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Feeling overwhelmed and confused about the plot you created? The Writers Blok L.A has a perfectly designed schedule to get you back on track. This space is specifically designed for writers to assist them in breaking the projects into small bits. Further helping them to follow through schedules. Here writing won’t feel like a lonely business to you as you will have all the help and support you need.

Writers Blok provides a unique platform for its members. Here all the budding and growing authors can come together and work on their projects under one roof while sharing their colorful ideas. Further, this coworking space is the brainchild of Paul Shirley who is a writer himself. With his journey, he realized that writing can be lonely sometimes so he created this haven for word smiths.

Why Choose Writers Blok?

Writers Blok LA works with a unique concept for a community of writers who can join this space and make sure that they are not lagging behind on their work. It has all that you can ask for a productive and happy writing experience along with a few extra added benefits

Amazing Community

WritersBlok Los Angeles is a unique place created to accommodate budding authors. Therefore here you can meet people from the writing and publishing industry and strengthen your network. Further, hereafter your first draft, you will have an idea about who to call to get your work published.

Discipline with creativity

Here to write you will get a well-designed schedule that will always keep you in check. Also, you can forget about the deadlines as with regularity they will never look like a life-threatening migraine again.

Coffee for creatives

Here during the sessions, your creativity will get the boost it needs from locally roasted coffee of Bar Nine. Brainstorming is always a bit better with some caffeine, isn’t it?

A happy tummy for a rainbow mind

At the Writers Blok they understand that a satisfied stomach is an ultimate necessity for the art to flow through your soul. At every writing session, they provide healthy and tasty snacks to entertain your taste buds

Grow as the next best selling author

With the seminar sessions from famous authors organized at this niche coworking space based out of Los Angeles, you are sure to learn a trick or two about storytelling and writing. Therefore with this constant state of learning and writing, you’ll grow and become the writer you always aspired to be.

A Much needed push to create a reading list

The Writesblok holds book launch sessions now and then so for readers it’s the best place to be. Further, with a membership, you will get all the support you need for latest published works through their book launch sessions

Writers Blok Los Angeles

Writers-blok-Extended-Sessions Writersblock_writing_space Writers-blok-writing-image

How to be a part of Writers Blok?

This niche coworking space in LA offers a variety of monthly basis plans for all kinds of writers to choose from. The charges are decided according to the number of monthly sessions you take. So, sit back and go through the membership prices to find your best pick:

  • 5 Session: Need to check on your progress at a regular interval or get inputs on your performance? You can book 6 Sessions per month here at just $100. In this, you will be able to attend 5 writing sessions during any weekdays of that month. Further, you can get discounts on the seminar and events you are interested in.
  • 10 Session: Apart from the basic services that you will get in a 5 Session membership plan, with this session you are also eligible to attend the PLUS sessions at Writers Blok LA. The pricing structure for this plan is $150/month. 
  • 20 Session: You can also choose to attend 20 writing sessions a month to speed up your work and get the help you need at $200. With this plan, you can access all the seminars and events for free and start connecting. Along with this, get access to the Cartel group and the PLUS question and answer events. 
  • Unlimited Sessions: In love with the culture that you experience here? Get an unlimited membership and write with everyone daily at just $300 per month. In this plan, you will have access to all the seminars events conducted on the premises. The best part of this option is that you can sit in the planning and strategy session with Paul Shirley. Isn’t it amazing?


There are majorly two sessions held at Writers Blok to choose from according to your personal needs. With a careful peek here you can get an idea about the session you need

  • Sprint Session: These sessions have 50 minutes of a writing session. Further, they are accompanied by a goal setting and a chat session that guides your creativity in the perfect direction.
  • Extended Session: Can’t stop when you’re in your zone? Get 90 minutes of writing period with Extended Sessions of the Writers Blok. Further, to get productive inputs on your brainstorming ideas there is a small group break out after intense writing.

A perfect writer’s Sunday at Writers Blok

Netflix and chill isn’t your idea of an ideal Sunday? Book yourself a seat at Writers Blok’s Los Angeles Sunday Seminar events. In these, you will come across the stories and journies of other famous authors and get inspired by them. You can access this perfect dose of Sunday motivation at just $135.

Location and Contact

The writer’s blog is located at a fascinating location surrounded by antiques and art shops hiding many undiscovered masterpieces. Further, there are many restaurant and eatery options available for you to dine out with family and friends.

Address:  2677 S. La Cienega Blvd.

Email: [email protected].

Website: https://www.writersblok.org


If you are just a beginner then sitting inside a room and trying to shape your ideas must be quite a struggle. But with the guidance of Writersblok writing doesn’t have to be a lonely task anymore. Moreover, you only need to grab your ideas to walk in here and the sessions will handle the rest. Further, with all the fellow writers under one roof, you can link and connect with them. Further, by being a part of a writer’s community you can easily keep up with editors and publisher related information.

The community of writers here creates a disciplined lifestyle for its members where the creativity meets the regularity of an office desk. Further, with the writing session and events, you can widen your horizons like never before. Therefore, along with flawless, regulated guidance and community support, I am sure your career will reach its peak here. So, without further ado book yourself a seat at the Writers Blok and get high on creativity.

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