Coworking Quebec | 8 Awesome Spaces, Their Culture & Desk Prices

Despite being covered in snow for most of the year, Coworking in Quebec has grown to a large extent. Within the span of a very few years, Quebec has been able to come up with some of the best coworking spaces that have helped nurture the culture of entrepreneurship. A lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers in this part of Canada are making use of Quebec coworking to grow their business.

The startup culture is growing at a rapid rate. Every 7 out of 10 people in Canada are aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Coworking Quebec has proved to be an absolutely essential element for budding entrepreneurs as these shared office spaces help in cost-cutting as well as enhancing the working mechanism. One reason behind the success of Quebec coworking is the strong community of working professionals, startups and brilliant minds that are always looking for people of the same mindset.

Coworking Quebec Spaces

Let us have a look into some of the well-known coworking spaces in Quebec city. To help you understand the space better, we have mentioned the address, contact and membership pricing plans at each of these shared office spaces.

Le Camp

Le Camp is a coworking space that helps the high tech companies to a great extent in order to establish and enhance their businesses. It is absolutely flexible as per its rent agreement and is available for both short-term and long-term lease. Le Camp is a magnanimous space which has again been designed and segmented into 24 open space offices, 10 closed offices, 2 event spaces, 3 conference rooms and finally a lounge area. Once you are enrolled here, you will get to have a specific access card in your name and you can use that card to enter this spot anytime you want. Another good thing about The Le Camp Quebec coworking is that it is an incubator-accelerator.

Address- 125 Boulevard Charest E, Québec, QC G1K 3G5

Contact- +1 418-681-0230

Pricing- For a desk at this coworking space, the price is $250 per month. For having a closed office, one needs to pay $650 per month for unlimited access.


BNKR Coworking

If you are the kind of an entrepreneur who wants to set up his business at a coworking space in Quebec, then BNKR coworking is one of the best options that you could grab. It is an absolute heaven for all the geeks and nerds, as well as the entrepreneurs who are very interactive. The ambience of this Quebec coworking is absolutely motivating. You can also get mentorship for your startup or business idea. In fact, If you are too naive to start your own business, then this place can act as an incubator to develop you to the intermediate or the expert level of running a business.  Did you know that you are you can have a two-day trial over here absolutely free?

Address- 226 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, QC G1K 3A9

Contact- +1 418-800-7440

Pricing – This space comes with a flurry of benefits for you to enjoy,  and yet the rental cost of this place is quite feasible. For 3 day a week access you have to pay $200 per month and for 7 days a week access, the charges are $300 per month.  The rental cost for a non-resident nomad is $50 per week.


Le Cowork


Out of all the coworking Quebec spaces, Le Cowork is a top-rated one because of its amazing ecosystem of brilliant minds. It has been beautifully designed with every colour possible so that the place looks very cheerful and it becomes delightful for the entrepreneurs to work.  Most of the people who have worked here have said that their productivity has increased to a great extent after joining Le Cowork. It comprises an innovative community where all the members are from different professions. All the creative minds have joined hands forming the community of Le Cowork,  and that is what makes this-operative zone even more interesting. Apart from the community, it is also a place where you can have unlimited access to high-speed internet, an abundance of printing and scanning facilities, well-furnished meeting rooms, conference halls and a lot more.

Address- 625 Rue des Rocailles, Ville de Québec, QC, Québec, QC G2J 1A9.

Contact- +1 581-999-2741

Pricing- In order to rent an open-plan seating,  you have to pay CA $195 per month. For a single person per month, the cost of a dedicated desk is CA $260. In order to have a private office for a single person, the price for a month is CA $400.


AV3 Collaborative


The AV3 Collaborative is one of the coolest coworking spaces in the heart of Quebec, Canada and thus also comprises a collaborative community. This Quebec coworking space comprises of the best views of the city and every nook and corner of this place has been decorated beautifully. Even the lounge has been designed in a manner so that you can have productive discussions with all the community members and enhance your business.  This is also a good place to find potential customers who can have the tenacity to increase your sales.

Address- 422 3e Ave, Quebec City, QC G1L 2W1.

Contact- +1 581-235-0328

Pricing- In order to have a desk at the open seating area, one has to pay $25 a day. You can have 7 days access at $100 and a complete 1-month access to shared office space at $250. If you wish to get a small office, then you’ll have to pay $350 a month and large desks at AV3 Collaborative coworking can be availed at CA $450 a month.


Espace Koala

This is yet another eminent coworking Quebec space that has been able to create a benchmark in the world of coworking. It offers a great collaborative zone for the freelancers, entrepreneurs, techies, professionals and independent workers. Every time you are bored at work you can have free coffee and sit in the chill out zone to have a productive interactive session with all the other community members. Amenities over here include free parking, high-speed internet, amazing kitchen area, well-furnished meeting rooms and a lot more.

Address- 190 Rue Dorchester #70, Québec, QC G1K 5Y9.

Membership at this coworking space in Quebec can be availed for just $150 for the first month. This is their trial offer. For a 3 month agreement, you’ll have to pay CA $235 plus tax per month. The price for the 6-month contract comes down to just $210 + tax per month.


Le Cube Quebec

Another good option for coworking Quebec is Le Cube. It is fully furnished and is situated at one of the most exclusive locations of Quebec city. Indifferent of what profession you belong to, if you have a creative mind and an innovative instinct, you are welcome by the community of this coworking space. The features at this shared office space include bike storage, lockers, rest areas, showers, parking, conference rooms and more. 

Address- They have 4 locations in Quebec based at Saint-Roch, Limoilou and Old Levis. Find them at 190-B Rue Dorchester, Québec, QC G1K 5Y9.

Contact- +1 418-688-1635

Regus Quebec

The Regus has been able to create quite a benchmark in the coworking scenario around the globe and it is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Quebec. It is well furnished with ample amenities for the coworking teams and individuals to have a smooth working mechanism. Having a presence in 3 prime location, Regus Quebec coworking spaces offer exquisite views of the city. It is accessible for 24 hours a day which means that you can work here even during the odd hours. It has two branches in Sainte Foy and Lebourgneuf.

The culture of coworking Quebec has seen an impressive growth in recent years. Not just freelancers and startups, but even corporate companies are moving to coworking spaces all across Canada including Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and more cities.

Ajay Deep

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