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Carr Workplaces Irvine is a coworking firm that gives its occupants various choices of flexible workplaces. From a hot desk to a virtual office, there is an abundance of coworking options here. Further, they are working with the aim of providing full support to budding entrepreneurs. They have work centers in different corners of the world and have successfully secured a place amongst the leading coworking spaces around the world. Apart from this, this workspace grants its members an extensive list of amenities. For instance, event spaces, high-speed internet, and a lot more. Here, you can become a part of extravagant community events or even host your own! 

Becoming a member at Carr Workplaces Irvine gives you great benefits. To enumerate, once you sign up for the membership, you become eligible to use WorkReady Plus Club offerings. This includes perks, discounts, events, and business networking workshops. With the help of all these resources, you can take your business to the next level. This space welcomes newly established businesses and helps them to secure a place in the market. So, if you are looking for guidance, then this place can bestow you with great bits of advice! Furthermore, this location is conveniently placed with multiple transportation options in the area.

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Amenities offered by Carr Workplaces Irvine:

To help you achieve your tasks more easily, Carr Workplaces Irvine provides a long list of amenities. Not to mention, these amenities are included in your membership plans and you do not have to pay anything extra. Given below are some of the facilities offered by this workplace:

  • Internet facilities: Carr Workplaces offers high-speed internet connection so that you can complete your tasks without facing any disruption due to a bad connection.
  • Community cafe: There is a stylish cafe in the center where you can mingle with other coworkers and discover new opportunities. Moreover, good coffee leads to great conversations!
  • Support service team: Facing trouble at the workspace? No worries. A dedicated team of professionals is always at your service at Carr Workplaces Irvine. Further, they also perform important tasks like greeting your clients and much more.
  • Networking events: Events are a great place to form new connections and grow at an individual level. Also, you meet people from diverse backgrounds who might be able to help you in one way or the other.
  • Member rates on Carr Workplaces products and services: If you are a member at Carr Workplaces, you will enjoy a lot of special services. First and foremost, you will get special discounts on various services and products offered by the workstation.
  • WorkReady Plus: The WorkReady Plus club offers a variety of perks that are meant to make your work less difficult. However, only members can apply for this particular event.
  • Fully furnished spaces: All the work spots at Carr Workplaces are well-furnished and up-to-date.  Additionally, the modern infrastructure with stylish furniture gives it a classy look.

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Membership Plans at Carr Workplaces:

Offices: Carr Workplaces Irvine offers fully furnished office spaces with all the requisite facilities including internet, printing, etc. Further, these offices are designed to meet your business requirements. You can have your own private space amidst a bustling coworking area which gives you double benefits. That is privacy as well as a collaborative environment. Also, the office space is well-suited for a single individual or a full-fledged team.

  • Full-Time Offices: This plan will give you unlimited access to your office in addition to access to all the facilities at the center. Apart from this, this space can be customized in accordance with your needs. You can even use the meeting rooms available in the workspace. The cost for this option starts from $750 per month.
  • Part-Time Offices: Under this program, you can use the address of this place as your official business address. Further, all your business calls will be taken care of with a dedicated receptionist at your disposal. Additionally, on a reservation, you can use the private offices of Carr Workplaces as well. All this is available during business hours and the membership price starts from $243 per month.
  • Day Office Rentals: This plan gives you the option of renting a private office on an hourly basis. Further, you can use all the facilities associated with it. The membership price starts from $35 per hour.

Virtual Offices: Carr Workplaces Irvine also has the option of virtual offices wherein you can enjoy all the benefits of an office without being physically present there. Moreover, these virtual packages offer a number of services which are listed below:

  • Mailing address: You get to adopt the prestigious mailing address of Carr Workplaces which will enhance the credibility of your company’s image. Also, you can use the address of the work center on your business cards or flyers. Apart from this, there are other mail-handling facilities such as mail forwarding and scanning. The membership price for this plan starts from $80 per month.
  • Phone service: Get a personalized call-handling service in addition to a private number. Also, a dedicated receptionist will take your calls in case you are unavailable at that moment. However, access to this service is only during business hours. The cost starts from $80 per month.
  • Workspace: Under this plan, you can reserve any of the offices available at Carr Workplaces Irvine. Additionally, you will get unlimited local and long-distance calls with the facilities of the center. The membership cost of this option starts from $250 per package (10, 20, or 40-hour packages are also available).
  • Virtual Office Complete: Get all the benefits of a virtual office by availing this option. For example, mailing services, call handling, and business address. This option comes in a variety of packages including Virtual Office Complete – 10 Hours of Workspace, Virtual Office Complete – 20 Hours of Workspace, and Virtual Office Complete – 40 Hours of Workspace. To know about the price, connect with the team.

Coworking: Carr Workplaces Irvine offers great coworking options for those looking for an interactive platform to work. Here, you can opt for shared desks either on a full-time or a short-term basis.

  • Dedicated Desks: Under this program, you can book a private desk in the shared space. Further, you will have 24/7 access to your spot that offers storage facilities as well. In addition to this, you are free to use the facilities of the center. The membership cost of this plan is $440 per month.
  • Touchdown Desk: This option gives you access to a desk in the coworking area during business hours. In case you need any help, a dedicated team of professionals is always at your service. Also, you can savor gourmet coffee and healthy snacks at the center. All this is available at a cost of $299 per month.
  • Cafe Plan: You can work on any desk you like during business hours under this plan. However, you can only use the desk for three hours a day. You will also get benefits like on-site support, internet, and more! The cost of availing this option is $35 per month.
  • Day Pass: At Carr Workplaces Irvine, you can just pay for the day you spend at the office. In other words, you do not need to apply for a full-month membership plan. You will be eligible to use the common areas and can use the facilities of the center. The price of this plan starts at $25 per day.

Suites: Carr Workplaces have the option of multi-office suites to which you will have 24/7 access. Apart from availing the office space, you can even use the meeting rooms to conduct conferences. The place can be customized if you have specific requirements. Further, you will get a business phone line and on-site community support. And for sure you can use the amenities of the center. Other than this, you have the option of booking conventional suites wherein you can establish your venture in a personal space. To know about the price, connect with them.

Meeting rooms: At Carr Workplaces Irvine, you can hire fully furnished meeting rooms for a day or just an hour. You can use the modern conferencing tools available in the workspace to give a professional touch to your meetings. Further, catering services are available in addition to A/V equipment rental, audio, web, and presentation support. You also get local and long-distance unlimited calling apart from the basic amenities. The price of meeting rooms starts at $50 an hour.

Event Spaces: Book these beautiful event spaces at Carr Workplaces to organize events and workshops. These spaces are available on weekends and on weekdays after 5 p.m. So, hold your next big event here and impress your clients. Both indoor and outdoor event spaces are available for your use. Contact the team to procure details regarding cost.

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Address: 100 Spectrum Center Drive, 9th Floor, Irvine, CA 92618


Spectrum Center, housing Carr Workplaces Irvine, has a lot of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. That is to say, you will find everything you need within the building. Moreover, the building has exceptional transport routes and is just 10 minutes away from John Wayne Airport. While you work, you can enjoy great views of  Orange County from the office windows. Also, onsite parking facilities are available. To know more, contact them at 866-436-9214 or drop them an email at [email protected]


Carr Workplaces has come up with workspace solutions for executives who are looking for a creative space to work. Not only do they provide coworking desks but also luxurious offices and suites. They have made available flexible services that can help you to strike a balance between work and life. Apart from work areas, the center offers communal spaces where you can sit back and relax before indulging in another task. Plus you will get great additional facilities at zero cost! What more would you possibly require?

All in all, if you are a business enthusiast with a specific goal in mind that requires support, there is no better place to be than this. They will encourage your aspirations and help you make progress. Besides, you are getting an opportunity to work alongside great professionals who might prove to be very useful. So, keep aside whatever it is that you are doing, and apply at Carr Workplaces Irvine now!

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