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Impact Hub Austin isn’t just a coworking space but a place where like-minded people share their vision. A vision to create something unusual! Located in the state capital of Texas, the city of Austin is all ears for a bold idea. The environment is full of positivity, engagement, and a plan – all intertwined with each other. The community supports the people from every corner of the city and encourages them to bring up a change globally. It provides a combination of various plans that impact every aspect of society. 

Whoever said business and entrepreneurship is the key to a successful change couldn’t be more correct! Impact Hub in Austin provides wings to every person who is striving for a change and working effortlessly throughout day and night.  Also, the entire network of this exclusive coworking space believes that collaborative opportunities bring alive creativity and sets a definite benchmark. It is designed most innovatively, plus you get to bring your canine friends along!

Amenities at Impact Hub Austin

Home to the dreamers and the innovators, Impact Hub Austin, provides A-Z solutions to your business development. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person army or have a team of people working with you. The community will provide you with a passionate atmosphere and indulge you in working in a collaborative manner. 

  • Office Supplies: From a stapler to a printer, the workspace has everything that you require.  In other words, with a membership to this space, you won’t have to worry about small things. Need a pencil? Ask for it!
  • Free Parking: Yes, you heard it right! Forget about the hassle of paid parking and relax with Impact Hub’s free parking service. 
  • Access to Lounge Area: Whether you want to chill or bring in your clients for a quick chat, the lounge area is good to go! 
  • Private Space: Making important calls is now easy with access to private spaces. Therefore, in Austin based Impact Hub, you won’t be bothered by nosy people, and that is a promise.
  • High-Speed Wi-fi: To make a Skype call to your angry client sitting miles away, you need a strong cup of coffee and a high-speed internet connection. This coworking space is well equipped to provide you with a wi-fi connection with unmatched speed. 
  • You Doggo has a safe place to Stay: Don’t have a place to keep your fury baby? Don’t worry! Bring it along. While you are busy handling the meeting, your pet is here playing with other dogs without worry. 
  • Global Access to 80+ Locations: The coworking space is spread across 80 locations. By becoming a member, you can get access to all of them! 
  • Kitchen: From a sandwich to snacks, Impact Hub Austin, is ready at your disposal. In other words, by joining the community, you get free access to yummy coffee, tea, and Yerba mate.  
  • Conference Rooms: Worried about meeting with a delegation from another city? The access to a conference room will let you have a productive discussion with them if you choose the Impact Hub community. Also, if you have a piece of big news for your team, the conference room is a great place to share all the details.
  • Car wash: Working as your boss may sometimes mean that you won’t have enough time for yourself on the shelf. You may find it difficult to carry even the most basic tasks, for example, taking your car for a wash. The on-site car wash service is here to help you gladly. 
  • 24/7 Access: Your time may clash with your client’s time, and every once in awhile, you may have to work late hours. The workspace provides 24/7 access, so you can come and leave at your convenience. 
  • Access to HubNet Online Community: If you are a member of this coworking space, that ultimately makes you a member of the HubNet Online Community.
  • Natural Lighting: Natural lighting helps you become mentally alert and productive.  As a result, this is what the community at Impact Hub Austin has incorporated at the workspace.
  • Mailbox: Never miss an important mail with the help of the Mailbox service.
  • Customized Office Arrangements: Have an important event coming up? Ask for a customizable arrangement, and that’s what you will get. 
  • Availability of Lockers on Rent: You won’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying your stuff home each day and then bringing it back the other day. Therefore, with access to safe lockers, you can keep your things in the workspace.
  • Community Service: Each month, the people at Impact Hub indulge in community service. Not only it helps them engage with society, but it also helps them bring about a positive change. 
  • Yoga & Meditation Program: Overworked? Channelize your inner chakras with the yoga and meditation program at the most fantastic coworking space in Austin. 
  • Community Workshop/Panels/Training: Make the most of the community workshops at Impact Hub Austin, since there are expert panels and training programs that allow you to learn and grow with the people around you. 
  • Monthly Makers Meeting: The global Impact Hub experts try to bring about a change in the community by sharing their thoughts and ideas. Each month an expert motivates the people to turn into more compassionate human beings.

Impact Hub Austin


Membership Plans

The pricing structure at Impact Hub Austin is flexible based on your requirements. Are you a freelancer or have a ten-member team? This coworking space is perfect for all your needs.  Meanwhile, you can stay a member for as long as you have projects or get your desk to carry your daily tasks. 

Here is detailed information about the membership plans.

HUB Community

Join a community that is work driven and innovative by paying $35 per month. The membership gives you access to 80+ Impact Hubs across 50 countries all over the world. 

General Coworking

With General Coworking Membership, you can sit anywhere you like and work comfortably. It can be the lounge area or even the backyard, find your happy little place in Impact Hub Austin and WORK! Avail the benefits of General Coworking Membership at $300 a month.

Dedicated Desks

Don’t like changing seats every day, then don’t. Pay $500 a month and get yourself a dedicated desk. This membership allows you to have a permanent desk for as long as you want without having to worry about anybody touching your personal belongings.

Private Offices

If you are a team of 10 members or more and want a space that is exclusively for you, then Private Offices are the best option. There are different prices for different requirements.  However, you can contact the management at Impact Hub Austin to know more about them. 

Location & Contact

Impact Hub Austin can be found in two different areas, one in Monroe-South Austin and the other in Lamar-North Austin.  Therefore, given below is the detailed description of both the locations.

Impact Hub Monroe

It was brought into being in a place that once used to be a warehouse. This location has been serving the people of Austin for more than six years now and is a stunning coworking space with a backyard. Impact Hub Monroe is home to people from different niches – designing, coding, and marketing and offers a creative space to grow personally and professionally. For further inquiries, feel free to visit them at 411 W Monroe, Austin, TX 78704.

Impact Hub Lamar

A community hub that provides service to the people of North Loop, Skyview, Allandale, and Rosedale, Impact Hub Lamar, was opened in early 2017. The interior is somewhat similar to the Monroe Impact Hub that drives people to work for the betterment of the society and influences them to become more creative. It provides members with a lucrative space for events and workshops that is capable of fitting around 400 people. For more details, visit them at 5540 N Lamar Austin, TX 78756.


Email: [email protected]


Austin based Impact Hub is undoubtedly one of the best coworking spaces in Austin. The benefits of such spaces are that they serve as a community for creative people. It is not always essential to own a place to work. The coworking trends have changed the dynamics of an office where you have to be present from 9-5. The good news is you can come and go as per your work requirements. 

Talking about Impact Hub Austin, it has more than 11,000 members and is spread across 80 locations. What makes it stand out from other coworking spaces is the flexible membership options and access to a diverse community where innovative people share ideas and grow together. Also, the different workshops and training sessions allow you to collaborate with your peers and give you a chance to know the different thought processes of the people around you.  Therefore, if you are looking for a place to turn your dreams into a reality, this is the answer!

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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