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Coworking is a trend that has grabbed everyone’s attention and curiosity in the past few years. These spaces are growing like wild mushrooms lately all across the globe. Coworking spaces provide the warm comfort of home, yet allowing you to have the required focus at work. The age-old glass cubicles are not in demand nowadays as they were before. The flexible features of the coworking culture appeal to everybody. Such a work culture also allows for great growth and diversification. As this office structure allows a lot of businesses to work under one roof, networking is easily built up which is inevitable for growth. Ctrl Collective Pasadena is a great option for coworking in the city.

This coworking space provides a number of amenities for the businesses operating here. The picturesque location of this space is truly a delight. Ctrl Collective has three more coworking locations which are in Denver, Manhattan Beach, and Playa Vista. Check out the features of their Pasadena location as listed below.

Ctrl Collective Pasadena Amenities and Perks

This coworking space provides a range of amenities for the individuals and businesses operating here. Below is the detailed list of these amenities. Check them out.

  • The access to this coworking space is for 24/7. It implies that the work hours are flexible here and you can come and get to work whenever you want.
  • Informative classes are also available at Ctrl Collective Pasadena, so it is another valuable facility that you can avail of.
  • Unlimited coffee is provided here, which allows you to stay awake and have proper focus at work.
  • Fully equipped and high technology infrastructure office spaces, that allow the businesses to function smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Conference rooms are also available at this space for you to use so that your team can work in coherence.
  • Different events are also held frequently at this space. These include both social and corporate events.
  • Furthermore, you also get access to a recreation room here. Recreation is as important as work and Ctrl Collective Pasadena looks after this aspect quite well.
  • One on one meetings with potential investors and mentors are also organized quite often. Such sessions help you to explore diversification opportunities for your business.
  • Also, at this coworking space pets are allowed which makes this coworking space a preferred spot. What else do you need!
  • High-quality printing service is also available here for free.
  • Lightening fast internet is also available at Ctrl Collective Pasadena.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot here. You can easily have your car parked at the premises of this office space.
  • Venture Capital provision is also open for small businesses at this coworking space so you have that area covered as well.
  • Mentor sessions are also provided at this coworking space.
  • Also, you can avail of the video conferencing facility available at Ctrl Collective.
  • Furthermore, a photo studio is also available here.
  • You also get the mail handling and packaging facility at Ctrl Collective Pasadena.
  • A phone booth service is also provided at this space.
  • Furthermore, the cleaning crew at Ctrl Collective keeps this space spick and span at all times.

Ctrl Collective Pasadena




Membership Plans at Ctrl Collective Pasadena

Full Time – In the full-time membership plan at Ctrl Collective Pasadena, you get an unlimited usage provision for their coworking spaces. A 24/7 access is provided to the spaces under this membership plan. Furthermore, you also get to access the events organized at Ctrl Collective which are both social and professional. For growing businesses, these events are invaluable. You can get the full-time membership plan at a monthly rental of $349. This option is the best for part-time workers.

Part Time – In the part-time membership plan at Ctrl Collective Pasadena, you have ten days usage facility. This implies that you can use the selected coworking space for any ten days within a month’s time. The access to these spaces is for 24/7 and you also get access to the events organized here from time to time. The rent prices for this membership plan is $199 per month. This membership plan is most suitable for freelancers who do not require a committed spot and have to work every now and then. It is a flexible plan where the terms are meant to suit individual needs.

Private Office – At Ctrl Collective Pasadena, you can get your own private space that allows you to have the focus which your work requires. The access to the private office is for 24/7. Furthermore, you can participate in the professional and social events organized at this space. A private office can be rented out at a rental of $900 per month. This office space is best for small businesses and startups.

Private Desk – A dedicated desk space at Ctrl Collective Pasadena costs $449 per month. The access to these spaces is for 24/7 and you can also participate in the frequent events organized at this space. A private desk facility is the most suitable for part-time workers who need a fixed spot for a certain period of time.

Custom Corporate Space – Ctrl Collective Pasadena also provides tailor-made coworking spaces for your business. They also provide custom made spaces as per your business requirements. The access to this space is for 24/7 including the access to the various events organized at this coworking space. The cost will be as per the amenities included and the space structure.

Visit their official website for more information regarding their membership plans and coworking spaces.

Location and Contact

Pasadena – Ctrl Collective

Ctrl Collective Pasadena is located at the edge of the city. The location of this coworking space lets you enjoy the scenic beauty here. This space has a galore of museums, eateries, cafes and shopping centers around. So you can enjoy a quick getaway on the go. This area is just ten miles away from Los Angeles Downtown. Commuting is also very easy around here.

Location – 45 S Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, California, USA

Contact – 626 395 7693

Email – [email protected]

Official Website – https://www.ctrlcollective.com/pasadena


Ctrl Collective Pasadena is one of the finest coworking spaces in the town. It poses a cutting edge competition to famous coworking spaces like WeWork Pasadena and many more. The number of amenities provided by this space is just enough for your business to flourish and prosper. It is not just a coworking space but much more. It is a platform where your business can add value to its brand name. Facilities like venture capital, professional events, and mentor sessions make this coworking space a preferable spot. This office space is appropriate for freelancers, travelers, small to large businesses and startups. 

Coworking has a number of benefits from which the businesses operating under it can benefit greatly. It brings together the startups and business ideas of various kinds and provides an opportunity for them to explore growth options. The traditional office structures are no longer in trend. With the coming of coworking culture, the whole work dynamic of corporates has taken a 180-degree turn for better. When looking for coworking spaces in the city do check out Ctrl Collective Pasadena. Choose the coworking space matching your peculiar corporate needs. Also, reach them at their email address to get complete information about their coworking spaces.

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