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Startup huh? Great decision, not everyone in this small world saw big dreams. Wait! Do you have a proper place for a startup? Don’t you need proper guidelines before starting a business? 

Yes, both i.e. space and guidelines are matters for a perfect startup. If you are in san Francisco then you are very lucky as you have San Francisco’s Founders Den there. Ask any entrepreneur about this Coworking space, you will yourself find why you should choose this workspace. With shared office space, it has a private club also for the startups. At Founders Den, you can accommodate 12 to 15 startups at one time but not for more than 6 months. The number of employees for each startup would be six or a few. You just have yo pay the market rates for the space you occupy. 

How the Founders Den is Different from other workspaces?

This Coworking space does not limit itself up to some sort of workspace, they will provide you more than this. They know what difficulties one faced in the process of startup hence they form a curated community of founders who will help one another in terms of the investment and guidelines.  

Perks & Amenities

  • Clubhouse Area:  Clubhouse area At Den is something very different than you will find nowhere. You can book the area for parties, hosting a guest or for any event. Some fun with work should be there, you and your clients both will feel good.
  • Internet facility: As this area has internet connection and desks, feel free to work here too.
  • Comfortable furniture: You addressed different workspaces but you will never find the furniture like they are providing in Founders Den. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed while working.
  • Numerous conference rooms: There is much small room in the workspace for the companies who want to be near other startups without being present in the same room. 
  • Informal application process: You do not need any application or any kind of experience to enter in founders Den. What you need is a reference or recommendation either from the manager or one of the sponsors. 
  • Pay according to market rate: Founders Den is not asking you for any additional or extra amount. You just have to pay market rate for rent, not more not less. 
  • Investment opportunities: They have a curated community that helps one another in investment and in providing proper guidelines. This is something very different thing that you will find nowhere.
  • Several startups in which Founders Den invested

San Francisco’s Founders Den has investements in many companies like Docker, a 7 years old company, which has gone on to raise about $181 million from investors, and social cam, a mobile app company, in 2012 it acquired by auto desk $60 million. 

Den also hired many people and one of them is August, worked as a digital maker for key fewer door locks and a doorbell camera. He has since rarely raised $50 million from investors and now employs 80 people. 

Founders Den San Francisco




The best part of San Francisco’s Founders Den is that everyone is connected there. They want to build up a place where they can work with each other, help each other. They have a space of 8500-Square-Foot. Within the space, they have an airy lounge. No rules are there, you can have a break in between and take a drink or gossip with the fellow members. 

They do have a little stage which they used for cocktails, fireside chats or for other events. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent in front of everyone. You will get appreciation and suggestion from an experienced one.  

Location 665 3rd Street, Suite 150, San Francisco, CA  94107

Email: [email protected] 



Now you have several reasons to choose Founders Den. They are giving you a place where you can build multiple startups. It is the place where you can hangouts with your entrepreneurs. You would have enough time to discuss new ideas for your business. It is really a great place to increase your relation and networking with other companies. With the large space, they are giving you airy lounge and much more. You will get this much of facility and you just have to pay on the market rate. Isn’t that amazing. 

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