5 Top-Rated Coworking Spaces in Saskatoon

Saskatoon has a lot to offer entrepreneurs and startup business owners. From opportunities to network with others in the industry to a coworking space in Saskatoon that provides everything, you can get everything you need to get your business off the ground. There are plenty of reasons to consider Saskatoon as your next place to set up shop. Moreover, the immense benefits you can reap from coworking are only possible if the space is a good fit for you. 

Hence, we’ve rounded up a list of five new-wave coworking spaces in Saskatoon that will make you want to ditch your home office for good.

Coworking Space Saskatoon

A workspace can be a big investment. You need to consider the type of space you want, how much you’re willing to pay, and if it’s the right fit for your business. Besides, who would want to spend their days toiling away in a traditional office space when creative spaces in Saskatoon have so much to offer? So, speed up your selection process by checking out these top coworking spaces in the city.


The Two Twenty Saskatoon

Coworking Space Saskatoon

Being the first coworking space in the city is a big responsibility, but The Two Twenty has lived up to the hype. Also, students attracted to coworking spaces need not take a back seat. Everyone can find their base here with membership options that fit snugly into your budget. Moreover, the space is designed to accommodate your lifestyle, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or even a digital nomad. Do you know what’s more interesting? The space offers flexibility that will let you switch between membership options as your business grows. From bringing your bike to work to holding casual meetups with clients, The Two Twenty will extend the much-needed support for your business.

The best is not over yet. The amenities at The Two Twenty include access to printers and scanners, seamless high-speed internet, and AV equipment. Additionally, the napping room is a great plus if you need to catch some quick shut-eye between meetings. Also, the on-site meditation and yoga room will help you stay Zen amidst the hustle. The two community kitchens are always open if you want to have a meal or a snack. Further, the unlimited supply of coffee and tea will eliminate the need for a quick caffeine run. Finally, don’t worry about security and storage, as the storage lockers will help keep your stuff safe.

Pricing: Student coworking, virtual office, light coworking, and full-coworking memberships cost $100, $50, $125, and $200 per month, respectively. So, why wait? Get going and sign up for a tour today.

Location: 220 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9, Canada

Website: https://www.thetwotwenty.ca/

Phone: (306) 651-0510


Broadway Collective Coworking Space Saskatoon

Who likes to work with distractions and noise? Obviously, no one. Well, say hello to Broadway Collective – a coworking space designed for peace and productivity. This is a place where creative freelancers, small businesses, solopreneurs, remote workers, and students who study from home may easily unwind. Additionally, you’ll also be motivated by the camaraderie and cooperative nature of working with people who are just as committed as you. Not to miss that your working gig is sustainable, which is a huge plus in today’s world. Besides, it’s a known fact that coworking can help deal with climate change. Therefore, a sustainable shared space like Broadway Collective will only make things better for you.

What’s on the list of amenities? High-speed internet, access to printers and scanners, on-site parking, cleaning amenities, and more. The gym and locker room are a boon for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, free coffee and an unlimited supply of tea will check the box for all coffeeholic and tea lovers. Beer on tap and the lunchroom are two more reasons that will make you want to join this space and never leave. The best part? The event space is perfect for hosting meetups, workshops, and other social gatherings. Finally, daytime bike storage is convenient if you want to go to work on two wheels.

Pricing: To be a coworking member, you have to pay $200+ tx and $100+ tx (students) per month. Also, booking a virtual office and mailbox membership costs $50 per month plus tax. If you want to hold meetings, the rate for renting a meeting room is $35/hr.

Location: 733 Broadway Ave #101, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1B3, Canada

Website: https://www.broadwaycollective.ca/

Phone: (306) 260-5119


Wallstreet Common Saskatoon

Coworking Space Saskatoon

With the nexus between atmosphere and innovation, Wallstreet Common proves to be an exceptional space. A perfect incubator for your business idea, this Saskatoon coworking space is bound to make things happen for you. Moreover, the collaborative environment and the array of resources at Wallstreet Common are designed to help small businesses take off. Also, the infrastructure here induces creativity and stimulates growth, which is essential for the success of any business. Don’t brush away the in-house events and workshops that are hosted regularly, as they open many doors of opportunity. Overall, you will get your own functional office without the burden of pricey membership plans.

Aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed, Wallstreet Common has a lot to offer in terms of amenities. It has all the basic and essential facilities like high-speed internet, access to printers and scanners, ample parking space, and so on. Free coffee, a snack stand, and a shared kitchen are additions that will whip up your appetite for work. Also, how can you ignore the restful lounges and the modern event space when they are right in front of you? If you commute on two wheels, indoor bike storage is an amenity you will surely appreciate. So, there’s no rock-solid reason not to try out this coworking space.

Pricing: 6-month coworking contract, virtual office, month-to-month coworking, and student membership costs $150, $30, $190, and $100 per month, respectively. Additionally, there’s a 10-day punch pass and a day pass for $100 and $20 per day. Therefore, you can easily pick a plan as per your requirement and budget.

Location: 310 Wall St, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N7, Canada

Website: http://www.wallstreetcommon.com/

Phone: (306) 952-0200


Elevate CoWork Saskatoon

Is professional credibility your mantra? If yes, you have hit the jackpot with Elevate CoWork. High-end furnishings, creative modern art, and a spectacular working environment make this coworking space in Saskatoon a class apart. Therefore, the crux is that the layout is designed in such a way that it promotes serendipitous interactions and brainstorming sessions. Another reason to try out this shared space is the vibrancy it exudes. You might have second thoughts about leaving your drab office cubicle after seeing this place.

From open-concept lounges to private phone booths, the array of amenities is diverse at Elevate CoWork. It has all the basic facilities that you would expect from a coworking space, like high-speed internet, access to scanners and printers, on-site parking, and more. Furthermore, the patio is one addition that makes this place stand out. The indoor/outdoor working experience is something you will surely enjoy. Also, BBQ, receptionist, lounges, smart TVs, boardroom, and events host are a few important amenities that are worth mentioning. Last but not least, complimentary tea and coffee have been taken care of, so you can switch from one task to another seamlessly without any break.

Pricing: The price of a coworking membership starts from $150 per month. Apart from these, you can also book several suites like Suite 107, Suite 117, Suite 118, and Suite 119 for $700, $975, $700, and $700 per month plus GST, respectively. Also, boardrooms, lounge, and patio are available on an hourly basis. However, to get a quote, you need to get in touch with the management.

Location: 3530 Millar Ave #900, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0B6, Canada

Website: https://elevatecowork.ca/

Phone: (306) 974-3189


Ideas Inc. Coworking Space in Saskatoon

Coworking Space Saskatoon

How can a coworking space not make it to the list of best coworking spaces if it fosters ideation and growth? It’s impossible, right? Ideas Inc. is one such space that enriches the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Saskatoon. This shared space houses more than 50 flourishing and upcoming businesses. Also, this resource-rich environment acts as a catalyst in the journey followed by these businesses. The best part is the low cost at which you can get access to all these resources and state-of-the-art facilities. Don’t miss out on their mentorship roaster that will not only help you achieve your business goals but will also provide you with invaluable guidance.

From event spaces to a fully equipped kitchen, this coworking spaces checks it all. In addition to all the basic facilities, Ideas Inc. goes a step further by providing membership benefits like access to communal E-bikes, community socials, and mailing address service. Also, if you like to stay high on caffeine, you will be glad to know that they provide an endless supply of coffee and tea. Additionally, 24/7 building access will let you clock in those extra hours without any hassle. This surely will give you an edge over your competitors.

Pricing: You can book a Month-Month, 6-Month, and 1-Year membership for $150, $600, and $1100 per month, respectively. Moreover, you can also get a free one-week trial to check if this space fits your requirement or not.

Location: 120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W2, Canada

Phone: (306) 653-2007


A shield against mundane office life, coworking spaces are a breath of fresh air. If you want to choose a great coworking space Saskatoon, this guide will be your Holy Grail. We have cherry-picked some of the best-shared spaces that the city has to offer so that you can take your company to new heights. Moreover, with a vibe of its own, each coworking space has a unique selling proposition. So, go ahead and assess your needs to zero in on the ones that match your requirements.

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