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Another brilliant addition to the creative coworking spaces of NYC, The Harlem Collective is an excellent place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other talented professionals. The staff is courteous and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor. The space itself has everything you would need for both individual work and group meetings. There are conference rooms available for hourly rental that ensure absolute privacy if that is what you desire. 

They host events in collaboration with non-profit and social impact groups to support the local community. In their arsenal, they have carefully assorted all the solutions to your coworking requirements. Whether it’s your freelancing gigs or budding business venture, you can find a home base in the coworking spaces and offices offered here.

Amenities At The Harlem Collective 

The amenities make one select and stick to a coworking space, and The Harlem Collective is not lagging in this department. These are some of the amenities you will get to enjoy: 

  • Two conference rooms: The cafe conference room features a round table and chairs, providing a suitable space for a light conversation or a client meeting. On the other hand, the Ground floor conference room has a 30” TV display to accommodate 8 people. It offers you an idle environment for a presentation. 
  • Two member lounges: The member lounges are where you get couches and comfy chairs, offering a relaxing vibe just to relax. Take a breather, a call, or catch up with a colleague. 
  • Printing and copying: They offer all the standard amenities and office equipment. They provide printing and copying services at a minimal cost.
  • Quarterly networking events: The networking events are full of opportunities for freelancers and business owners alike. They organize these events keeping in mind the member’s growth, and it is something you don’t get to see at other coworking spaces.
  • Virtual key: You can access the space with a virtual key that you can get with just a simple text message. 
  • Internet connectivity and Wifi: A reliable internet connection is among the necessities of any coworking space, and The Harlem Collective understands this clearly. They provide free wifi to the members and the guests they invite for meetings.


Harlem Collective NYC Membership Plans

The Harlem Collective has different membership plans. Depending on your requirements, you can select what works best for you. These are the plans you will come across: 

Day Pass 

The day pass at The Harlem Collective costs $30, and you can also get the 5-day pass for $100. The day pass provides you access to: 

  • Hot desks, workspaces, member lounge, and open areas.
  • The beautiful and comforting rooftop space.
  • Work on the weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • You can get the virtual key
  • The standard amenities
  • 1-hour conference room usage. 

Hot Desks 

The Harlem Collective has fully-equipped hot desks and offers the comfort to get the work done. Enjoy the freedom and grab any available seat in the Hot Desk area, member lounge, or roof deck. They also provide mail and packaging service, and you can cancel the membership at any time by giving a 1-month notice. The hot desk membership includes convenient packages that you can acquire as per your requirement. 

These are the packages: 

  • Full-time Hot Desk: You can acquire a hot desk for $350 for the whole month. It includes unlimited hot-desk privileges, access to all the utilities, and 6 hours of conference room usage.
  • Part-time Hot-Desk: The part-time hot desk will cost you $200 per month. You get to work up to 15 hours between 7 AM and 10 PM, daily. It also includes 4 hours of conference room access monthly. 
  • Weekend-only Hot Desk: For $100 per month, you can get the weekend-only hot desk with 7 AM to 10 PM access on Saturdays and Sundays. Under this package, the conference room usage you get is about 4 hours. It’s best for the weekend workers as it’s flexible and affordable and offers a space to focus.

Dedicated Desks

The Harlem Collective has fully equipped dedicated desks that you can acquire for $425 per month. The membership bundles, mail and packaging services, 6 hours conference room usage, all utilities, copying and printing, and more. A private space just for you. So set up your working area and store your belongings in the locker provided. Work for 7 days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM. 

Private offices at The Harlem Collective

The private offices at this coworking space can accommodate 2 to 8 people. You enjoy 24/7 access and 6 hours of monthly conference room usage. These offices are idle for small teams as it’s affordable and has the necessary resources. However, the pricing details are not available on the website, so please contact them for more information.

Virtual offices 

You can get the virtual office services at $75 per month in which they provide a business address. You will receive notifications for the packages delivered to you, and you can collect them from the building at any time. 

Conference rooms 

The Harlem Collective has two resourceful conference rooms that are available to rent for $30 per hour. You can easily book them from the member smartphone app or the website.



Special Features – The Harlem Collective 

Apart from the standard amenities and coworking spaces, the following are some of the elements that set’s The Harlem Collective apart from other coworking spaces.

In-house cafe 

If you need a quick break from work, the in-house cafe is the perfect place to unwind or have a light conversation over a cup of coffee. 


The rooftop is an excellent addition to the line of amenities and services offered at the coworking space. It’s a place where you can get some work done, take a call, have a bite, or enjoy the view and just relax. The members and day pass can access the rooftop. 

The community at The Harlem Collective

The Harlem Collective is very proud of the community that they have built over the years—offering opportunities to the members with the community events having experienced and encouraging people. To serve a diverse community, they have incorporated dynamic membership plans.

Partner events 

The partner events are among the major highlights of this coworking space. They provide event spaces at minimal prices and collaborate with several social impact and non-profit groups to create a difference in society. 

Location and Contact 

The Harlem Collective is sitting in bustling Hamilton Heights, a lively neighborhood surrounded by cafes, shops, and restaurants. It is close to several subway lines and transportation means, and you get free bicycle parking in the backyard of the Harlem Collective.

Address: 1850 Amsterdam Avenue (between 151st and 152nd Street); NYC NY 10031, United States.

Contact: (917) 473-3839




The Harlem Collective is a great place to work because it offers all the amenities, has ample space for coworking purposes, and it’s well connected to public transport. If you want a flexible work environment, then this is a coworking space worth trying out. They strive to provide affordable and flexible membership plans that serve a diverse community, representing people from different industries and ethnicities. With a vibrant community, in-house cafe, rooftop deck, and partner events, this place stands out among other coworking spaces in New York City.

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