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The work culture all around the world has seen a mushrooming growth in the number of coworking spaces lately. Coworking is a boon for all businesses in all aspects. With the coming of this trend, the work dynamics have changed for the better. In these spaces, your business co-works with many other businesses of different kinds. This helps in growth and better networking. Coworking is any day a better choice than the age-old cubicle office structure. Spaces is one of the biggest coworking space platforms globally. Their services are top notch and professional. Likewise, Spaces San Jose also meets all the professional standards. This coworking space provides all the required amenities and much more. The spaces here are flexible and vibrant. With a warm and welcoming vibe, they are one of the finest coworking space providers in town.

Spaces San Jose organizes plenty of professional and social events from time to time. Small businesses and startups can learn a lot by participating in these events. These office spaces are modern with a corporate hint. Yet these provide the comfort and ease of a home. This coworking space is among the top shared office space providers like WeWork and many more. The coworking space at San Jose by Spaces provides a wide range of amenities. Take a look at these below.

Spaces San Jose – List of Amenities and Perks

Spaces San Jose is one of the best office space when it comes to amenities and perks. This office space provides the best and high-grade facilities and services to the businesses operating here. Check out these amenities in the list below.

  • The interiors are built keeping in mind the comfort of the individuals. Ergonomic chairs are available here. Thus, the comfort of the individuals is given due importance.
  • The access to these spaces is for 24/7. You can drop by whenever you want and get to work straight away.
  • A proper and secure door lock facility is also available here.
  • The cabinets at Spaces San Jose are also lockable and hence secure.
  • Printing, scanning, and photocopying services are also available at this coworking space.
  • Office supplies also remain fully stocked at all times. These include all the required day to day corporate prerequisites.
  • These office spaces are kept spick and span throughout the day by the cleaning crew present here.
  • You can also avail of the services of an IT support team whenever you need it. Hence, your IT issues are taken care of then and there.
  • Refreshments and unlimited high-quality coffee are also provided at this coworking space throughout the day.
  • Frequent professional and social events are also organized at Spaces San Jose.
  • The conference rooms are fully equipped and fully serviced at this coworking space. These have all the modern high technology features required by businesses nowadays.
  • Receptionist and secretarial services are also provided at this coworking space.
  • At Spaces San Jose, phone booths are also available. These are soundproof and you can place both domestic and international calls from here.
  • It is very easy to find a parking spot around here. So, parking is not an issue either.
  • Lightening fast high-speed internet is also available at this coworking space.
  • You can also avail of the mail handling and the mail packaging services available at this coworking space.
  • Furthermore, the businesses operating here can also benefit from the enormous global presence of Spaces.
  • One on one investor sessions are also invaluable for the startups and small businesses here.


Spaces San Jose




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Membership Plans at San Jose Spaces

Spaces San Jose provides a number of membership plans for their coworking spaces. These membership plans are fairly flexible and with easy terms of service. Check out these membership plans listed below.

Business Club Spaces: At Spaces San Jose, you can find a perfect spot in the business club area. These spaces are flexible and modern. Even though the design is as per corporate standards still they have a warm and comfortable touch. In the business club coworking space, you can have all the focus that your work requires. This space is perfect for interviews, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions and more. You can rent out these spaces at a monthly rental of $330 per month. These space are accessible 24/7. This membership plan is best for small businesses and startups.

Flexible Private Office: Spaces San Jose provides various kinds of private office spaces. These office spaces are tailor-made to suit your peculiar work requirements. The dimensions of office space can be altered as per the number of individuals in the business. These spaces are secure and you have a 24/7 access to these. The contract terms are also very flexible and easy. The rental price for these office spaces is $825 per month. This membership plan is suitable for big businesses with specific work demands.

Dedicated Desk: A dedicated desk is a private desk space in a shared office area. These coworking spaces are spacious and provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration. In a shared office space, you can have your own dedicated fixed spot. Under this membership plan, you get an ergonomic chair, a desk, and a secure lockable cabinet. This membership plan is the most suitable for travelers and part-time workers. You can get a dedicated desk at Spaces San Jose at a rental of $500 per month.

Meeting cum Conference Rooms: The meeting and conference rooms here are best suitable for interviews, brainstorming sessions and much more. At Spaces San Jose you can rent out a meeting room for half day at a rental price of $195. You can avail of the conference room service even if you are a nonmember.

Coworking Space Memberships: You can get a membership plan for the coworking space at San Jose beginning at a price of $350 per month. You can avail of various exclusive perks and facilities available for membership holders at Spaces San Jose. Under this membership plan, the terms are considerably flexible. Also, you get all the required amenities like Spaces staff assistance, refreshments and access to office utilities. The possibilities for collaboration, networking, innovation, and growth are endless.

You can choose from the membership plan of your choice as per your business requirements. Do visit Spaces San Jose official website for complete information about the membership plans.

Location and Contact

Spaces San Jose has two coworking spaces in the city. Both of these coworking spaces are situated in the prime locations of San Jose. All the required amenities are available at these office spaces. The modern high technology infrastructure is available at both of these locations. There are plenty of eateries and coffee shops around these spaces.

Spaces San Jose – Santana Row: This coworking space is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. There are many big business brands sharing the same vicinity such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. There are a lot of eateries and coffee spots nearby. So good eats are just a few steps away. Also, this coworking space can be easily accessed from the Santa Clara Caltrain station. Commuting around here is an absolute breeze.

Address: 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, California 95128
Contact: (408) 689-4550

Email: [email protected]

Spaces San Jose – North First: This Spaces San Jose space is located right in the tech hub of the city. This office space is surrounded by many eateries, restaurants, cafes and shopping spots. This coworking space is located near highways 237, 101 and 880. Moreover, the Caltrain and the Great America Commuter Rail are also easily accessible from here.

Address: 435 N First St, San Jose, California, 95112
Contact: (844) 677-2237

Official Website:


Spaces has one of the largest coworking space networks across many nations. Their popular spaces include ones in Santa Clara, California and Spaces San Jose. Their facilities and services are professional and high quality. You can avail of numerous amenities here which you will not find at many other coworking spaces. They have years of expertise and the businesses operating here definitely benefit from it.

Coworking is a popular working trend nowadays. But with time, it has grown into a platform for innovation and business opportunities. These spaces are now not just confined to the service provider role. At these spaces, the businesses work under the same roof and hence collaborate and diversify. Spaces San Jose is a great option for coworking in the city. Do check out their membership plans and choose as per your requirements. Also reach them at their email address, to get more information about space availability and prices.

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