5 Exceptional Coworking Spaces in Kelowna

Do you enjoy working in your own comfort zone at home yet, wish to get out, meet new people, and broaden your horizons? If so, there is no need to feel cooped up at home when you can work in an exceptional coworking space in Kelowna.

These bright and airy spaces are much more conducive to productivity. Also, your goal of networking and meeting new people can be accomplished in these top-notch coworking spaces. So, grab your laptop, head out the door, and make your way to one of these Kelowna gems.

Coworking Space Kelowna

If coworking in Kelowna is not already on your radar, it should be. Kelowna is a beautiful and vibrant city located in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The city offers an array of coworking spaces to fit every need and budget. And with its central location, Kelowna is the perfect place to base yourself when exploring the Okanagan Valley.


Okanagan coLab

Coworking Space Kelowna

A powerhouse of the Kelowna coworking scene, Okanagan coLab is located in the heart of downtown. Altogether a new world with a comfortable vibe, collaborative atmosphere, and endless opportunities. You will find yourself meeting new friends and business contacts in no time. Also, socialization does not stop when the workday ends. As Okanagan coLab is also home to many after-hour events. Finally, the vibrancy you will find here will jumpstart your goal of getting out, meeting new people, and broadening your horizons.

There is no doubt that Okanagan is a great place to establish your business. The space will round off your business nicely with so many world-class amenities. For instance, kitchens with a fridge, microwave, and toaster ready for you to use. Additionally, an unlimited supply of local organic Cherry Hill coffee and Chai Baba tea will inject some needed energy into your workday. If your work needs a strong and secured internet connection, this space has you covered with their gigabit fiber internet. The space is not only inspirational but highly comfortable too, thanks to ergonomic seating, indoor bike racks, podcast studios, global membership, and so much more. Finally, your furry, adorable pets are most welcome as Okanagan coLab is a dog-friendly space.

Pricing: The range of individual membership includes coLab Network, Basic, Standard, Unlimited, Resident, and Creator studio, which costs $25, $50, $125, $210, $350, and $450 per month, respectively. Additionally, you can also book a meeting flex for $375 per month and acquire a Resident shared membership for $500 per month. You’ll need to inquire about rates if you wish to hire a private office.

Location: 201 – 1405 St Paul St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E4, Canada

Website: https://okcolab.com

Phone: (778) 821-1932


Staples Studio Coworking Space Kelowna

Are you looking for a workplace based on the beauty of Kelowna’s surroundings, full of innovative ideas and camaraderie in the air that is open 24/7? Look no further, as Staples Studio will inspire you with its modern facilities and unrivaled services. Staples Studio fosters intense collaboration and fellowship by providing everything a person needs to learn and grow. Each community here develops its own personality, activities proliferate, and the entire collaborative group gets benefits from being immersed in a good, nurturing atmosphere.

After knowing about this space’s amenities, you would not want to leave the place at all. You’ll get unlimited internet, dedicated on-site assistance, and one-stop shopping for all of your business needs. Further, unlimited coffee and tea will swirl in your mug as you mingle and network with other individuals. Free parking is another fantastic perk that is included in your membership. Thanks to the global perspective, you can interact and learn from other members from all corners of the world. Overall, its global presence and unmatched services make it quite a steal.

Pricing: You can avail of different memberships like virtual memberships, hot-desk unlimited access, premium unlimited, and private office for $49, $199, $299, and $900 per month, respectively. Moreover, you can also book a podcast booth, a meeting room, and a spotlight area for $30, $30, and $99/hr, respectively. Finally, there is a $199 10-day pass and a $ 25-day pass.

Location: 2339 BC-97 #430, Kelowna, BC V1X 4H9, Canada

Website: https://studio.staples.ca/studio/kelowna

Phone: (250) 681-2746


Big Bear Innovation Centre

Coworking Space Kelowna

Big Bear Software’s shared office space can meet your company’s needs in every way. They understand how quickly business can fluctuate, and that’s why their plans and spaces are built with adaptability in mind. Furthermore, ‘coworking’ isn’t just a term for them – it’s the way they do business. From the open concept floor plan designed to increase collaboration to member-sponsored social events meant to build relationships, everything at Big Bear is done with its members in mind. Also, small teams manage their areas rather than individual managers, creating a diverse culture. Therefore, if you also want to know why many thrive in coworking spaces, reserve a spot at Big Bear Software today.

As for necessities, they’ve got you more than covered with their reliable high-speed internet, 24/7 access to the space, and free parking. If you get sleepy while working on a project, you can have a hot cup of coffee or tea to get you through the day. Additionally, on-site high-quality screens are available that will allow you to show presentations, notes, and conference video calls. Finally, the frequent events and workshops will help you stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. There are many more facilities that will ensure your productivity, so be sure to check them out right away.

Pricing: The prices to book a small meeting room, a boardroom, and a coworking space are $150, $300, and $25 per day. Also, to know more and book office space or participate in community events, contact them today via their website or phone.

Location: 1979 Old Okanagan Hwy #305, Westbank, BC V4T 3A4, Canada

Website: https://www.bigbearinnovations.com/

Phone: (250) 809-6908


Regus Landmark Kelowna Coworking Space

Regus Landmark is Kelowna’s most prominent business location, with six office towers in a campus-style development. The floor-to-ceiling windows of this coworking space in Kelowna will let you see the whole city under your feet. You will be able to spark creativity and bring your projects to life with the help of their progressive infrastructure. Moreover, if you feel the need to relax, go for a stroll at Parkinson’s Recreation Centre. Alternatively, spend the day with your pals at one of the numerous restaurants and pubs in the region. Perhaps, a drink or two will allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals and get some business done.

Needless to say, the amenities are world-class, and the staff is attentive and helpful. For starters, the suspended ceilings and raised floors, and secure underground parking will add the much-needed zing to your work. Also, the on-site sandwich bar, coffee, and lunch restaurant will never leave you feeling hungry. You can use the major transport links to get to the office space as quickly as possible. And if you need to rent a meeting room or two, they got your back. The best part is that the premise has amenities for the disabled, i.e. they’re not leaving anyone behind. Finally, the breakout areas, CCTV monitoring, and business lounges are essential for any business.

Pricing: You can get an office, a virtual, and a coworking space for $349, $89, and $329 per month, respectively. Also, you can book a meeting room for just $39/hr.

Location: 1631 Dickson Ave Suite 1100, Kelowna, BC V1Y 0B5, Canada

Website: https://www.regus.com/canada/kelowna/landmark

Phone: (778) 484-8100


Accelerate Okanagan Technology Association

Coworking Space Kelowna

The mission of OKGNworks is to provide a coworking space for entrepreneurs and founders to work, develop their network, and access community resources and support in the process of developing their companies. Also, the open concept of this coworking space will let you mingle and network with other individuals freely. The result is that it will help you build a strong client base for your business. It is designed for early-stage firms and budding entrepreneurs who want to be fully immersed in the city’s tech industry.

The space’s numerous amenities are the answer to why coworking spaces are better than working from home. For one, print access and mailing address will help you with your administrative work. The boardroom and meeting rooms are available for presentations and team meetings. Also, the lockable storage and cabinets will ensure the safety of your belongings. If you need to take a break, a shared kitchen and unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks will come in handy. Besides, the lounge areas are perfect for networking and socializing.

Pricing: You can purchase a tenancy membership for $250 per month. Additionally, the company and supporter membership cost $350 and $500 per year. With such affordable rates, it can be your go-to coworking space in Kelowna.

Location: 460 Doyle Ave #201, Kelowna, BC V1Y 0C2, Canada

Website: OKGNworks | Accelerate Okanagan

Phone: (250) 870-9028


Coworking as a concept has taken the business world by storm. It has helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups to grow and scale new heights. Also, Kelowna, as a growing tech city in Canada, has some awesome shared spaces. The city offers countless opportunities for anyone who is looking for growth and development. The association with other individuals in a space will help you take your business to the next level. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner; a coworking space in Kelowna is the right choice for you. However, it’s crucial to do thorough research and know how to choose one that’s comfortable for you. Once you know it, don’t hesitate and book one for yourself today!

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