7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Cleveland (2021)

Hey! So, you are looking for a coworking space in Cleveland. We can help you. Scroll over the comprehensive read that features almost all the creative shared workspaces in the city of Cleveland. Cleveland, as we know is at the helm of economic diversity, and coworking culture is making waves here. Professionals from diverse industries are now looking towards shared work spheres with much more confidence and affirmation than ever before.

These workplaces are structured to help you function in a way that amalgamates the comfort of a home and the productivity of an office cubicle. And while these aim to streamline your work, you also receive an opportunity to be a part of several social and recreational activities. Besides, the amenities are world-class, working at par with and meeting the international standards. 

Now, let’s begin with our list of coworking spaces in Cleveland.


Coworking Spaces in Cleveland

While it may take you a lot of time to search and decide on an apt coworking space. We have you covered with our list. Check it out.




Housed in an old post office building, the Limelight is a popular coworking space in Cleveland. As stated, it is not drop ceiling fluorescent lighting, white pack. The place is unlike any regular office providing you with the comfort of a home and the productive push of an office desk. No wonder then, Limelight attracts a sizeable number of professionals from diverse industries to work and grow. They can also relax in between their stressful work in the lounge or the open terrace. The place is also suitable for making connections and networking. Besides, there is ample FREE parking space outside, and several other exciting amenities are offered (including a wheelchair for those who need it). And yes, your kids are allowed; take them along. We bet they would love the snack bar. 

Location: 2515 Jay Ave UNIT 101

Website: https://limelightwork.com/

Membership Plans: Limelight offers five attractive membership plans with exciting names.

Settler: Open seating, 24/7 access at $250/month for three months
Drifter: Open seating, 8 days/month at $175/month for 3 months
Vagabond: Open seating, four days/month at $95/month for three months
Rebel: Open seating, a day pass at $20/month for three months
Resident: Private office, 24/7 access, and prices vary for six months


Spaces and Co

A creative place for creative people is SPaces and Co for you. Irrespective of your needs and the period, Spaces and Co ensures top-notch hospitality for professionals across industries. Offering everything from office space for a day, private office space, podcast space, virtual office space, meeting space, event studio space, and photo/video, Spaces, and Co offers office access 24/7. Believe it or not, this coworking space in Cleveland will inspire you to get better at your craft every day. So, schedule a tour and book your room. It’s that simple.

Location: 1536 St Clair Ave NE

Website: https://spacesandco.com/

Membership: A designated space is priced at $10/day. Further, office space for a day costs $15/hour, and a podcast space is $20/hour. The meeting space, studio space, and private office are available at $30, $50, and $450/hour. Simultaneously, virtual office spaces have different rates. These are available on a monthly basis.


The Midtown Tech Hive


Taking inspiration from the Impact Hub Oakland, California, DigitalC, a local non-profit organization, has established the high-end coworking space in Cleveland, Ohio. Spread over 13,000 sq. ft. of a newly remodeled space, the Midtown Tech Hive should be on your bucket list. The place is offering shared workspaces that spark creativity and desired results. Not only this, The Midtown Tech Hive is imparting digital literacy classes. And what’s more exciting is the easy access to nearby shopping and dining places you may need to visit once in a while. Heard of the Rock and droll Hall of Fame is within walking distance from the Midtown Tech Hive. 

Location: C/O DigitalC, 6815 Euclid Avenue

Website: https://midtowntechhive.org/

Membership Plans and Pricing: The Midtown Tech Hive offers flexible desk and office rental prices. While a day’s pass is available at $10, a dedicated desk costs @250/month, and a private office room is priced at $500/month.


The Dealership

The Dealership began with an aim to provide people with a creative place to grow and thrive. The ambition overflows at this location that promises to be vibrant for all those coming. While eyeing economic change, this coworking space in Cleveland attracts an upcoming community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. The many and exciting amenities at your disposal at Cleveland include conference rooms for meetings, high-speed fiber internet, an entire kitchen facility, a large training room with projector and screen, mailbox, and 24/7 building access, besides some more. You can even rent the facility for events.

Location: 3558 Lee Rd, Shaker Heights 

Website: https://www.thedealership-shaker.com/

Membership Plans and Pricing: Flexible coworking along with 24/7 access is priced at $125/month. You may choose a yearly plan and get access for 12 months at the cost of 10; pay only $1250. Further, the office rent begins at $500/month.


LaunchHouse Coworking Space in Cleveland


The 10-year old coworking space in Cleveland is one of the finest places in the Ohio city. With 65 members and still counting, Launch House hosts approximately 100 events every year. The founders have been able to build a community where individuals and businesses come together for mutual growth. This is perhaps the reason they offer networking and educational programs often. The best feature of LaunchHouse is the range of office options available for growing your businesses with the Office Broker Program. There are shared office space, open work areas, and closed office spaces provided. Moreover, with expansion under the plan, the coworkers can enjoy working at any LAunch House location without paying an extra fee in the future. And finally, your dog can accompany you to the Launch House. Please don’t leave him alone.

Location: 675 Alpha Drive, Suite E, Highland Heights

Website: https://launchhouse.com/

Membership Plans and Pricing: At LaunchHosue, you get a multitude of coworking options with flexible hours. To begin, a guaranteed workspace is leased at $25/day and $200/month. Need a place from Friday to Sunday, pay $75/month, or want an office for nights only (Friday through Sunday), you will be charged $110/month. Or get a business mailbox at $40/month. A private office is available at $500/month. In case you have only 15 days to spend at the LaunchHouse, pay a sum of $120 only per month.


The CoLab


If you are bored working at home and desperate to connect with some like-minded people, then The CoLab is the place to go. You may join this coworking space in Cleveland to feel motivated and connected. Spread over 900 square feet, the area comes alive with ample natural light that enters its vast windows. And the place keeps buzzing with new things to learn now and then. From creative workshops to Small Business Education to Pop-Ups, The CoLab has something for everyone. And in these challenging times, The COLab is ensuring everything is in line with the COVID protocol set by the Federal Government. All health and safety precautions are undertaken here.

Location: 17008 Madison Avenue, Lakewood

Website: https://colablkwd.com/

Membership Plans: You can get one day pass to the lounge area or quiet zoom rooms at $17. If you need a five-day pass, release $77 from your pocket. And monthly membership is provided at a nominal cost of $127.


Regus Coworking Space in Cleveland

Of course, it’s Regus. And they have it all just like their other locations spread all over the USA. Regus also has several locations worldwide and works with a prime focus on delivering the best coworking experience to people coming forth. Regus provides fully furnished offices with comprehensive amenities at Cleveland, Ohio location, including printer access, fast and reliable internet, and phones on every desk. You may ask for customized offices, and these will be tailored to your taste in no time. A support team is always at your disposal, in case you may need them. So, they have all your needs covered. Stay for a day, week, or a month; the choice is yours. 

Location: Fifth Third Building, 600 Superior Ave East

Website: https://www.regus.com/

Membership:  Coworking membership is for $52/month onwards. Access to business lounges costs $50 and above. In comparison, you may also consider a private office priced at $122/month.




Run by the Finch Group, CLEworx is everything a coworker would ask for. It offers the best environment and services to nurture your future dreams. The open and accessible coworking space drives innovation and productivity. At CLEworx, you will meet people who are focused on growth and success, inspiring you to take the next step. There are private phone booths, on-site cafe and dining, meeting and event space, lounge and kitchen, and proximity to transit areas. You may also use the CLEworx app to connect to the community and staff members at this coworking space in Cleveland.

Location:  1400 E. 105th Street, Suite B

Website: https://www.cleworx.com/

Membership Plans and Pricing: Open desk seating is available for $10/day, $50/week, and $150/month. Further, a reserved desk seating comes for $250/month.  A private office starts at $595/month, and meeting space for a member is $25/hour, and a non-member is $50/hour.

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Wrapping up

Cleveland workspaces have proven what it likes to work and make merry. While on the one hand, you find dedicated spaces to focus on your work, on the other, there is something to relax your mind and soul. This is a true illustration of how a modern coworking space should work around the world. 

We are happy to introduce you to such coworking spaces in Cleveland to help you grow and find success. Our job is over. Now you go and find your place somewhere in the excellent shared workplaces. And if we have missed any site, you know you have to tell us.

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