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Center for New Music is a great coworking facility for professionals working in the music industry. Whether you are a freelancer or a business expert, all your needs will be catered to once you join this center. Furthermore, working at this workspace is both budget-friendly and beneficial for your endeavor. Here, you will get all the resources that will help you perform better and help support the music community. In addition to this, they provide special services that will help you work more productively. Isn’t that great? You will have a place that exclusively works for the people coming from a music background. Not to mention, the work center has great decor and is surrounded by a creative aura.

Working from the Center for New Music San Francisco enables you to use your potential to the fullest. You will be working alongside people who like you harbor a passion for music. That implies you will be working in an ideal environment that encourages growth and innovation. Also, you will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals and enjoy the privilege of working in a collaborative space. Everything that your venture could possibly require is available here. They offer various work plans that will match with your work schedule and make things more convenient for you. If you want to take a closer look at the center, keep reading further!

Perks of working at Center for New Music:

By providing state-of-the-art amenities, the Center for New Music helps you accomplish your tasks more easily. Not to mention, these additional perks are complementary to your membership plans and you do not have to pay anything extra to avail these services. All these benefits will surely make your work journey worthwhile. Given below is the list of amenities that are offered by the center.

  • Flexible workspace: At Center for New Music San Francisco, you will get a flexible place to work that will enable you to work according to your own rules.
  • Wi-Fi facility: Need to finish an important assignment online? No worries. The center provides an efficient internet facility so that you do not face a network disruption.
  • Mail service: Another great service provided by the Center for New Music includes mail services. Now you do not need to worry about you mails as they will take care of it all. Also, once you get a new mail, they will notify you as well.
  • Printing facility: Get you important documents printed at the center itself. They have made available top quality printing equipment so that you get the best of everything.
  • Meeting/ Conference Rooms: You can conduct your meetings at the workspace as they provide well-equipped meeting spaces. So, host your conferences in a professional environment and impress your clients.
  • Kitchen facility: Feeling hungry after working for a long hour? No worries. Center for New Music San Francisco has a kitchen stocked with abundant food so that you can say goodbye to unannounced hunger.
  • Free coffee and tea: If you are feeling drowsy, help yourself with a warm cup of tea or coffee and refresh your mind.
  • Library: The workspace also has a great library comprising of a good collection.

Center for New Music San Francisco





Workspace options at Center for New Music:

Day rate: Need a workspace for just one day? No worries. You can avail a day pass at the Center for New Music and access the center for the day. So, you have to pay for the time you spend at the workspace. This is ideally suited for those who are traveling and need a creative workspace. Also, you will have access to the facilities offered by the center. The cost of availing this plan is $15 per day.

Virtual Membership: This plan enables you to use the facilities of the center even if you are not a regular member. How you might ask? Well, a virtual membership gives you access to the facilities at the center and that too at a minimal cost. Furthermore, these facilities include mail services and more. In addition to this, you will also get 8 hours in month access to the meeting room. The membership price of this plan is $25 per month.

Coworking membership: If you prefer working in a collaborative workspace, then you should consider this option. Under this plan, the Center for New Music San Francisco provides access to desks in the coworking area. So, you have the liberty to choose a space of your liking based on the availability. All you have to do is drop in for work, bring your laptop and get on with your tasks. You will have unlimited access during the business hours. The price associated with this option is $125 per month.

Fixed desk coworking: This option at Center for New Music gives you access to a personalized space. That implies you will have a permanent work spot with unlimited access during business hours. So, drop in whenever you feel like working. Furthermore, you can customize your space in accordance to your requirements. Another benefit of this is that you can store your work materials at the center itself rather than carrying them everywhere. The membership cost of this option is $200 per month.

Private office: The spacious and well-furnished offices at the Center for New Music San Francisco is a great option if you work in a team. Furthermore, these offices have all the facilities that will help you fulfill your assignments. The unique environment of the workspace will encourage your team members to deliver their best. You will have unlimited access to these full-key offices.  The pricing of these offices varies based on their size and number of individuals in your team. To know about their availability and price, please establish contact with them.

Location and Contact:

Center for New Music – SF

Center for New Music is located in a great location that has a creative atmosphere. Further, you will be working in one of the prime locations of San Francisco city. The workspace is at a small distance from various retail stores and entertainment venues. Not to mention, you can find some of the best coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Worried about traveling to work? Shun all your worries! The center is ideally located and is connected to major transportation routes. All in all, your venture will thrive in the environment of this workspace.

Address: 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


Email:  [email protected]


Besides providing you with a place to work, the Center for New Music San Francisco introduces you to a new music family. Further, becoming a part of a new community will help you grow. You will be able to participate in the member events organized by the center. These events create new opportunities for you to build new connections and widen your circle of network. Other than this, you will also be awarded hefty discounts on concerts. You will have access to member pricing which will give you many discounts. All these benefits can be availed by becoming a member at the center.

The flexible memberships at Center for New Music coworking space San Francisco have been thoughtfully designed keeping in view your requirements. Not to mention, the efficient onsite staff at the workspace are always available at your disposal. So, whenever you find yourself in a problem, you can reach out to them and get the required assistance. All these amazing benefits are available under a single roof just for you. If you are still in doubt, I suggest you take a tour of the workspace and choose for yourself. You will definitely love this place if you are a music enthusiast.

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