5 Amazing Coworking Spaces In Omaha With Perks & Prices

With the rise in the gig economy in Omaha, the concept of coworking is the best solution to the current problems faced by entrepreneurs and freelancers. Working from home or a Cafe doesn’t seem to create a good impression with clients, and these spaces help make for a professional setting. Working from these workplaces has several advantages, such as getting discount offers with a membership that unfastens a variety of perks.

The statistical inquiry unravels that 68% of people find themselves more focused when Coworking in such spaces. For small-sized businesses, having an office on lease gets pricey. However, with the Coworking spaces in Omaha, the benefits of using shared facilities outweigh the cost. The “Coworking Space Omaha is all you need to look upon the search bar to start an exciting work journey.

Working from these workplaces is a great way to improve your interpersonal skills and get insights about widening your business. You can work at your preferable hours without having to follow the typical office timings. Coworking spaces in Omaha are located close to public transport and restaurants, making it easier for members to work with ease.

Coworking is seen to increase happiness among people, given that you work around professionals and career-driven people. These spaces are created with the vision of building a strong sense of collaboration and sustainability.

Coworking Space Omaha

Buckle up for a compelling reading that will inform you about the top coworking Space Omaha has to offer. If you want to break free from the societal expectations of how to work, you are at the right place. These spaces fuel innovation and help you define your business in your way. Meeting new people every day will provide you with the means to reach your target audience with an in-depth understanding of the demands for your services.


Watts Coworking


It is one of the leading Coworking spaces in Omaha, with numerous packages provided to members. They have height-adjustable desks with a relaxing area to give you a stress-busting environment. This helps you keep a balance between work and self-care. It remains open 24/7 throughout the year. They provide plenty of amenities to inspire you for creativity. Some of the facilities covered in the membership are healthy snacks, fast internet, coffee, and beers. Conference rooms and common areas are some of the accessible spaces which come at flexible membership rates. This Omaha coworking Space is meant to keep you in awe of its design and service. 

Everything is fully furnished, and you can call to take a tour of the place. The best part about Watts is that it brings people with different skill sets to work side by side. It has marketing interns, which your startup can use to build a customer base. It creates several opportunities for businesses to work together and help them become dynamic assets to the community. It is known to question the status quo of their belief in working smart. If you’re thinking about hosting an event or seminar, Watts does it for you with exceptional layouts. All the members aim at the sky but are grounded enough to help you build your success story from scratch.

Price – For $30 a day, get access to a hot desk from 7 Am-8 Am, Monday through Friday, with limited amenities such as wifi, TV, printing, and access to the conference room. However, with $250 a month, open access to all the events and amenities 24/7.

Location – 3502 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68105

Website – https://www.wattscoworking.com/


Commerce Village (Coworking Space Omaha)

Commerce Village offers a shared workplace environment for all kinds of workers. You can have a picturesque view of downtown Omaha from your office window. This scenic visual will revive your strength to get on with the rest of the day. It is styled with contemporary architecture, making work look more fun and exciting. You get access to a gym for stress-busting activities from a quick workout. Apart from this, you have amenities like showers, shared kitchen services, fast internet, parking, and a storage room. You will have an onsite notary and get a chance to collaborate with business enthusiasts and visionaries. 

If you want to spice up your client meetings and celebrate each milestone as you mark your presence in the business market, the spaces are curated just for that. Commerce village provides everything you need to operate a stress-free work ethic. You can take a virtual tour of a physical tour based on your preferences. It offers many meeting and event spaces to host a workshop, board meeting, or just an enjoyable retreat.

Price – They have flexible membership options starting from $45 for a day pass, $325 for an individual desk per month, and different sized office suites, which fall from anywhere between $1000 a month to $3300 a month.

Location – 950 A 10th Street Omaha, NE 68108



Modus Coworking Space Omaha


This is a perfect shared workplace for hassle-free working. Its proximity to the district, County Courthouses, and City Hall makes it the most convenient place to work from. With gracefully furnished conference rooms, free coffee, and snacks, this place is exquisite. You will have complete IT support and workstation backup for any technical help needed. It has 11 conference rooms available, each equipped with televisions, whiteboards, and a webcam to assist your video conferencing. Several educational events are held to facilitate the formation of a beneficial outlook. You will have controlled access to the building, enabling you to work whenever you please.

Soundproof phone booths and an onsite notary are available with complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks. You won’t believe that it has a special mother’s room for them to use at their leisure. It was first built to assist attorneys and small businesses to grow their companies. The companies can benefit from various professional consulting and legal advice given to solve complex issues. Webinars and lectures are conducted to educate small businesses to maximize deductions.

Price –The rates vary for a virtual office, shared desks, and private office suites. A virtual membership costs you $100 a month and a total of $20 a day. The different sized office suites range from $750 per month to $2000 per month.

Location – 1901 Howard Street Suite 300, Omaha, NE 68102

Website – https://moduscoworking.com/


Enterprise Center, Omaha

This Omaha coworking space is centrally located with amenities that boast quality and excellent service. It appeals to your clients, assuring them that you are the best candidate to work with. Your party will be greeted with courtesy without you having to keep them waiting in the lobby. Optional services include messaging, telephone booth, fax, and scanning services for when you’re closing in on a big deal. An authorized notary will help you with the documentation. It’s an office with the convenience that you’d get at a hotel. 

Enterprise center offers you the boardrooms that will add to your professionalism with break rooms to give space to rest. It is home to some great businesses. Massage therapists, lawyers, and marketing companies all work in the office building. More and more startups and entrepreneurs are looking to continue their businesses in Enterprise Center because of versatile meeting rooms and elegant offices. Say goodbye to distractions with this coworking space Omaha

Price – The office space can be reserved at just $500 per month with free parking and a newly renovated interior and exterior.

Location – 4611 S 96th Street Ste 217 Omaha, NE 68127 

Website – https://enterpriseomaha.com/


All of these four Coworking spaces in Omaha have their perks to offer. If you are burnt out from working, you can take a break from stressful work to tap into a peaceful environment that will prep you for the remaining day. Depending on your budget and space requirement, you can select the one that better suits your needs. The above-listed spaces will take your business to unprecedented heights. 

From meeting clients to starting a project collectively, Coworking spaces help aspirants pursue their dream success. In addition to the already mentioned benefits of Coworking, Omaha Coworking spaces personalize your needs while taking care of the professional aspect of your business. We won’t let you down because the spaces that we have listed are undoubtedly unrivalled.

Ajay Deep

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