7 Awesome Coworking Spaces In Boulder With Prices & Perks

Looking for the best Boulder coworking space? You are right on spot. These shared offices in Boulder are designed to provide an environment in which people can work alongside other professionals, share ideas, and foster new business relationships. If you are working as a remote worker or an independent contractor, this is the perfect place for you to be inspired and build your brand.

These Boulder coworking spaces offer unique environments that are sure to provide a new dynamic to your workspace. They also provide assistance in networking with other professionals who share similar interests and passions. They are highly flexible, easy to set up and allow you to rent a desk, section of a larger office, or even a complete office area. If you’re seeking a coworking space that is worth your time, read on!

Coworking spaces in Boulder are usually flexible about payment options, including daily, weekly, or monthly payment options.

Coworking Spaces Boulder

This article will introduce you to some of the best coworking spaces based out of Boulder and provide you with a list, along with their location and other relevant information. Let’s get started.

1. CampWorks 


You may have seen many coworking spaces in Boulder, but nothing matches the serenity of this place. An abundance of natural light and serene surroundings inspires coworkers here to work at their optimum. The palace with modern architecture provides privacy and benefits for the community. You get both private places as well as shared workspaces to work here. There are membership programs available for dedicated desks, private offices, and team spaces. With these membership types, you get access to CampWorks social calendar and amenities program. Besides, there are communal spaces for casual chit-chat such as kitchen, balcony, and spacious outdoor rooms.

CampWorks is close to the Boulder countryside. It invites you to step outside and enjoy a run, bike ride, or walk to recharge and reenergize itself. When back, rinse yourself in private showers loaded with fresh towels.  

Location: 5398 Manhattan Circle, Boulder, CO 80303, United States

Contact: (720) 608-5555

Membership plans and pricing: The private offices at CampWorks Boulder start at $1100/month. Team spaces begin at $3000/month. Both provide conference rooms and space for the company events with designated parking. Further, a dedicated desk is for $395/month and comes with a phone room and mail address. 


2. Office Partners on Pearl

Coworking Space Boulder- Office Partners on Pearl

Discover the stunning workspace of Office Partner on Pearls, which is thoughtfully designed to keep you energized and productive every step of the way. Whether you need a space to hold a meeting or planning to flourish your business, you will find everything you need at Office Partner on Pearls. Amenities at this coworking space include high-speed internet, four well-appointed conference rooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, janitorial services, parking access, printers, mailbox and packaging services, etc. What makes this coworking place stand-out from others is they foster a dog-friendly space, where you don’t have to leave your furry pet behind. Moreover, full-time employees can avail of the facility by a free bus pass, ensuring a seamless commute to the premises.

Location: 1200 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, United States

Contact: (303) 938-6800

Membership plans and pricing: Prices for a flex desk at this coworking space begin at $150/month. You can avail of their desk on demand membership, which is available for a one time booking at $50/day or $425 for 10-day punch pass. Moreover, a private office space is available at a price of $650/month.


3. Industrious Coworking Boulder


A panoramic view of the Industrious office in Boulder is enough to make you pay to work at this place. However, there are many more lucrative offers. Industrious offers highest rated coworking spaces in Boulder. It provides the highest-rated workspaces with sustainable options for the companies. Even if you want to rent a space for a day or two in a week, Industrious has a designated space for you.

There is a mother’s room specially designed to cater to the needs of all the mothers who need a private space to tend to their babies. In addition, you get to enjoy healthy snacks, wellness events for the members, private phone booths, happy hours, confectionaries, and more. Most importantly, Industrious is a dog-friendly coworking space.

 Location: 1919 14th Street

Contact: (720) 230-9201

Membership plans and pricing: A dedicated desk for one is charged at $880/month. A dedicated desk for 3 is available for $2400/month. A dedicated office for four comes for $3430/month. A dedicated office for 6 is priced at 5180/month. For 9, it is $6800/month. If you want a full-floor canvas suite, the price is revealed only on request. Private offices are also available at hourly rates.


4. Office Evolution, Boulder

There is one place in Boulder that has an entrepreneurial vibe to itself, and we call it Office Evolution. It is undoubtedly the best place for networking and growing your business. This location of Office Evolution has 22 offices, one training room, and three conference rooms. You can meet the clients in the conference rooms, this place is better than any random coffee shop, isn’t it?

And if you think this is enough, you haven’t tasted their free coffee and visited their kitchen or witnessed other amenities such as private locking mailboxes, on-site showering facilities (in case you forgot to), free parking, and more. 

Location: 4845 Pearl E Cir #101,

Contact: (303) 558-4582

Membership plans and pricing: For private offices, the price is $349/month. You can consider renting the conference rooms by the hour; the starting charges are $60/hour. And the shared coworking spaces at Office Evolution Boulder begin at $99/month. If you require a professional phone answering service, avail of it at $149/month. You can also get an hour of live phone answering every month. Or, if you wish to use the business address, buy it at a $79/month nominal price.

5. Galvanize Boulder

Whether you are a startup looking to network or a remote worker trying to collaborate, there is a customized solution to all your needs at Galvanize Boulder. You will have access to all the modern and essential amenities here, including opportunities to learn more. It is one of those hybrid coworking spaces in Boulder where you will witness tech geeks, entrepreneurs, and startups working quietly to grow leaps and bounds.

Apart from the traditional offerings, Galvanize hosts events, luncheons, meetups for the members. And in case you feel a need for some guidance, there are on-site mentors to help you out. Finally, if you are looking to brush up on your skills, there is a part-time and full-time programming school too. Corporate training is also available. Reach out and select a space – open, reserved, or private.  

Location: 1023 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302, United States

Contact: (303) 749-0038

Membership plans and pricing: Open seating for founders and startup employees are kept at a price of $250/month. A reserved desk for smaller teams is for $450/month. And a private suite for a team of 12 Begins at $600/month. If you are interested in flexible memberships, it is for remote workers and freelancers and priced at $125.


6. Boulder Healing Hub


A coworking space dedicated to health and healing practitioners in Boulder, Colorado. The founder herself is a psychotherapist and massage therapist who felt that the medical profession is a solo career, and these individuals also need to connect and grow. Her belief gave birth to Boulder Healing Hub. At Boulder Healing Club, you only pay for the time you spend. 

It is a flexible coworking space Boulder that offers fully outfitted offices for massage therapists, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, coaches, etc. It comes along with some professional and marketing advantages. The practitioners can rent a flexible office or full-time dedicated office to provide their clients with all kinds of healing: mental, psychological, or physical. At Boulder Healing Club, you only pay for the time you spend. In addition, you can conduct private Tele health consultations with your client in private rooms or see them in person. 

Location: 1650 38th St #100e, Boulder, CO 80301, United States

Contact: (720) 500-5482

Membership plans and pricing: Satellite membership is for $25/month


7. Kiln (Cowork space in Boulder)


An eco-friendly space repurposed from seven different buildings into a flexible space for the coworking community. Kiln Boulder has a unique decor that ensures the original history and texture stays preserved. The meeting rooms are made soundproof to keep all your private conversations private and confidential. In addition, there are event spaces (a theatre with audio and tech abilities) for social and industrial events, along with four conference rooms.

A cafe offers discounts on sandwiches, salads, an outdoor patio, and a podcast studio.  Apart from the several amenities provided by this place, it ensures that you enjoy a perfect work-life balance. Not many coworking spaces in Boulder offer this perk. Parking is FREE.

Location: 2101 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302, United States

Contact: (720) 601-0408

Membership plans and pricing: Work at a shared desk for $345pp/month. At the same time, a dedicated desk is available at $55pp/month. For a team of 15 to 50, a private office is open with customization and branding. And a private office for 1 to 15 people is lockable. Prices for both are revealed upon inquiry. Book a tour to know more about the space.

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Wrapping up

For those who work remotely and need an occasional place to meet with clients or get out of the house, temporary coworking space is also available in many places. Many Boulder coworking spaces offer dedicated desks, which allow you to pay for the use of one desk at a time. This makes it exceptionally convenient for those who only need occasional desk space and can’t commit to being at a location per day, five days per week. This is handy for freelancers who only occasionally need a place to work. 

You can also rent temporary office space if you need a place to meet with clients or present your company or products (many coworking spaces have conference/presentation rooms). Temporary office space is also convenient when you have an important meeting and want to make sure everything goes well. Rest assured, Boulder is a great location and serves the coworking community with everything they need.

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