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With over 6 locations in Toronto, Workhaus is a great option for coworking in the city. The first Workhaus coworking space was established by Adrian and Ryan in an old warehouse which was empty since the last four years. Adrian longed for a space to meet with budding entrepreneurs and a medium to collaborate with freelancers. In the end, he went and opened up his own coworking space as a perfect example of “good things come to those who HUSTLE”. 

Workhaus is built around a community of creative people and entrepreneurs who aim to progress with time. Toronto is quickly becoming a hub for Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Automation, and the Internet of Things. In this scenario, to leverage this future wave of potentialities and possibilities, people from all walks of life and especially young talent are looking for space which provides everything they need. For instance, they will require ever-ready work-force, a happening space to work and focus and most importantly a channel to connect with people. You will find all of it and much more at Workhaus in Toronto.

Workhaus Castle


A new addition to the Workhaus portfolio – Castle coworking space is located in the financial hub of Toronto. For every coworking space, its location matters and Workhaus Toronto Castle’s location makes it easily accessible to people coming from all directions. The St. Andrew and the Union Subway station are connected with the whole city plus you will find a lot of local restaurants and stores nearby.

Talking about the community culture here, Workhaus is unique from other spaces in the sense that it offers a gamut of extra amenities and programs. These programs are provided in all the locations and spaces spread around the city. From eloquent interiors to enabling culture, this latest Workhaus in Toronto is worth checkout and the good thing is that they offer a free tour.

Location: Walk straight from the St. Andrew station for 4 blocks and you will find yourself standing in front of 212 King Street W. Toronto.

Workhaus Sky Parlour


What’s better to start your business right in the core of Downtown Toronto, surrounded by a plethora of shopping centres and offices. The Sky Parlour coworking space by Workhaus is located on the 30th floor of the Dynamic Funds Tower. The major advantage of working through here is its connectivity with the PATH system and the Subway network crawling through the city and the main hubs of the area.

The Workhaus Sky Parlour will open up shop starting from May 1, so giddy up and book your new office right in the middle of the business street of Old Toronto.

Location: Whether you are coming from the Queens subway station or St. Andrews your new office just walk 5 minutes on foot and you will reach 1 Adelaide Street E, Old Toronto.

The doors will open on May 1, and book a tour today to avail for early bird pricing.

Workhaus 1892, Toronto


Want to create history? Well, there is nothing better than working from Toronto’s Old Town surrounded by Museums and historical sites. Moreover, yet to open, this Workhaus coworking space resides in the Confederation of Life Building, developed in the Romanesque Revival style. Connectivity is the best part of this location, as you only have to get off the train at the Queen station and hop into your new office after walking a few steps.

Apart from the community culture and wellness programs found at all the Workhaus coworking spaces, this location also has in-house Starbucks, Subway, Sushi Q, and Le Prep. To get early bird discounts, visit the site today or give them a call anytime. You will also find the perfect bike parking spot because it is built beneath your new office.

Location: Visit 20 Richmond Street E, Old Town, Toronto.

Workhaus Loft on Bay


Downtown Toronto as an area has everything to offer for a young Torontonian and budding entrepreneur. From financial centres to wellness hubs, one can find the whole gamut of services in this area. In the midst of the most happening place in Toronto, this Workhaus location is operating from the Loft on Bay which is a premier coworking space in the city.

The building was originally built in the 1920s but you can experience the rich architecture of this place and find yourself mingling with the culture of the past. Workhaus has added a flavour of modernity to the old traditional working space in order to make it an eloquent example of an organic structure.

Location: The Wokrhaus Loft on Bay is located near the Osgoode station, at 350 Bay Street, Toronto.

Workhaus FiDi


With this location, Workhaus upgraded their reach to cover the larger market and to help the members benefit from the surrounding businesses. The Workhaus FiDi is located in the financial business district of Toronto. You will find global banks, magnanimous law firms and Multi-national corporations like Google all in one place. The benefit of this location is that you will be able to leverage the vibrant talent pool and build strong connection not only within but also outside the Workhaus community.

Address: You will find Workhaus FiDi in the smack middle of the financial hub located at 56 Temperance Street, Toronto, Canada.

Workhaus Commerce Court


Workhaus has labelled this workplace as perfect out of all the coworking spaces operating under their banner. The reason is that this Workhaus at Commerce court is an inspiring co-working space which is surrounded by various business centres. Added to this it has an enabling location sitting beside the Wellington station.

The efficiency of any entrepreneur or freelancer is further enhanced due to an energetic atmosphere of the office. And at this particular coworking space, you will find a unique ecosystem of creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers who challenge each other and motivates them to work harder.

Reach: In the bouquet of prominent buildings in the downtown area, you will find the eloquent coworking space at 30 Wellington Street W. Toronto

Amenities and Perks

  • PATH access to almost all the 6 locations except at Loft on Bay.
  • Members will have 24*7 access to their dedicated desks and offices.
  • They won’t keep a tab on your tea and coffee, so it’s open house people
  • With Workhaus membership, you get an exclusive mailing address.
  • There is an in-house brewery, you wish it was free too. But unfortunately no.
  • Most importantly, all the locations are nearby subway stations.
  • Workhaus has its own mobile application for easy access and convenience.
  • There is bike parking available in some locations and others have an on-site car parking.

Membership Plans & Prices

In the end, let’s talk about what do you need to pay to become a member of the Workhaus community. Every dollar spent to obtain their membership is worth because you will realize the importance of all the wellness programs and events conducted for the members in all the locations. Added to this the ever-vibrant and invigorating community will make it worth your time and money.

Hot Desks: The hot desk membership will get you a space in one of the lounges available at your preferred location. At $350 per month, you can be a part of the Workhaus family and enjoy free coffee or tea all year round.

Dedicated Desks: Some of us have a bit of Sheldon living inside us, we want the same spot to sit in every day. To those members, Workhaus provides a dedicated desk at a rate of $450 per month. This price is only available at FiDi, Loft on Bay and Commerce Court. For dedicated desks at 1892 and Commerce Castle the rate is $495/month and that for Sky Parlour it is $900/month. But the services and amenities will be the same in all the locations irrespective of the rates.

Private Offices: If you want some more privacy and flexibility, the private offices start at $1900 per month and at the higher end the price is $18,500 per month. The higher rental will also give you much more space and office space. Workhaus has office spaces that are suitable for 3 to 30 people in one time. So, decide which type of office you want and when your team grows just shift to the next best alternative.

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