with your requirements and get a quote.


Regus Ohio 


If you are someone who loves to work amidst nature, then Regus, Ohio, is ideal for you. One of their beautiful coworking space in Columbus, Ohio, is only a few steps away from Polaris Parkway Interchange. The owners have taken special care in equipping the area with comfortable furniture and other necessary amenities. In addition, Regus offers different membership plans: lounge membership, office membership, and coworking membership. The last plan has thousands of spaces ff you are looking for a shared workspace for 5, 10, or unlimited days in a month

Location: Regus has three locations for coworking spaces in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Galleria at PNC Plaza.
    Columbus, OH 43215, USA
  • Fifth Third Center
    Cleveland, 44114, USA
  • Park Center Plaza I.
    Independence, 44131, USA

Website: https://www.regus.com/

Membership: Prices are revealed only upon making a request. Pick your preference and click on “Get a Quote.” Then you are connected to a professional advisor to discuss pricing and other options. Rest assured, the pricing is transparent.

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Wrapping up

Maybe you want a secluded place to ignite your creativity. Or perhaps you are looking for an affordable space closer to the main town; Columbus has it all in all measures. The city is habituated with incredible shared workspaces. They offer amenities and services very few cities or states do. So, while they are readily available to help you find solitude, pay in turn with your productivity. After all, this is what they aim to do. 

With this article, we leave you with ample choices with the hope that you find your ideal coworking spaces in Columbus, Ohio. So, pick up yourself and pack up stuff to head to your preferred place and enjoy!

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