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Founders Floor San Jose is a local coworking space provider brand. Among many other top spaces like WeWork and Pacific Workplaces, their’s is an emerging space brand. It was opened in 2014. They provide various coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and part-time workers. Coworking spaces are an absolute blessing for the corporate world. These spaces have brought a revolution in the work dynamics and work patterns for the better. These spaces are flexible, unlike the traditional glass cage offices. Also, you do not have to worry about a hundred things but your work. All the amenities are available at these spaces. This makes for an ideal workspace where you devote all the focus to your work. Productivity and progress improve in such an environment.

Founders Floor San Jose is a fairly old coworking space. It is now a preferred coworking spot in the city. It provides a range of membership plans, amenities, and other services. Below are the details of their coworking spaces and the services available. Do check them out.

Founders Floor San Jose Amenities and Perks

This San Jose-based coworking space provides a wide range of amenities for the individuals working here. Their services and amenities are topnotch and the spaces fully serviced. Check them out here.

  • High-quality printing, scanning and photocopying services are available at this coworking space.
  • High-speed internet connection is also available here. So you don’t have to worry about your work getting hampered.
  • You can also avail of the HD video conferencing facility whenever you need it.
  • You can also find a parking spot easily around here. There are plenty of private lots and garages available.
  • The network is safe at Founders Floor San Jose with the latest firewall appliance. Hence, your data is absolutely safe.
  • This coworking space has many conference rooms. You can use them for an unlimited number of times.
  • High-quality wifi facility is also available throughout the office. You can avail of the admin priveledges and manage your team easily through it.
  • Founders Floor also provides a facility to customize your own phone booth. A professional PBX phone system with auto attendant options is available here.
  • This coworking space is located at the primary location of the city. So, commuting is a breeze around here.
  • The coworking spaces here are modern with corporate design. The interiors are employee-friendly and comfort is a priority for Founders Floor San Jose.
  • Multiple surveillance cameras are planted throughout the office. So keeping a check on your team is easy. Also, this ensures a secure workspace
  • The ambiance at this office space is warm and welcoming. You can enjoy some relax time in between work by playing pool, razor scooters, etc.
  • There is a good variety for quick bites around here. A lot of high-quality restaurants and cafe options are available around this coworking space.
  • This spaces also provides, Walking treadmill desks, lounge chairs, couches, and standing tables. These make for a considerably flexible work environment.
  • Free snacking and beverages are available here. So hunger is not something that can take your mind off work at Founders Floor San Jose.
  • A happy hour event is organized every Friday. These events are a small celebration for a birthday or a fun activity for recreation.

WeWork San Jose is yet another good option for coworking in the city.

Founders Floor San Jose





Membership Plans at Founders Floor

Founders Floor provides various membership plans for various coworking spaces. These membership plans. These membership plans are largely flexible. Check them out below.

FlexTable Membership: Flextable is a hot desking facility at Founders Floor San Jose. This membership plan is best suitable for freelancers, part-time workers, and travelers. You can drop by whenever you want and get to work straight away. You can rent out a FlexTable here at a monthly rental of $200. Here, you can pick a spot of your liking and start working without any delay. Since it is not a fixed spot, you will have to take your belongings with you at the end of the day. As the name itself is suggestive, it is a very flexible membership plan.

Workstation: In the workstation membership plan by Founders Floor San Jose, you are provided a dedicated desk. This desk is large enough for your necessary items and L-shaped in structure. Other features of this plan include a lockable cabinet, spacious drawers, high back desk chair, etc. You can rent out this coworking space at a rental price of $375 per month. This membership plan is the most suitable for freelancers. You have to bring your own laptop. Or you can set up your system here. This space is customizable as per your specific work needs.

Private Office: Under this coworking space plan, you get spacious office space with a door lock facility. It includes three desks, lockable drawers, Ethernet wall port, and a whiteboard. More desks and chairs can be added as per your work requirements. Then the membership plan price will vary as per the number of desks added. You can rent out this office space at a monthly rental of $1000. This membership plan at Founders Floor San Jose is best suitable for startups and small businesses.

Remote Membership: In the remote membership plan, you can participate in the Silicon Valley events from anywhere. You can have an opportunity to come into contact with the panel of potential investors at this shared office space. This includes a table reserved for you at these events. Also, you can avail of the mentorship in person or through video conferencing. This is a great membership plan provided exclusively at Founders Floor San Jose. Businesses can benefit greatly from this membership plan.


San Jose – Founders Floor

This coworking space is located at the primary location of the city. It enjoys the facilities of the Downtown area of San Jose. The VTA Light Rail Station is very near to this office space. Furthermore, Caltrain is also at a short walking distance. Highway 87 and Interstate 280 are also close to this coworking space. Moreover, cans and trams can also be easily found around this office space. Hence, commuting around this Founders Floor San Jose is very convenient and not much of a hassle. There are a lot of eateries, topnotch restaurants, and cafes in this locality. Therefore, one can easily enjoy a brief time out in between work hours. Overall this coworking space is planted at a very desirable location of San Jose.

Location – 2 North 1st St, 5th Floor, San Jose, CA   95113
Contact – 408-659-8020
Email – [email protected]
Official Website –


Founders Floor San Jose is one of the most preferred coworking spots in the city. It stands at par with the top coworking names like WeWork and Pacific Workplaces. They are not just a coworking space but a lot more. Frequent accelerator programs are held at this coworking space. Moreover, they also provide mentorship programs for young businesses operating here. Pitching sessions are also arranged with potential investors. Also, a lot of professional startup events are also held at Founders Floor. All of these can turn out to be immensely advantageous to startups and businesses.

Therefore, this Founders Floor San Jose has it all that you need. Startups and young businesses can learn and grow considerably by connecting with this office space. It provides a platform to grow and explore. Do reach them on their email address to know more about their coworking spaces and the membership plans. Also, confirm the availability of their office spaces beforehand.

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