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Hello, creative minds! Have you heard of Hacker Lab Sacramento? Not everyone gets the opportunity to do things in a way they want to do. At a certain point, many of us start compromising and decide to leave our dreams behind. If you are not the one and want to create something new but have a lack of equipment then your problem is totally solved now because of Hackerspace Lab. 

Hacker lab is one of its kinds and it believes that technology is everything but for the same education is a must. But do you think that in schools or colleges, we have provided the required number of equipment to build or create something extraordinary? Do our parents allow us to buy such costly equipment? No, then how could we shape our ideas in physical form. Hacker lab will provide us with everything that we need if we have that fire to make something new. 

They welcome all the programmers, makers, entrepreneurs, students, etc. Apart from the experiments they teach them everything they need and everything they want to learn according to their taste. 


Along with proper equipment and mentors, you will be provided many other facilities also that is the other reason to love Hacker Lab Sacramento.

24/7 keycard access: As creativity never follows any time table, it can come anytime, in the day or night. Then why should we have to work according to day and night? Here, you will have your anytime access card so as you can come and work whenever you want to. 

Huge Maker space: Do not worry about your turn to create something, at Hacker Lab in Sacramento, we have enough space so that you can make anything, anytime. You should have that fire inside you and rest, leave upon us.

Large Conference room: They are providing conference rooms for business meetings. Do not worry about the number of clients, the conference rooms are big enough to handle all of them. 

Coffee and healthy snacks: Feeling lazy and hungry while working? Sacramento’s Hacker Lab also provides coffee and snakes. Take a break, do some gossips and then back to work again. 

Awesome community: Members in Hacker Lab Sacramento are always ready to help each other. They have a number of mentors who will be there when you need them. All of them believes in togetherness and never hesitates to ask something or to guide someone.

Comfortable Workspaces: You will feel comfortable working here. They will provide you with everything you need while working. Hacker Lab Sacramento is a perfect place to focus alongside fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

Education: Along with the working space, Hacker Lab in Sacramento will also provide you classes related to hacking, art, internet things, marketing, and business-related skills. They have a mentor team who will always be there to guide you and provide you with the path that will take you to your goals. 

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Membership Plans at Hacker Lab Sacramento:


Like the other coworking spaces, they will provide the spaces where you can work with ease. The unusual thing here is that you are provided with a number of equipment and mentors who will guide you and teach you. According to your needs, they are providing membership plans accordingly. Choose a suitable one for you and let’s start working. 

  • All-Access membership: This is the lowest price membership available here. Don’t you think it is better to have your own place to work without having a hole in your pocket? This membership does not include the private deck. The membership for the same is starting at $124.99 per month.
  • Maker Cage: For the people who want to make something or do any kind of experiments, they have the option to take the membership of Maker cage. The membership is starting for $299 per month.
  • Private Desk: Have your private desk at Sacramento’s Hacker Lab at just $100 per month. Nobody will use your place, it is like your place in your office where you can work without any disturbances.
  • Private office: If you have your team or you do not like to work with another one, Hacker Lab Sacramento also have the option of Private office. The office only belongs to you only like you are the boss, no one can enter in your private area.

Maker space: Yes, makers are also welcome here and they are free to make anything they want to. They have 250K worth of advanced fabrication equipment for your use. Hacker Lab Sacramento is the best choice to learn something and to create amazing things. 

Here you have the option to use thousands of dollars worth of tools and advanced prototyping equipment to cut, print, and hack your dreams into reality – or learn the skills you need to do that. Here you will have a woodshop, metal shop, electronics, laser cutting, CNC machine, computer lab, textile lab, 3D printing, and photo studio. Two of them are explained below, for you to get an idea of these workspaces:

  • Woodshop: Ranging from hand tools to power tools, everything is provided at Sacramento’s Hacker Lab. There are some machines here, to use them you required some classes from our mentors. 
  • Metalshop: including various hand tools, grinding wheels, milling machines you will get everything related to metal shop at Sacramento’s Hacker Lab. 

EDU courses and Meetup space

Are you into making designs, fabrication, interested in technical things or have a startup idea? Everything is here for you. With the equipment, they also have a meeting space, where the people who have the same interests can discuss their startups and ideas so as to create something better. They believe in togetherness as collectively we can make our future brighter. Some important points to note about Hacker Lab in Sacramento.

  • Anyone can take the class, no matter if that person is a member of the community or not but members will get a discount.
  • They are also providing summer camp programs for the youth and school children so that they can apply what they learn whole year.
  • The mentors here, have a wealth of knowledge and all are very experienced in their fields.

Corporate offerings

Their main motto is to build a culture of innovation. That is the reason, why they are working with many organizations to build programs based on custom innovation. At the same time, these programs helped them to develop more creativity in business culture.

  • Team memberships: Here, you can take benefits of flexible plans for your team so as to access facilities and resources.
  • Innovation Recoil: Here, you will experience and learn new ideas. Your thinking ability will stretch here and you will able to generate new ideas.
  • Hackathons: Custom hackathons, recruiting programs, and product innovation to help you engage with the developer community.
  • Workforce Development: Develop your staff ability by engaging them in various creative activities.

Community Mentorship

We all need mentors so as we could do better and here you will have the same. In other words, you will provide proper guidance on how and what to do? Amazing huh!


For the proper growth of your work or business, you should have links and here you will be benefited regarding the same. With Hacker Lab in Sacramento, you have provided a wide network across, hence it will be easy for you to make links from an early stage of your startup.


Apart from Sacramento, Hacker lab has two more locations i.e. Rocklin and Rancho Cordova. As the Hacker Lab is situated at the heart of northern California, there is a number of restaurants nearby within the walk-in distance. The parking space here is wide enough to park a number of cars, you will not face any traffic issue. The Hacker Lab is located at 2533 R Street Suite 120, in Sacramento.

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://sacramento.hackerlab.org

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Yes, there are other labs also who will allow you to work but you will never find a place where you can make things that you want to. Also, you will work under the mentors who will always guide you. 24/7 hours of access will allow you to work whenever you want to work. Large area for workspace is the other option that will make you agree to join Hacker Lab Sacramento.  

As they believe in togetherness and says collectively we can make the future brighter. Hence, they will allow you to do any experiment. You will have all those equipment which you cannot afford in real life. You have the chance now to join Hacker Lab Sacramento and shape your idea in physical form.

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