Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Plano (With Perks & Prices)

When looking for a coworking space in Plano, this list will serve to be the perfect choice for you. There has been an unprecedented rise in the trend of remote working post-covid-19. People don’t want to work from the confines of their rooms all the time. Resultantly, the lively spirit of Plano, Texas, has attracted many digital nomads in recent years. The city is alive with numerous tourist destinations, charming restaurants, and a unique cultural experience.

Also, this city has ample coworking spaces that offer a futuristic first-hand experience for remote workers. These spaces comprise all the necessary and excellent amenities for you to feel comfortable while working. You’re away from home, yet you will feel closer to it here, with super friendly and welcoming people. To help ‌fellow digital nomads, we have curated a list of all the cool coworking spaces in Plano, Texas. 

Coworking Space Plano

Here are some of the best coworking spaces in Plano that will help you find your perfect pick to work and unwind: 


Industrious Office

Industrious Office

Industrious Plano flaunts a stunning interior with fully stacked amenities and furniture. Here you can work from a cozy private office or choose a friendlier shared space. Also, it provides good private decks, suites, and meeting & conference rooms. It’s move-in ready, so you just need to pack only your essentials and come to your new workplace. In addition, they have highly inclusive amenities. 

Their offices have floor-to-ceiling glass windows with incredible views and a gym membership downstairs, adding a state-of-art experience. Moreover, this coworking space Plano has a network membership option for hybrid workers.

Price: Industrious offers various options for office space. You can have a private office with access to shared areas starting at $809/month. Booking their open workspace can cost you $299/month while renting a virtual office starts from $124/month. If you need to hold meetings at Industrious, they offer an hourly rate starting from $75.

Location: 7250 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75024

Phone: 214.292.7799


Caddo Office Reimagined – Plano

Caddo Office Reimagined Plano

Caddo is one of the most thriving neighborhood office brands in Texas. They have an affluent interior with perfect-to-work lighting. Also, this coworking space provides a homely atmosphere to growing businesses, helping them keep motivated every day. 

From personal desks to move-in-ready, lockable offices, Caddo Office Reimagined in Plano tops the amenities game. Your free time unwinding can’t do better than in the lounge area with a mean coffee the place serves. In addition, the wifi is secure and fast, and the furniture is classic.

Price: You can rent their private office at a monthly rate of $599. They offer three different pricing options for their shared workspace usage: $60 for a single day, $55 per day for a 4-day package, and $50 for an 8-day package.

Location:  8105 Rasor Boulevard, Plano, TX 75024

Phone:  +1 972-704-1452


WeWork Coworking Plano

WeWork coworking space

A well-thought-out workplace, with health and safety kept as a priority, WeWork is a magnificent blend of work and home settings. You get touch-free dispensers, upgraded HVAC standards, and parking with enhanced cleaning services. 

Also, this Plano’s coworking space is super pet-friendly, with an outdoor space for walking and relaxing. A unique concept of Mother’s room is there for mom entrepreneurs and employees. For safety concerns, there’s a wellness room to seek basic aid. 

Price: WeWork Plano provides a variety of workspace choices, ranging from private offices, virtual offices, and coworking spaces to full-floor office options. Contact the team using the provided phone number to learn more about their pricing structure. They will assist you with the necessary information upon request.


  • Location 1: 7700 Windrose, Plano, TX 75024
  • Location 2: 6900 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Phone: +1 972-474-3803


Lucid Private Offices PlanoWorkSuites Coworking

Lucid Private Offices, formerly known as WorkSuites, provides spacious and well-equipped office spaces and executive suites in Plano, Texas. They also offer a variety of elegant coworking and virtual offices as flexible workspace options. The coworking space Plano’s plans also include serviced offices and conference and meeting rooms available for hourly and monthly access. 

Additionally, the vibrant infrastructure provides the ambiance of an immense office where small businesses and startups can flourish. Moreover, the furnished space takes the classic vibe up a notch with shared amenities such as meeting rooms, kitchens, and conference rooms. 

Price: Lucid Private Offices offers flexible pricing options for different types of workspaces. Availing of their office membership can cost you $250/month, allowing you to access their exceptional shared office spaces and abundant amenities. Private offices start at $750 per month, while team offices can range from a monthly price of $150 to $300 per employee.


  • Location 1: 1400 Preston Road STE 400, Plano, TX 75093
  • Location 2: 5700 Tennyson Pkwy #300, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Phone: +1 888-445-9675


Common Desk – Granite Park

Common Desk coworking space

Common Desk – Granite Park offers a premier coworking space in its dynamic and innovative community. They provide an exquisite environment for professionals of different domains to work altogether. They provide lounge areas scattered throughout the space, designed creatively to provide sufficient natural light, with a dedicated mezzanine and kitchens on both floors. 

Besides all this, they also offer business homes to their community members, which also allows them to interact with other professionals and get to know the ongoings of different domains.

Price: With its wide range of workspace choices, Common Desk has flexible pricing options to accommodate every individual’s needs and preferences. For students, the space is available at a special discounted price of $75/month. The common desk, shared desk, and dedicated desk options are available at a monthly price of $150, $299, and $500, respectively. You can buy their team pass at an affordable price of $350 per month.

Location: 5830 Granite Pkwy Plano, TX 75024

Phone: (214) 216-6913


CityCentral – Plano

coworking space plano-CityCentral

CityCentral in Plano is the perfect place for anyone looking for a vibrant, flexible, and convenient location to set up their business. If you want to elevate your business within a community of like-minded individuals, consider renting a space at CityCentral. Flexibility is their primary characteristic as they provide leasing options to cater to diverse requirements of professionals on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Upon availing of the membership, you will be entitled to plentiful amenities designed to enrich your work experience.

Amenities at CityCentral include a fast internet connection, mail and package services, on-site support, unlimited coffee, meeting rooms, 24/7 access, and many more. This workspace is crucially designed to maximize productivity and comfort by embracing ample natural light and ergonomic furniture. Moreover, during break hours, you can step out of the office and discover Plano’s finest restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping centers, all within walking distance from CityCentral. With their free parking facility, you can ensure a hassle-free parking experience for your valued clients or guests.

Price: CityCentral offers different pricing plans for their flexible workspaces. Their modern private office starts at a monthly price of $450. You can avail of their coworking space at $95/month. Booking their virtual office can cost you $50/month while renting a meeting room starts at an hourly rate of $40.

Location: 500 N Central Expy suite 500, Plano, TX 75074, United States

Phone: (972) 737-8392


Regus – Plano Shops at Legacy

coworking space plano- Regus

One of the most popular coworking spaces not just in Plano but across the globe, Regus stands as a top-notch choice for professionals seeking productive and collaborative workspaces. This workspace offers the exceptional convenience of being well-connected to public transportation options, eating outlets, and the renowned DFW International Airport.

Conveniently housed with abundant amenities, Regus Plano offers a high-speed internet connection, well-equipped conference rooms, vending machines, parking access, professional front-desk support, and many more. Moreover, their break-out areas offer an inviting space to engage and connect with fellow professionals, fostering reliable networking opportunities.

Price: Regus provides a variety of pricing options to accommodate different needs and preferences. You can rent a private office starting from $279 per person per month. Availing of their office and coworking membership can cost you $225 and $119, respectively. If you want to rent their coworking space for a day, it will cost you $55.

Location: 5851 Legacy Cir 6th Floor, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Phone: (469) 626-5100


Spaces – Plano

coworking space plano-Spaces

It’s no surprise that Spaces has irresistibly drawn the attention of professionals seeking collaborative workspaces in Plano and across the globe. With its captivating and modern ambiance, you will be drawn towards working at this coworking place daily. This coworking space’s captivating and contemporary ambiance will effortlessly lure you into making it a daily work destination.

Among its pool of amenities, the space has meeting rooms, ample parking spots, a coffee bar, high-speed internet, 24/7 access, and many more. The place is easily accessible via major transportation facilities, enabling you to explore the city after work hours. Take advantage of their beautifully designed outside eating area, thoughtfully crafted to provide a rejuvenating experience in the refreshing air.

Price: A private office at Spaces Plano is available monthly for $335. Access their coworking space with their membership priced at $269/month, while renting a dedicated desk can cost you $319/month.

Location: 6600 Chase Oaks Blvd #150, Plano, TX 75023, United States

Phone: (469) 991-6600


Working from the confines of your room can suck all the fun out of it and get you lonely at best. Hence, it’s only human that you break out into the open world and find yourself in Plano’s vibrant and tourist-worthy coworking spaces. Also, these spaces align with the city’s cultural essence and aesthetics. So, if you want help in deciding which is the best coworking space in Plano, you’ve got the list. Happy coworking!

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