15 Amazing Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Toronto

Coworking spaces have long been present in the city of Toronto. The patrons of this city have since long been working from the hybridized offices. Every coworking space in Toronto is responsible for this revolution of shared hubs in the city. Similar to NYC in the USA, Toronto in Canada has been at the helm of driving the coworking culture in the country. Toronto already has an image where people like to work as hard as they wish to enjoy. And the coworking space culture in Toronto has beautifully embedded both of these traits under one roof. 

Be it a creative, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a developer, or even a freelancer, Toronto has a big pie of coworking hubs, and everyone gets a share in the cake. The startups feel energized to work round the clock, a small business owner leverages the expertise of the established house. All in all, the shared spaces in Toronto are admirable for they strive to achieve complete inclusiveness. The whole culture is empowering enough to let the newbies identify their traits and take on new challenges that help them develop. In Toronto, coworking is not about the facilitation of office spaces and earning rent. It is about allowing everyone who is a part of this culture to enter a new realm of collaboration and unity in diversity. 

This is the reason why Toronto is going to be the next big thing in the Startup culture of North America in the coming years. And coworking has a significant role to play in the enrichment of this city. 

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices in Toronto

Let’s explore the amazing coworking culture of Toronto and find out which are the most beautiful, the most collaborative, affordable, and the most efficient coworking spaces in Toronto. 


Workplace One Coworking Space


Workplace One boasts its diverse and candor community that is self-reliant and brings out the best in each other. The whole work area is designed to resemble the member’s personality and allow everyone to relate to the shared work culture. The end goal of Workplace One is to make sure that you are productive in your work and don’t have to worry about the little things. All the locations of this co-working arena are located in highly innovative and auspicious neighborhoods. 

Location: You can choose to work in any of the Coworking Space Toronto out of 6 by Workplace One:

  • Queen West: 51 Wolseley Street
  • King West: 901 King Street, Suite 500
  • King East: 340 King Street East, Floor 2
  • Bay Bloor: 77 Bloor Street West, Suite 600
  • Peter Street: 111 Peter Street, Suite 700

Membership Plans: Becoming a member at Workplace One will let you work from a coworking desk at the price of $300/month. Moving on, the dedicated desk is worth $450/month, and a private office is available for $565/month. You can also become a part of this coworking community with their Virtual Office which comes at $99/month. 


East Room Toronto


Yet another one of the collaborative coworking spaces in Toronto, East Room is the space where you will find cooperation at its highest. This shared workspace hub also has a diverse group of members and businesses that are joined together with a common string of growth. As a part of the East Room community, you will be able to share your ideas, be innovative, converse with like-minded people, and most importantly, grow on a personal and professional level. 

Location: 50 Carroll Street, Toronto, Canada. 

Website: https://www.eastroom.com/

Plans: You will find office spaces, shared work lounges, and dedicated desks ready for you to use at East Room Toronto. Coworking spaces in the lounge area are available for $250/month. The Resident member prices are kept at $650 a month and $3200 per month. The number of members that you have in one office and the boardroom usage hours vary among the different plans. 


The Fueling Station


The Fueling Station is an amazing coworking space in Toronto that caters to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is ingrained into the owners of this shared work hub. The aim is to remove all the bottlenecks for entrepreneurs on their way to success. In turn, they fuel the startups and entrepreneurs to develop together by pushing each other to the limits. It is taken care of that the entrepreneurs working here focus on their work and not anything else. It is the management’s prerogative to provide everything they want in one place. 

Location: 147 Liberty Street & 54 Fraser Avenue, Toronto.

Membership Plans: Here you are looking at a dedicated office that will cost you $465/month. The Fueling Station does not provide a hot desk, but they do have a virtual membership which is priced between $150 to $295 a month. Coming to the private office, which is priced at $1200 per month at Toronto’s entrepreneurial coworking space. 


Workhaus Toronto


Worjkhaus is a coworking space in the city of Toronto where the community is given prime importance. The goal is to inspire the members to be productive and enhance their creative side. Workhaus Toronto is a master at providing premier office solutions for individuals and companies of all stature and levels. From a single freelancer to the biggest companies in the city, they have it all. There are community-based programs, wellness programs, social events, and other such activities that are sure to enhance the workability of the members. 

Location: Workhaus has a bouquet of 9 coworking spaces in the city of Toronto, and they are all located in high-potential neighborhoods. 

  • Commerce Court: 30 Wellington St, W. 5th Floor
  • 1892: 20 Richmond Street, St. E, Floor 6th
  • Dundas: 180 Dundas St. W, 25th Floor
  • FiDi: 56 Temperance St. Floor 6

Membership Plans: If you want to avail a hot desk at Workhaus it starts from $350 a month,  but for a dedicated desk, you need to give $495 every month. Private offices are also available at this Coworking space in Toronto, and the membership starts at $1600/month. 


Women on the Move


Freedom, Glory, and Empowerment. These are the three traits that are ever-present at Women on the move. This is a women-oriented Toronto coworking space and fuels unique energy into the women who wish to run their ventures. This shared hub provides all the help that a woman entrepreneur needs to develop her venture by facilitating different programs and training sessions aimed at their success. 

Location: 2111 Dundas St. W

Programs: Women on the Move is different in that they assist women entrepreneurs via various programs and events. These programs are either directed at Sales Enhancement or personal development. All of this and much more is only to help the women entrepreneurs channel their intellect and resources in hand to a unique direction that has the highest potential and success rates. 


District 28 Workspaces


District 28 Workspaces is a one-of-a-kind coworking space in Toronto and provides affordable desks and offices. The members of District 28 come from a diverse group of industries, and this helps every individual member to expand their horizons. Where conversations spark and interactions lead to the building of relationships, this shared work hub in the city can really illuminate your business network. More than this, you can also hire the stunning event spaces under their banner. 

Location: 28 Logan Avenue, Toronto

Website: https://district28.ca/workspaces/

Plans: District 28 is one of the better coworking spaces in the city of Toronto, as it provides various options to work here. You have the hot desks and the creative plans that are available at a cost of $245/month and $200 per month, respectively. Going forward you can also avail of a permanent desk and work from your own private spot after paying only $375 a month. Private offices at this Toronto coworking space begin at $1100 per month. So, what will you choose?


Make Lemonade Coworking Space


Get Sh*t Done. That is the motto of Make Lemonade and I love it for the very aura that this coworking space in the heart of Toronto creates. Available only for women, Make Lemonade shares its energetic vibes with all the women working here. The ultimate goal is to allow all the members to create their own destiny. When you have a dream and want to create something out of it, all you need to do is work for it, that is why they say Get Sh*t Done!!

Location: Go write your own verses of “I Have a Dream” at 326 Adelaide Street West. 

Want to become a member? This is fun, a whole lemon at Make Lemonade (a dedicated desk) will give you 24*7 access and a whole lot of amenities to start with. A half-pressed lemon, on the other hand, personifies a hot desk and is also available for the members every day of the week for 24 hours. Apart from these memberships, you can also become a part of the community with the Zest plan that will give you a one-day pass. 


Devhub Toronto


Devhub is part of a proactive initiative by Lighthouse Labs to help connect fellow developers with each other. Through their coworking space in Toronto, DevHub provides Canadian developers to educate, share, and connect. This workspace is determined to facilitate all kinds of services and amenities to the developers working under their roof which helps them grow. 

Location: 662 King Street West, #101

Website: https://www.devhub.ca/

Join DevHub Coworking: You can work here for a day, a week, or even a month. DevHub can accommodate you in every way. Hot desk options are starting at $300/month and the dedicated desk begins at $400 a month. Moreover, DevHub also provides a cluster plan for 3 to 15 members to work in the communal area or hire a private office. For the latter two options, you need to inquire about them directly. 


WeWork Toronto


WeWork or the We Company, one of the biggest and most expansive coworking chains is booming the shared workspace culture of Toronto. Around 50% of the large companies in the country are operating in Toronto. And WeWork Toronto is providing energetic workspaces that eliminate inefficiency for all. The very culture of every Toronto coworking space by The We Company is dedicated to making the member’s work more accessible, progressive, and scalable. 

Location: There are 10 pit-stops of WeWork in the city, a few of them are:

  • Scotia Plaza: 40 King St W, Floor 41
  • Bloor St: 33 Bloor St E, 5th Floor
  • King St: 1100 King St W, Toronto
  • 1 University Avenue, Toronto

Prices: When it comes to hiring a hot desk at WeWork, you need to pay $450/month. Dedicated desks at this global coworking space in Toronto will cost you $650/month at a minimum. WeWork has a vibrant community of members and their private offices start from $1030/month. 


Startwell Coworking


Startwell in Toronto has a unique vibe to it, this coworking arena has set up new standards of collaboration. They provide all kinds of facilities and amenities to the members. This is to help them scale their businesses and ignite the very spark that allows the members to enhance their productivity. From a podcast studio to an espresso bar, startwell has everything you need to run a business in one place. 

Location: 786 King St W

Membership: The Open desks environment is one of the fortuitous aspects of Startwell, as this is where the ideas flow like a stream. The open desk membership at this one of the best coworking spaces in Toronto is available for $500/month. The private offices are also provided within the communal workspace and the rates begin from $1300/month for two seats. 


Regus Toronto


Well, what can I say about Regus? The biggest coworking chain in the world, Regus is a frontrunner in the shared workspaces industry. The very fabric of Regus is drenched with proactiveness. It oozes out a rejuvenating aura that allows every member of this coworking space in Toronto to make the most out of their efforts. Regus provides its members with amazing work locations residing in various profitable neighborhoods of a city. 

Location: Out of all the coworking spaces in Toronto by Regus, here are the locations of the high-demand ones:

  • 401 Bay Street, Floor 16th
  • TD Canada Trust Tower, 161 Bay Street, 27th Floor
  • 4711 Yonge Street, Floor 10th

Plans & Pricing: A coworking organization such as Regus Toronto, has numerous locations, and the prices for all the spaces tend to vary. Hence, here is an overview of the pricing structure at Regus. The Coworking options of shared desks begin from $289/month. As for the private offices are concerned, the monthly price is $629. 


Inner Arts Collective


I was very eager to find a unique and an out of the box coworking space in Toronto. And this is where I got to, the Inner Arts Collective coworking community. Well, this is a coworking space that to catering to a specific niche. This workspace is for healers who are helping people rejuvenate themselves from their inner selves. Inner Arts Collective’s uniqueness lies in its provision of workspaces to those who leverage the power of healing and spread energy in the community. 

Location: 257 Danforth Avenue

Rooms and Spaces: Well, if you want to join them as a member then you need to first visit them and scout the whole workspace. There are in total 5 treatment rooms available at Inner Arts Collective. Plus they have event spaces and street signage for the members to showcase their venture. 


Center for Social Innovation


If not for innovation the 21st Century would have been something entirely different, don’t you think? Center for Social Innovation is a kind of coworking space in Toronto that boasts its innovative members. All the patrons of CSI strive to make this world a better place by innovating and providing new solutions. CSI on its part ensures that the members are an integral part of this community and leverage from each other’s support. 

Location: There are three locations of CSI Toronto’s coworking spaces in the city:

  • Annex: 720 Bathurst
  • Regent Park: 585 Dundas St, E
  • Spadina: 192 Spadina Avenue

Website: https://socialinnovation.org/

Membership Plans: The coworking plans for hot desks are further divided into three different options and the prices start at $125/month. For a dedicated desk, you need to pay $550 a month and the private office rates at CSI begin from $1250 per month. You can also hire team tables with the Center for Social Innovation for $1210/month. 


Love Child Social House


Talking about uniqueness in coworking space in Toronto, the Love Child Social House is a far-fetching shared hub in the city. This is a coworking space during the day and an event space in the night to celebrate the nightlife of Toronto. On top of it, you will find collaboration is at its highest with Love Child Social House. Moreover, when you are working from a collaborative and cohesive workspace, the productivity meters will always be off the charts. 

Location: 69 Bathurst St. 

Website: https://lovechildsocial.com/

Pricing options: if you want to work on a daily basis, the membership price is kept at $15/day. Moving on, working for 6 days a month here will cost you $45/month. The unlimited access to the coworking arena with full benefits will cost you $75/month. 


Create Signal Creative Space


This is where the music comes to life and the thoughts of Toronto’s Creative community find a way out. Create Signal is a community-based co-working space in Toronto with an artistic vibe that is inherited by all of its members. This community of music artists, composers, sound creators, and whatnot has an amazing connection that does not need words to converse with each other. Music is their language and that is how they want to be known. 

Location: Go find your music at 112 Adelaide St. East

Pricing: You can get your own private office for a team or even go for the resident or basic plans. The prices for the same are kept at $50/month for the basic plan, $250/month for the resident plan. As far as the private offices are concerned, the prices start at $1850/month. What’s your move?


There is a reason why Toronto is the best liveable city in the world. Most of it is due to its all-inclusive culture. You will find a lot of diversity in this city. Yet there is harmony and cohesiveness in the very air you breathe here. The cooperative and collaborative traits of this city are what you will find at every single coworking space in Toronto. These workspaces have been at the helm of canvassing a stunning shared hub culture. And not only here, but the same vibes are also found all around the city. Like at Northspace Toronto, a coworking space in North York that is equally vibrant and energetic as any other shared hub. 

The very essence of these coworking spaces in Toronto is to amplify your efforts. Moreover it allows you to do much more with the resources at your disposal. From being a creative artist to a developer and everything in between, Toronto has a special place for all kinds of professionals. 

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