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Urban Workshop Costa Mesa is a hub for all those with an innovative and creative flair. They boast off for being the third largest makerspace in entire North America. And true it is! In fact, novice, intermediate or pro, they are a paradise of maker tools, machines, and equipment. From wood, metal, and ceramics, to glass, textile, and engineering software, you will get it all here. Plus, you can not only work solo but also with a partner or your kids (of reasonable age) as well.

Urban Workshop Costa Mesa is the spot where you can translate your dreams into 3D results. From DIY projects to creating product prototypes for business concepts, you will come across people from multiple domains and purposes. And for that reason, the operators of this space offer diverse alternatives to access their workshops. While you can also choose between working from the common area or to avail a private project space. And that too with so many, free of cost amenities. This place is truly every builder’s Eden. Wish to know all about this space? Keep reading!

Perks of Urban Workshop Costa Mesa:

  • Free and Fast Wifi: We all need internet for so many purposes. At this makerspace Costa Mesa, you will get access to super speed internet, absolutely free with all memberships.
  • Storage Spaces: They have a variety of storage spaces. From lockers and bin storage to larger indoor and outdoor storage, you have multiple alternatives at hand. The outdoor storage includes shipping container and in the yards as well.
  • Classes: Naive or pro, you might need assistance with the tools and equipment. For this, they have a range of classes for teaching basics as well as advanced level, including project classes. Moreover, they have classes for both kids and adults, so all age groups are given the chance to get some grease on their hands.
  • Conference Rooms: The conference and meeting rooms have equipment like projectors, monitors etc. Thus at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa, you can not only work but also meet your clients in a professional manner.
  • Free Coffee: They offer free coffee which is a much in demand perk for any coworker.
  • Laptops on Loan: You can also loan a Dell laptop here, though for within the location checkout.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen here has all the necessary appliances, including fridge, microwave etc.
  • Support Staff: If you need any assistance with the stuff they have or their space, ask the professional staff they have.
  • 3D Printing: Urban Workshop Costa Mesa understands the needs of innovation. For this, If you need a part 3D printed, get it done here at reasonable costs.
  • Networking Events: Urban Workshop also organizes many member-only events at no extra charges. These are a great opportunity for all to connect with like-minded individuals.

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Membership Plans and Prices:

Urban Workshop Costa Mesa offers a diverse range of membership options creatives and innovators. Plus, all members get free access to both Autocad Fusion 360 and VCarve Pro software. Keep reading to know all the membership plans in detail.

Individual Membership

If you are a one-man army, this plan will suit you best. The individual plan will get you full access to all the Urban Workshop facilities. In addition to the freedom to use all the tools and equipment they house. Plus, you will also get access to the professional staff at Urban Workshop for any assistance you may need. Also, if you require bin wall materials, you can do so for free with this membership. And not to mention access to their free wifi service. The individual memberships come in three subcategories, which are differentiated on the basis of the period of the agreement. These are,

  • One Month: If you are unsure of a long term commitment, get monthly membership agreement. This will allow you to access Urban Workshop Costa Mesa for $199 per month. This plan is great for solopreneurs who want to try the space before binding into long term agreements. Or if you are working on a small project that has a short timeline.
  • Half Year: If you are ready to get a go at this makerspace, get a six-month membership agreement. Your reward will be a reduced price of $175 per month.
  • Annual: And if you are ready for regular access to their workshops, get a yearly plan. With an annual, twelve-month agreement your membership payment will come down to $150 per month.

Family Add-On Membership

Working solo is fun, but working with a crew is much more pleasant. Especially when that crew involves your loved ones. Yes, you can add your spouse and children too into your membership plan to access the Urban Workshop Costa Mesa. You and your family will enjoy all the member amenities and facilities. Though the children must be between the age group of 12 and 21 years. And there is a limit to the number of kids you can add to this plan, which is three. Furthermore, an adult must always accompany children at all times in this space. The price for the family membership is $99 per month.

Student and Military Membership

This membership at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa spaces gets you to access the makerspace at an additional discounted price. And, it has all the facilities as in the case with the individual memberships. The different pricing models for this plan are,

  • One Month: For a trial of this space, get a months membership for $120 per month. This will involve the commitment period of only a month.
  • Half Year: If you get a six-month agreement at once, your monthly bill will be reduced to $115 per month.
  • Annual: $110 per month can be your monthly membership price under this plan if you opt for a yearly agreement.

Life Time Membership

Wish to call Urban Workshop home forever? You are welcome! Individual, a professional team or family, you get many alternatives to choose from. And on top, you will get all the benefits as are available for individual memberships at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa. Also, this membership will get you access to the classes at this Costa Mesa location for a complete year, for free. In addition to shelf storage space at no extra cost, for a year again. Wait. That’s not it! For every space that they have in the future, at any location, you will get free access to it as well. And they are already planning to open nine more in the states in the next seven years. Now, coming to the different subcategories and their prices, under this plan, read below.

  • Individual: If your craze is a level apart from the rest, get lifetime access to Urban Workshop Costa Mesa. That too at a one-time payment of $12,500.
  • 2 People: The two people can include you and a partner or a spouse, as you wish or need. And this will be possible for a one-time payment of $15,000. And off you go!
  • Family: In the lifetime membership you can add a spouse and three kids. Further, the kids as mentioned earlier, are to be supervised by adults. And shall also be between the age group of 12 and 21 years. The price for this plan is $17,500 for all the members.

Corporate Membership

If you mean business at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa, get a corporate membership. Through this plan, you can reserve the equipment at Urban Workshop for four hours. Plus, you will get a separate invoice for all the consumables you use here. Additionally, a material storage pellet is also inclusive with a corporate membership. There are two prices for this plan depending on your agreement term. These are,

  • Annual: The price for annual corporate agreement is $525 per month.
  • Monthly: For the month on month agreements, you will have to shell out $550 every month.

Team Membership

If you are a team on a mission, there is a plan specifically for you too. Though you guys need to have a head count of at least four. And the entire team has to sign together and at the same time. Plus, you will have to take up a minimum term of three months. The team plan also has two payment types, which are,

  • $150 for adults, and
  • $110 for students.

Equipment at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa:

Urban Workshop is a haven for all things creative. They have a range of equipment in store, with the list ever expanding. Here is a little brief on the items present here.

  • Starting with the tools, they have many abrasives like spindle sanders and sandblasters. In addition to leather and jewelry making toolkits.
  • Vinyl cutters, soldering irons, and a range of hand tools.
  • They also have blast furnace and kilns for people dealing with ceramics, glass, etc.
  • For automotive geeks, engine hoists, jacks, auto lifts, alignment tools etc.
  • The computer lab includes small and large printers, monitors and workstations. You will also get access to engineering, designing,  photo, and video editing, and CNC programming software, etc.
  • The Electronics lab at Urban Workshop Costa Mesa has multimeters, oscillators, virtual bench, soldering tools, and much more.
  • Cold and band saws, drill press, etc, will be available in the Fabrication space.
  • For those who deal with fabrics, they have various industrial sewing machines, besides cutting and layout tables.
  • Woodworking tools incorporate table, scroll and band saws, routers, lathe, etc.
  • The welding shop has a range of welders and torches.
  • In addition, they also have quite a variety of sheet metal, surface polishing, plastics, and layout machines and tools.

Location of Urban Workshop Costa Mesa:

Urban Workshop, Costa Mesa

365 A Clinton Street is the spot where Urban Workshop Costa Mesa has its ultimate coworking and makerspace. Wherein it covers 27,000 squqre feet spqce. This spot is set right in the center of Orange County and along the intersection of Redhill and Bristol roads. The University of California’s Irvine campus is minutes away from this Clinton Street address. If there’s a golfer in you, then you’ll love to know that the Newport Beach Golf course is hardly a mile away. While  John Wayne Airport is around ten minutes by car, though the building is located adjacent to one of its runways. Moreover, they have plenty of parking space both onsite and in the vicinity.

For any queries about the Urban Workshop Costa Mesa dial the number, 949 296 2153. Or you may also leave a message at [email protected].

Website: https://urbanworkshop.net


Urban Workshop Costa Mesa also offers a variety of adult training modules. These are inclusive of starter level to advance level classes across different domains. These span through autoshop, business, blacksmithing, CAD, CNC, electronics, engineering, textile, welding, woodwork, etc. So, for anyone who doesn’t have workspace or the necessary resources, this is your ideal station in Costa Mesa. Apart from these, they have classes for kids too, wherein you can hone their skills right from an early age.

Urban Workshop Costa Mesa is thus the best coworking for you. Especially, if you too have a builder in you devoid of workspace, machine, or expertise. Also, they have the understanding that all businesses need a desk and chair as well. So you can make use of the meeting and coworking spaces to meet clients or set team goals. And from the variety of machines and tools they have, you will never run out of any hardware or consumables. So, when are you visiting the awesome Urban Workshop Costa Mesa makerspace?

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