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Equal Play San Mateo is a unique coworking facility catering to the requirements of working parents. So, if you have a little kid to take care of and are unable to visit your office due to this, they have a solution. This workspace provides epic office services in addition to providing the best on-site childcare. This implies you can work without worrying about your child as he is in the best hands and closer to you. Isn’t that a great advantage for parents who have small children? Moreover, the center offers a peaceful work environment so that you are able to work without facing any disturbance.

At Equal Play in San Mateo, your child will receive great care. The caretakers have been chosen from universities and have specialized in Early Childhood Education. So, your kid will have a positive surrounding filled with love and care. The workspace understands the struggle of working parents and has, therefore, come up with a flexible option. They will help you kickstart your work journey by overcoming all the barriers. Apart from this, the workspace has a wonderful aura and great decor. You will surely want to work here once you visit it. To know more about this place, keep reading further.

Perks of working at Equal Play:

Equal Play has some of the top-notch facilities to offer so that you are able to work more productively. Furthermore, these services are complimentary with your membership packages and you will not be charged anything extra for them. Some of the facilities available are given below:

  • Internet: The reliable internet connection at Equal Play San Mateo lets you work online without facing any network problem. So, always stay connected with your peers outside the workspace.
  • Childcare: To help the working parents, Equal Play has made available some great childcare facilities. So, while you work on those important assignments, your child will be learning new things from well-learned caretakers.
  • Nursing lounge: There is an exclusive nursing lounge for working mothers. The motive is to provide full-comfort to them and make things easier for them.
  • Cafeteria: There is an onsite cafeteria at Equal Play just for you. So, help yourself with a cup of warm coffee complimented with snacks and refresh your mind. This facility is specially established to help you relax.
  • Outdoor patio: There is a spacious outdoor patio at the center. So, whenever you feel like catching some fresh air, this is the place you can go to.
  • Conference rooms: The workspace also has well-furnished conference rooms designed thoughtfully to provide a great experience. So, host your meeting here and impress your clients.
  • Events: The community events of Equal Play San Mateo are a great platform to meet new people and form connections. Also, these events are quite informative as well.

Equal Play San Mateo


Workspace options at Equal Play:

One Hour: This option at Equal Play will give you access to the workspace for one hour. In addition to this, you can use the childcare services as well. So, drop in at the center anytime you want and benefit from using the coworking space. The cost of availing this option is $30.

All Work No Play: This is a day pass that will give you access to the coworking area of the workspace. So, you will be at liberty to choose any desk of your liking and get down to work. Other than that, you can also use the lounge area, patio, nursing rooms and more. However, what you won’t get in this package are childcare facilities. The membership price of this option is $40.

10 Hours of Work and Play: If you want to use the services of Equal Play San Mateo for a longer period of time, you should consider this option. That is to say, this plan enables you to access the communal space of the center. So, whenever you decide you to drop in at the center, bring along your laptop and get the work mode on. Additionally, you will have 10 hours of childcare at your disposal. As a surprise, you will also get free conference room reservations. All this is available at a price of $270.

20 Hours of Work and Play: This option at Equal Play gives you access to the coworking desks. Other than that, you get 20 hours of childcare facilities and access to the common areas, conference room, and member events. So, spend more time at the center and discover your potential. The price of this membership plan amounts to $500

Garden Membership: This program will give you access to the communal area from 8.30 AM to 5 PM during business days. If you wish to avail childcare services, you will have to pay an additional sum of $20 per hour for one child. Furthermore, you can use all the facilities of the center to make your work a tad bit easier. It is a great opportunity to work with a talented pool of creative individuals. The cost of this option is $350.

1 Hour of Childcare: This option lets you add 1 hour of childcare to your already existing membership plan at Equal Play San Mateo. That is to say, you can avail this service additionally. Childcare for one hour will cost you $20 per hour for your kid. If there are more, you will have to pay $5 more.

Work Party: This service is especially meant for the adults who get together with fellow members on some weekends. Moreover, the idea is to get to know one another as a community and lay off the stress of the whole week. Currently, this option is sold-out but keeps checking the website for updates.   


The Garden by Equal Play, San Mateo

Equal Play is situated in a great location surrounded by an ideal environment. Moreover, you will be working in one of the most vibrant shared spaces in San Mateo city. Traveling to and from this place is quite easy as it connects with some of the major transportation routes.  All in all, if you want to transform your dreams into reality, then this workspace should definitely be on your list.

Address: 11 N Ellsworth Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Website: https://equalplay.space


Equal Play San Mateo is an innovative coworking facility that has brought a revolutionary concept in the work culture. Now the working parents who would initially drop-out form office to take care of their children can do both at this center. Further, they provide well-equipped workplace solutions designed to meet your requirements. Also, at this space, you can conduct client meetings, participate in member events, have lunch with your toddler and much more. All the things available here will help you work with more productive results. The motive is to help you have a successful career while creating a strong bond with your child.

Equal Play is one its kind in the San Mateo area and is empowering parents to take bold decisions. They have special services including pumping rooms, a lounge where parents can spend time with their children and more. Not to mention, these unique facilities are what makes them stand out of the crowd. The center provides a serene environment and there is ample light inside the workstation. Avail all the great facilities here and succeed in your endeavors. Take a tour today and see for yourself. Happy Coworking!

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