7 Best Coworking Spaces in Oklahoma City

As collaborative work environments become more commonplace, looking at the best options for coworking spaces in Oklahoma City is essential. Whether you are a freelancer or part of a large organization, having access to a nice place where you can collaborate with colleagues and gain creative insights is an invaluable asset that can help drive productivity and creativity.

In this blog post, we will explore seven of Oklahoma City’s best coworking spaces, outlining necessary details about each one so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your ideal environment.

Moreover, shared spaces typically have a strong sense of community. This can make working long hours more enjoyable and foster a greater sense of camaraderie among coworkers. Lastly, you can enjoy access to innovative resources — shared spaces often have assets that you might not find in a traditional office. For example, some coworking spaces offer communal kitchens, unique event spaces, or on-site childcare facilities.

Read on to find out what these seven best coworking spaces in Oklahoma have to offer:

Coworking Spaces in Oklahoma City

Sit back and read on as we describe the seven best coworking spaces OKC and why you should join one for better work productivity. Let’s jump into it:


StarSpace 46 Coworking Space OKC

StarSpace 46 Coworking oworking Spaces in Oklahoma City

Be it a need for a dedicated desk or simply the urge to get some work done while visiting town, StarSpace 46 will have you covered. The main idea of the venue is to help people work in a collaborative, flexible workplace. You can easily secure a desk, coworking space and conference room access here for both short- and long-term arrangements. Moreover, you get it all at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, this gorgeous OKC coworking space offers plenty of office types and it’s ideal for getting your business up and running. With a pleasant interior and extremely delightful surroundings, you can bring new ideas to the table while working here. Lastly, the flexible plans add to the ease of use of the StarSpace 46 Coworking environment.

Pricing: Day Passer starts at $20/day, while the Coworker plan costs $100/month. If you think more long-term (6-12 months) the Office Resident pass is for you at $476/month with all utilities inculed.

Location: 1141 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

Website– https://www.starspace46.com/

Phone: N/A


PC Executive Services Inc. 

PC Executive Services Inc. Coworking Space Oklahoma City

With PC Executive Services’ cozy, adaptable semi-private and private coworking spaces in Oklahoma City, you can grow your company to new heights. You can concentrate on your business immediately because the staff handles the office setup, including the phone, internet, and office furniture. If you are concerned about location, this one is ideally situated at 3030 Northwest Expressway, between Lake Hefner Parkway (OK-74) and Interstate 44 in northwest Oklahoma City. Your Oklahoma corporate suite is in the perfect location here. To add to the convenience, the Oklahoma Branch of PC Executive lies in the Union Plaza facility on the second floor of an iconic A-grade building. 

The venue features 41 offices, a coworking area, a business lounge, 2-day offices, and 3 conference rooms. There are office spaces and meeting rooms that are ready to use when and where you need them. This is without the need for a lengthy lease, an expensive buildout, or I.T. equipment to buy and upgrade. Your executive office, team space, or temporary project area at PC is tailored to your needs and is simple to modify as your company’s space needs change.

Pricing: You may book your meetings here with pricing as low as $10. For frequent users, office spaces are available at $550/month and virtual spaces at $99/month at this coworking space in Oklahoma City. You can also opt for meeting rooms starting from $20/hour. The amenities included are different for each category.

Location: 3030 Northwest Expy #200, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States.


Phone: (405) 758-5808

If you’re looking for spaces in Missouri, here are some awesome yet affordable options in Kansas City.


Lakepointe West

Lakepointe West

If you are more attracted by the hustle of city life, then Lakepointe West can be a really good fit. Located along N.W. Expressway, this coworking space in Oklahoma City, has plenty of room to offer a good office vibe. You are also in close vicinity to the largest and most coveted office submarket in Oklahoma City — the northwest office market is home to many similar office buildings, most dating from the 1980s. Lakepointe West is also less than is less than half a mile away from Lake Hefner Parkway, the main thoroughfare in northwest Oklahoma City.

Moreover, an exceptional amenity package is available at Lakepointe West. Some of these include on-site parking, 3 elevators, beautiful lake Hefner views on the building’s north side, entrance to the N.W. Expressway, 24/7 access, conference rooms, and much more. The website offers plans for renting space and 3D tours of the spaces.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $15.25 per square foot, however executive suites command a higher price. Getting in touch with the company is recommended to ask for exact prices.

Location: 4045 NW 64th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, United States.


Phone: (405) 840-0600


The Treasury Coworking Space Oklahoma City

The Treasury Coworking Space Oklahoma City

The official and corporate premises of The Treasury provide a focused and inspiring environment through a friendly community and lively interior. Located on the famous Film Row, The Treasury takes pride in being women-operated, and aims to create an equal workspace for people from all walks of life. The Treasury coworking community operates on a membership basis.

With tremendous flexibility in the workplace and entrepreneurship, this women-centric coworking space in Oklahoma helps working professionals concentrate on themselves and their work. They can formalize their businesses here with a downtown mailing address and a chic location to meet with clients. Besides that, with a slew of amenities and featured events, Treasury is also a place to come at the end of the workday to let go of all your tension so you can return home feeling refreshed.

Pricing: There are basically two types of membership plans on offer. One can opt for Social membership at $250/month. The other plan carries better amenities like access to the downtown workplace, printing amenities, free ad space, etc., at $385/month.

Location: 10 N Lee Ave Ste 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States.


Phone: (325) 660-2264


The Cove Coworking and Event Space

The Cove Coworking and Event Space

Another women-oriented coworking space, The Cove is located in Bethany, OK, offering an especially welcoming office space that’s entirely nature-inspired. Keeping the motivation spirits high, the amenities work wonders for the members — the services at this coworking space in Oklahoma City will help you reach both your professional and personal objectives. Some of the major highlights include printer access, high-speed WiFi, designated storage space, flexible and spacious seating, event ticket discounts, mailing address, and much more. The 3,000-square-foot area can house plenty of members and even help entrepreneurs host large-scale meetings and events.

Pricing: The event rental starts at $250 for four hours. This can be booked from Monday through Friday between 5:30 pm and 10:30 pm. You can also include add-ons to the base membership such as the coffee bar, serveware package, and custom layout for just $30 each.

Location: 3901 N College Ave, Bethany, OK 73008, United States.


Phone: N/A


Rise Coworking Space Oklahoma City

Rise Coworking Space Oklahoma City

Head on to Rise to enjoy an upscale coworking space in Oklahoma City. The main goal here is to significantly expand the coworking movement in the metro area of Oklahoma City. To help entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners reach their maximum potential, and give companies the stability they need to grow, Rise provides customer-centric membership options. Rise is the way to go if you want something adaptable, like a communal desk or a fancy private office. Also, your first day is free!

Giving you the resources and tools you need to succeed is the key aim of this coworking space. Moreover, every member of the community benefits when they can use their skills to fulfill their aspirations. Besides office spaces, you can also book private rooms here and even enjoy your favorite food in an in-house setting. Furthermore, office upkeep is always a priority at Rise — you can keep your mind off the office space hassles and focus on performing at your best.

Pricing: the basic mailing address price starts from $35/month with a 25% discount on conference room rental. The day pass can be available at $35/per day. The charges for coworking space start from $350/month. Other plans include an interior private office at $750/month, a private window office at $850/month, and a large private office at $1,000/month.

Location: 2100 N Eastern Ave #8, Moore, OK 73160, United States.

Website: https://riseok.co/ 

Phone: (405) 378-9462


Project 3810 Coworking Space OKC

Project 3810

The mission of Project 3810 is to help people continue their corporate journey by exchanging experiences with other like-minded professionals. This inspiring coworking space in Oklahoma City is perfect for people building their enterprises and pursuing their lifelong ambitions. Project 3810 is uniquely positioned to focus on product-based business development, from design to manufacturing and distribution, from OEM to creating your own brand.

Moreover, the venue offers tons of office space options. You can either go for coworking spaces or lease your own office here. Also, you can choose from flex spaces and common spaces for organizing events and meetings. Furthermore, you can find several communal places for relaxing and working. There is even a projector and an impromptu conference room accessible.

Pricing: The most basic plan for coworking here starts at $150/month. If you want a semi-private office, it costs $220/month. Refer to the website for a better breakdown of prices. 

Location– 3810 N Tulsa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States

Website– https://project3810.com/

Phone:  (405) 437-4944


We hope the options listed above will broaden your horizons when it comes to the way you work and do business. If you have been working from home, you miss out on the chance to share common interests, an option to work at a flexible place, and an opportunity to be in an inspiring environment. You can get all these and turn your average workday into an inspiring experience by choosing any of the above coworking spaces Oklahoma City has in store for you.  

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