Top 6 Coworking Spaces in Evanston

The workplace in today’s world is changing, as telecommuting allows workers to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Even so, many people still want to learn which coworking space in Evanston suits them best. The city is becoming a hub for young professionals and entrepreneurs, and it’s no surprise that a growing number of coworking spaces are popping up around town. If you’re looking for a coworking space in Evanston to set yourself up for a productive day, the timing couldn’t be more right!

When you need a place to get some work done outside of your home or the coffee shop down the street, check out one of these top 6 coworking spaces in Evanston.

Coworking Spaces in Evanston

If you’re looking to set up shop at a shared workspace in Evanston, this list will help you choose the best fit for you:

1. coLab Evanston

coLab - coworking space Evanston

coLab lives up to its name when it comes to offering a space for collaborative work. This coworking location in Evanston provides a space that is fit for collaboration and interpersonal communication, ultimately fostering a healthy environment. Regarding the workspace itself, the interior is enabling coworkers to motivate each other and push their productivity to a new high every day. With only a few simple decorations on the walls, coLab Evanston’s aesthetics keep distractions to the minimum. Note that since they’re a collab-centric workspace focused on building community, they advertise it as a members-only workspace.

In terms of amenities, coLab Evanston provides you with a kitchenette and free coffee, WiFi, as well as wired Ethernet connection, laser printing and scanning station, and much more — all on a flexible month-to-month commitment with use of business address included. Members also get 50% off meeting room and event space bookings, as well as a discount on coLab events. Moreover, you can have your pick from the private offices, open work areas customizable for teams, 20 dedicated desks, 25 floater spaces, and 2 private meeting rooms.

Pricing: If you’re looking for a space with affordable prices and top-notch services, you should check out coLab Evanston. Their subscriptions range from $70/month to $400/month, however, you can also pay $25 for a day if you only want to try it out. 

Phone: (847) 440-4880. 


2. Creative Coworking Space Evanston

Creative Coworking

You can make the most of this place as it boasts an artistic interior in a unique setting, inspiring creativity among coworkers. Sitting right in the heart of downtown Evanston, with public transit within walking distance, Creative Coworking at Davis Street offers great access to all the prime locations in the city. 

Acting as a business incubator, Creative Coworking provides an array of coworking facilities, such as sun-drenched private offices, shared workspaces, conference rooms, a collaboration zone, public spaces, and a cafe area with coffee and snacks. They are also packed with amenities, including 24/7 access, mail service, printing, free WiFi, coffee, snacks, and more member perks. As a unique feature, the place also hosts some of the best artists in its galleries on both floors. Working as a bridge between coworkers and artists, this coworking space integrates art with work and offers artists exposure. 

Pricing: The membership price at Creative Coworking Space Evanston ranges from $300 to $1,600/month. They also have flex membership plans which are more affordable, ranging from $50 to $250/month.

Location: 922 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201, United States.

Phone: (847) 563-7264.


3. Industrious Evanston

coworking space in Evanston

Coworkers in Evanston vouch strongly for Industrious and the place lives up to its reputation. If there’s a home away from home, there has to be an office away from the office too, and Industrious Evanston has nailed it with the interior featuring modern aesthetics with a corporate essence. Plenty of air-purifying plants further accentuate the overall ambiance of the place. Working here comes with an excellent opportunity of networking among a community of like-minded people. Additionally, they promote coworker well-being through various wellness programs.

If you’re wondering about the types of offices and work desks at Industrious Evanston, they provide open coworking space with dedicated and shared desks, private offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and relaxing areas. Their amenities include top-notch facilities like wellness rooms, private conference rooms, office supplies, unlimited color printing, and fast, secure WiFi. Moreover, downtown and the waterfront area are readily accessible from here, thanks to this space’s convenient location between CTA Purple and Metra lines.

Pricing: Their prices differ from workspace to workspace. Their private offices start from $899/month; however, their coworking shared spaces might charge much less than that. For the exact pricing, reach out to Industrious via their website or book a tour to get to experience the place. 

Location: 909 Davis St Suite 500, Evanston, IL 60201, United States

Phone: (847) 739-7900.

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4. Office805 Coworking Space Evanston

Office805 Coworking Space Evanston

Nothing inspires more productivity than a place well-equipped with facilities that contribute to the ease of our work life. For instance, the simple placement of a bag hanger near your desk can save you time and a trip to the lockers. Office805 Coworking Space Evanston was designed with minute details like this in mind. The place is thoughtfully planned and well-designed, with furniture and amenities in perfect sync. The interior feels alive, with gorgeous artwork scattered around the space. The desks are at an optimum distance from each other to contribute to focus. 

Many coworkers have vouched not only for Office805’s welcoming community, but for the amenities that encourage social interaction too — if you want to unwind at the end of the day, the relaxation area and a friendly community await you. Other than that, you’ll have fast and secure WiFi, a shared kitchen, phone booths, a conference room, public meeting spaces, indoor bike storage, and sit/stand desks. Moreover, you also get services like 24/7 secure access, bottomless coffee and tea, mail service, printer access, professional cleaning, and impromptu community lunches and events. Private offices are move-in ready.

Pricing: Their dedicated desk plan costs $300/month, while the private offices at this coworking space in Evanston range from $600-$1200/month. 

Location: 805 Greenwood Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, United States

Phone: (224) 601-6805. 


5. Evanston Shared Office

Evanston Shared Office provides just what it promises. If you need a shared office space for your team, you can book as many seats as you need, and you will be charged just for them. The building was initially a stamp factory, later converted into a creative coworking facility. It’s now a subtle space with ample ceiling lighting, and a minimalistic cafe vibe that can serve well for your focus.

You can park here free of charge just behind the Jehovah’s Witness church on Payne street. This coworking space in Evanston provides free high-speed internet and free phone with unlimited phone calls. Moreover, for their members, they also offer 24/7 access to the workspace, so you never have to miss a deadline. Their services encompass dedicated desks and floating desks, where you can choose to have a flexible arrangement. 

Pricing: Their dedicated desks cost $250/month, with floating desk coming in at $150/month, and part-time booking at $75/month. And, if you need to just try out the place, you can get short-term access too at $20 per day. 

Location: 1622 Payne St #7, Evanston, IL 60201, United States.

Phone: (847) 250-2280. 


6. Regus Evanston – Orrington Plaza

Coworking Space Evanston Regus

Regus, a premier coworking space provider, caters to the needs of numerous coworkers across the globe. Situated within the Orrington Plaza building in Evanston, Regus offers spectacular views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan, due to its large floor-to-ceiling windows. From fast Wi-Fi connection to ergonomic furniture, this space is well-equipped with various amenities to ease the work environment, promoting collaboration and productivity among its members.

Regus Evanton coworking space is easily accessible and well-connected through multiple transportation options. Within walking distance, you can easily find a variety of shops and dining options, making it easy to fulfil your dining needs without having to travel far. Regus offers its members a gym facility, allowing them to incorporate fitness into their daily routines.

Pricing: Regus’ office membership starts from $225 per month, granting its members access to a fully-serviced space. Their private offices are available starting at $295 per month, catering to teams of various sizes. 

Location: 1603 Orrington Ave Suite 600, Evanston, IL 60201, United States

Phone: (847) 563-2300


There’s nothing more relieving than finding a place and settling for the day. And if it works for you, you have a new office space in Evanston. When it comes to finding a place that is collaborative and niched, then coLab can be the best choice for you. However, Creative, Industrious, or Office805 are also good choices for working in a distraction-free environment. If you have found your perfect place, enjoy coworking in Evanston!

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